The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 69

Chapter 69: Everyone Wants Him to Divorce

Gu Juexi sent Yu Sha'er home and left without going inside.

Yu Sha'er did not dare to say anything else and after Gu Juexi left, she went upstairs into the house.

After she got in the house, she furiously threw her bag onto the floor and started shouting. "That woman wanted me to admit that I was a third party in her relationship! Who does she think she is? She is just a shrewd woman. Does she really think that she is so incredible?"

Sister Qing went over and picked up the bag that she had threw onto the ground. She placed it on the table and asked her, "What happened?"

Yu Sha'er told Sister Qing about everything that had happened. Sister Qing listened and paused for a moment before asking, "So did Gu Juexi take your side?"

"Of course he took my side! Why would he be helping that shrewd woman? Sister Qing, why are you more concerned about this? Shouldn't you be more worried that she might find out that I played a part in that matter?" Yu Sha'er complained loudly.

Sister Qing held back her emotions and started to comfort the emotional Yu Sha'er. "Of course I have to be concerned about CEO Gu's attitude. As long as CEO Gu is still standing on your side, we can still achieve a lot of things. Don't you agree?"

"That is true." Yu Sha'er said, deep in thought and she did not notice the change in Sister Qing's eyes.

"You mean that Ye Yuwei wants to resolve the matter regarding RT Group by herself?" Sister Qing's probed, while thinking about the next step to take.

"Yes, Brother Juexi wants her to resolve this matter on her own. After all, this issue was created by her. Brother Juexi had only said one word and she was so excited and happy that she forgot to do her research. Who else can she blame but herself for being so cheap?" Yu Sha'er said proudly.

Sister Qing smiled slightly. Looking at Yu Sha'er, she couldnt't help but think about how dumb and stupid this big busted woman was.

"I have brought the document regarding the Boshen Enterprise's case here for you. The CEO of Bo Shen Enterprise wants to meet you tomorrow. It is best that you win the promotional case so that you have more chances to cooperate with CEO Gu in the future," Sister Qing said while passing the documents on the table to Yu Sha'er.

Yu Sha'er reached out and took the document and said, "Why is it tomorrow? Can't I go with Brother Juexi?"

"It's okay to go and meet them in advance and familiarize ourselves with them." Sister Qing said.

Yu Sha'er pondered for a moment. She had not been working lately anyway. So she did not object.

When Gu Juexi returned home, Ye Yuwei was already sound asleep.

Gu Juexi entered the bedroom and stood by the bed. He looked down at the pale faced Ye Yuwei who was deep in sleep and thought about her determination in her bet with him today.

Was she really so determined to get a divorce?

Was it because she found out that she had recognized the wrong person?

This kind of thoughts ran through his mind, surfacing in an instance and disappearing, bringing out his biggest fears. The final conclusion was, Ye Yuwei was doing all this just for Lu Qichuan!

[I have seen the news. Gu Juexi, even if you do not love Ye Yuwei, you should not hurt her like this.

"She was your choice."

"Well, yes, she was my choice. Therefore, I will give her a call and ask her if she would like a divorce. I would rather take her in as my goddaughter than to let my own son hurt her like this."

"Mom, you seem to have made a mistake. I will have the final say in whether we are to divorce or not. Not her!"

"Gu Juexi…"

"Mom, it is better for you to restore your health in the United States. She is also not feeling very well lately, so try not to bother her."]

This was his entire conversation with his mother.

The whole world wanted him to get a divorce.

Anger filled him and his eyes were like the sharp edge of a sword as he stared at the person lying in bed.