The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 66

Chapter 66: Bet (I)

Gu Juexi had already returned the phone to Butler Kim when he heard the irony and sarcasm of what Ye Yuwei was saying.

"If you think that you do not have the capability to handle this, then after all as Mrs. Gu, you can actually not be blamed for this matter…"

"Don't bother." Ye Yuwei interrupted his words with disdain. "I, Ye Yuwei, do not need your sympathy."

"Very well." Gu Juexi smiled. "I hope these words will not return to bite you later," Gu Juexi said, while looking back at Yu Sha'er who was sitting on the couch. "You can go back first."

"Brother Juexi, I really did not know about this. You have to believe me," Yu Sha'er said while hurriedly rushing over to hold onto Gu Juexi's arms. "Brother Juexi, why are you still letting Mrs. Gu handle the matter? What if she loses more of the company's money?"

Ye Yuwei looked coldly at the two people in front of her. "But I need a promise from CEO Gu."

Gu Juexi turned back to look at Ye Yuwei.

"If we find out that this matter is really related to your Yu Sha'er, I hope that CEO Gu will take the most just and necessary action." Ye Yuwei stood firmly, staring right at Gu Juexi. She could only be sure that he would not interfere in this matter if he made her the promise.

After all, Gu Juexi was a man of his word.

Gu Juexi stared at Ye Yuwei and she stared back, not admitting defeat.

Yu Sha'er started sweating profusely and subconsciously took a step back. She looked at Gu Juexi with nervousness.

"Brother Juexi…" Yu Sha'er said carefully.

The atmosphere was so tense that PA Wen could not help but hold his breath.

This situation was a little bit difficult, especially at this time. The CEO could not afford to offend Yu Sha'er at this moment, but if he refused Ye Yuwei's request, it would all be over.

PA Wen felt stressed for the CEO at that moment.

Ye Yuwei was not relenting and was still watching Gu Juexi. He seemed to be in deep thoughts, pondering about the issue, while Yu Sha'er watched Gu Juexi nervously.


"Brother Juexi…"

Gu Juexi ignored the nervous Yu Sha'er and kept his eyes on Ye Yuwei. "But if this had nothing to do with her, then what are you going to do?"

These words sounded like he was on Yu Sha'er's side.

However, whether Yu Sha'er was guilty or not, was clearly understood by everyone.

However, Ye Yuwei did not know this.

Yu Sha'er was even less aware of it.

Therefore, Yu Sha'er was happy at that moment as she thought that Gu Juexi was defending her. She looked at Ye Yuwei defiantly.

Ye Yuwei looked at Gu Juexi blankly. Perhaps she was not disappointed as she had not hoped for anything to begin with.

"If this really had nothing to do with Miss Yu, CEO Gu can take any action against me." Ye Yuwei firmly replied.

Gu Juexi looked deep into Ye Yuwei's eyes and smirked. "What valuable things does Mrs. Gu owns?"

Ye Yuwei felt the tension building up in her as she clenched her fists tightly.

The assistant turned silently to the CEO. Did the CEO really think that he would gain anything by saying these hurtful words?

Ye Yuwei took a deep breath and looked at the two people standing opposite her. "I do not have anything. However, I do own something that Miss Yu wants to have. If this matter had nothing to do with Miss Yu, how about I retreat and give up the position of Mrs. Gu to Miss Yu? How about that as a compensation for Miss Yu?"