The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 70

Chapter 70: Who Could be More Heartless than Gu Juexi?

Ye Yuwei went to see Xiao Yaojing the first thing the next day.

She still felt guilty as she was the reason Xiao Yaojing lost her job.

After Ye Yuwei had told her the entire story, Xiao Yaojing laughed bitterly. "Do you understand now? He is still handing the knife to the other woman who wants to kill you."

Ye Yuwei did not mind Xiao Yaojing's cold words. "However, this mistake was really my fault. I have to resolve it before I can finally leave."

"Of course you have to resolve this. With two such good bets on the line, why would you not resolve this?" Xiao Yaojing fiddled with the phone in her hand and looked up at Ye Yuwei. "You have to let that woman admit publicly how shrewd she had been all these years or else who else is going to compensate you for all your grievances?"

"But if RT Group applies for bankruptcy, even with all the compensation I would get, I could never recover the thirty million." Ye Yuwei sighed.

Xiao Yaojing used to work in a bank, so she understood this.

"No matter what, I have to meet Geng Yisheng first. When he made the loan in the past, it was all facilitated by Yu Sha'er. We need to start investigating him first to determine if Yu Sha'er had planned any of this. This time I will not let that woman go so easily." Ye Yuwei said firmly, then took her bag and got up. "I am leaving now."

Xiao Yaojing got up to see her off. She did not have any new job interviews today, but she felt awkward following Ye Yuwei to Gu Bank.

After they had walked to the door, Ye Yuwei turned around and gave Xiao Yaojing a hug. "I am sorry, Yaojing. Don't worry, you can be rest assured that I will give you an explanation for this matter eventually."

She was referring to Xiao Yaojing's job.

"Just treat it as giving up my job to buy you your way out to freedom. I am okay. I do not believe that Gu Juexi can have control over everything." Xiao Yaojing said without hesitating.

Ye Yuwei held Xiao Yaojing tightly and said, "Yaojing, I am really sorry."

Xiao Yaojing pushed Ye Yuwei away lightly. "Just make sure you do not change your mind again or we will never be friends again in this lifetime."

"Don't worry, absolutely not. After resolving this incident, I will divorce him no matter what." Ye Yuwei said firmly.

Ye Yuwei went directly to Gu Bank from Xiao Yaojing's house.

The moment she went in, all she could hear were the whispers of the people around her. Regarding the reception, regarding what happened at the hospital and Lu Qichuan, about the loan case. Every word was introduced into her ear very unceremoniously.

Ouyang Xianxin came out of her office and saw everyone gossiping. She came out and said, "Is everyone very free? If you are not doing work, are you waiting for the company to issue you a free paycheck?"

Ouyang Xianxin had been working for Gu Bank for twenty over years. She held a prestigious position in the company.

However, Ye Yuwei did not understand. In the past, even if they had any opinions about her, they would not have said anything because of her status. But this time—

"Everyone is in a bad mood right now. The headquarters had sent a message saying that they require our department to take full responsibility for this matter, that is why—" Ouyang Xianxin and Ye Yuwei walked into the office together. She did not understand how the CEO was doing things.

Ye Yuwei clasped her hands tightly. 'Who could be more heartless than Gu Juexi?'

"This document was signed by Miss Ye herself many years ago. Why should we be implicated into this mess?" One of the executives said, directly after Ye Yuwei entered her office.

"That is right. We were only responsible for acquiring the information and Miss Ye signed the contract without looking at the information we presented. Now that there is a problem, she should resolve it herself."

The accusations came endlessly. Ye Yuwei stood at the door and held tightly onto her own hands.