The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 64

Chapter 64: Thrilled to Seek Death

"Young mistress, please be careful," PA Wen said and rushed forward, hoping to support Ye Yuwei in time.

Gu Juexi looked up at them coldly.

PA Wen hurriedly retracted his hands, showing that he had done nothing.

"Thank you, I am fine." Ye Yuwei thanked PA Wen gratefully.

Yu Sha'er felt that Ye Yuwei was more abominable when she saw that PA Wen was always so willing to help Ye Yuwei, but had always been cold and distant when it came to her.

Therefore, Yu Sha'er hugged Gu Juexi's arms tightly and screamed, "Ah! Mrs. Gu, you should have been more careful. I'm sorry that it is inconvenient for Brother Juexi to go over there."

Ye Yuwei clasped her hands tightly and swallowed all the remorse that she was feeling.

The person that she used to love so much, had made used of her. He knew that she would be so excited and overjoyed that she would have forgotten to check the workflow diligently. Now he had dug such a big grave for her.


'Just great!'

Ye Yuwei let out a sudden laugh, albeit a weak one.

Gu Juexi heard the laughter and it was imprinted in his heart.

To Yu Sha'er, this laughter meant no more than an insult to her.

"Mrs. Gu, is there a problem with the RT Group loan? How could you be so careless, Mrs. Gu?" Yu Sha'er asked sarcastically.

Ye Yuwei stopped laughing and glared at Yu Sha'er who got slightly afraid.

Yu Sha'er felt more and more guilty when Ye Yuwei glared at her continuously. However, she still held onto Gu Juexi's arms and said, "Brother Juexi, why is Mrs. Gu looking at me like this? I was only trying to help her. Furthermore, I did not know that CEO Yan would do this. Didn't Mrs. Gu conduct an investigation before approving the loan?"

PA Wen stole a glimpse at Yu Sha'er without saying a word. 'Very well played. Hopefully the CEO knows better what to do this time.'

"Ye Yuwei, did you resign just to avoid responsibility regarding this matter?" Gu Juexi asked as he was still concerned about her resignation that he had heard of earlier.

After the question was thrown at her, Ye Yuwei could feel her entire mind go blank. It felt like her heart was pierced by a thousand needles, it was not painful, but it seemed to feel like time was passing by slowly.

PA Wen silently turned around. 'Is the CEO for real? This was exactly the kind of words that he should not be saying!'

The slight soreness tore her already broken heart apart, but Ye Yuwei managed to fake a smile.

"CEO, why don't I investigate the matter regarding RT Group…" PA Wen hurriedly said before the CEO could speak any further.

He was afraid that the CEO was thrilled at seeking his own death, that he did not know when to stop.

In fact, there was nothing wrong with this.

"PA Wen, why are you so concerned? Mrs. Gu encountered a slight problem and PA Wen is so anxious."

'How frustrating! Yu Sha'er the demon is still here!'

PA Wen's expression changed.

Ye Yuwei's breathing increased and she said, "Miss Yu, please watch your mouth. I wouldn't want your tongue to be pulled out when you go to hell."

"Ah!" Yu Sha'er screamed and hid in Gu Juexi's embrace. "Brother Juexi, Mrs. Gu is threatening me! I'm so scared."

"If Mrs. Gu used her mouth so diligently for work in the first place, this issue would not have occurred, would it?" Gu Juexi questioned coldly.

Ye Yuwei felt a moment of sorrow. Her throat hurt, her head hurt and suddenly it felt like her whole body was hurting.

PA Wen had already given up. He was just waiting to see how far the CEO would go.

Gu Juexi and Ye Yuwei stared at one another, each refusing to take a step back.