The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 71

Chapter 71: The Wages That Disappeared

"You are here to work, not to gossip." Ouyang Xianxin said loudly. She turned to look at Ye Yuwei, and patted her shoulders lightly. "Who hasn't made a mistake before when it comes to work? We just have to find a solution for this matter now."

"Sister Xin, I understand." Ye Yuwei took a deep breath and suppressed the heartache that she was feeling.

"I will take full responsibility for the matter regarding RT Group." Ye Yuwei told her group of colleagues.

The executive who was the first to spoke took the document in her hand, got up, and looked at Ye Yuwei with contempt. "Well, if this is the case, then we would like Mrs. Gu to resolve this matter on her own without implicating us." The woman said, walking away in her high heels, but deliberately stopping when she was next to Ye Yuwei. "You really think that you are Mrs. Gu? Then again, you have so many despicable means, it is not a surprise that you managed to snag the position of Mrs. Gu."

Ye Yuwei looked at the lady in the heels and said, "Before you start showing your attitude, you better make sure that the person you are dealing with has already fallen. However, at this moment, I am still officially Mrs. Gu. If I want to terminate your employment, all I have to do is to give the instruction."


"What about me?" Ye Yuwei laughed and said. "Those who used to keep their opinions about me to themselves, you better continue doing so before I leave. If not, I will just issue and sign your dismissal letter at any time."

Ye Yuwei's voice filled the office. The people who wanted to degrade and humiliate her initially, consciously kept their mouth shut.

Ye Yuwei took a good look around the office. In the past, in order to protect the reputation of Mrs. Gu and to leave a good impression, she had given her best to be gentle and polite toward everyone.

But thinking about it now, it seemed so ridiculous to her.

"I will take full responsibility for this matter, but it would be best if you leave me alone before I officially resign." Ye Yuwei said and then headed back to her office.

In the CEO's office of Gu Enterprise:

Gu Juexi twirled the pen around his fingers while listening to PA Wen.

After he had finished speaking, PA Wen only had one sentence that he wanted to say to the CEO—"If you manage to survive this ordeal, I will be your slave in my next life."

The CEO had deliberately passed the news over to that department, in order to pit everyone against Ye Yuwei.

"Ye Yuwei." Gu Juexi repeated her name over and over again in a low voice. He placed his pen down on the table, a smile forming on his lips. He would very much like to see what she is capable of. How could she solve this problem on her own?

"CEO, I feel that…"'There would be no turning back for you in the future.'

"There is nothing else. You may leave now." Gu Juexi raised his hand after putting down his pen, signaling PA Wen to leave.

He would wait patiently. He would wait for Ye Yuwei to admit defeat. He would wait for Ye Yuwei to finally understand that without the status of Mrs. Gu, she would not be able to do anything.

In the Finance Department of Gu Bank:

Ye Yuwei looked at the salary records in the financial department for the past two years. Even if it was based on the most basic pay rate, there would have been at least $100,000 worth of wages that she had not received before.

"I have checked for you, Mrs. Gu. As you have not applied for a salary card previously, therefore your salary had been directly transferred to the CEO for the past few years." The chief financial officer informed her.

Ye Yuwei clenched her fist in anger. In the past when Gu Juexi placed her to work here, she had thought that it was because of her professionalism.

She realized now that he had placed her here for his own convenience.

"But I had submitted the entry procedure. " Ye Yuwei's voice was hoarse as her throat was dry and hurting.

"Yes, you have completed the entry procedure previously and therefore you are receiving a regular salary. However, your salary is credited directly to the CEO's account every financial month. If you want to have a separate account from the CEO, you will need to sort this out at the headquarters," the chief financial officer told her.