The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 77

Chapter 77: To Pay Back for All the Blame that She Took

After leaving Gu Enterprise, Ye Yuwei went directly to RT Group.

Thanks to the news, everyone in B City now knew Ye Yuwei. Everyone from RT Group would automatically hide when they saw her.

Especially Geng Yisheng!

From the few times that Ye Yuwei came to RT Group, she had learned the news that they were preparing to file for bankruptcy.

Once the bankruptcy was announced, the money would never be recovered.

Ye Yuwei had been waiting outside RT Group for three days, but unfortunately the person she was waiting for did not show up.

The sun was blazing hot in the afternoon. Ye Yuwei sat by the side of the flower bed while holding a bottle of mineral water in her hand.

Ouyang Xianxin had bought her lunch. She gave it to her, then sat down beside her.

Ye Yuwei took it and was grateful. "Thank you."

"Do you know why I did not like you when I first met you in the past, but I eventually accepted you later?"

Ye Yuwei opened the lunchbox and looked up at Ouyang Xianxin, who was smiling and looking at her.

"It was because of your determination, and also because of your eyes. At that time, you had a strong passion for the job that no one else had."

Ye Yuwei frowned. She had lost her appetite.

Her passion at that time was because of one person.

"Your eyes are still burning passionately, but previously it carried hope, now it is despair."

After Ouyang Xianxin had finished her sentence, Ye Yuwei looked up, trying to hold back the tears that were already overflowing.

"People need to grow up, " Ye Yuwei said, and when she lowered her head to eat, her tears kept flowing.

In the past she had tried so hard, just so he could see her capability. Just so he would take a second look at her.

Now she was trying so hard to resolve the issue, just so she could cut ties with him.

Ouyang Xianxin patted Ye Yuwei lightly on the shoulder. "The weather is too hot. Don't wait anymore. Since he had already reached this stage, he will not come and meet you anymore."

"His company is here. He will be back sooner or later, " Ye Yuwei said firmly. "Sister Xin, you can go back first. I will wait here by myself."

"Oh, the watchdog is still waiting here?" Yu Sha'er's sharp voice was suddenly heard, followed by the squeaking sound of high heels tapping against the ground.

Ye Yuwei held back all her tears and looked up at Yu Sha'er who was approaching her. She was wearing sunglasses, but her face still looked swollen.

Yu Sha'er walked closer to Ye Yuwei and scornfully said, "Ye Yuwei, you can wait for my lawyer's letter. Brother Juexi had already prosecuted on my behalf."

The chopsticks that Ye Yuwei was holding onto almost broke in half.

"Then I can only pray that before I receive the lawyer's letter, I can attend the press conference where Miss Yu will admit that she was the third party. After all, I have a big gift for Miss Yu on that day."

Ye Yuwei's voice was faint. It was not a threat, but yet it felt like a victory call.

Last night, Xiao Yaojing told her that someone had anonymously sent her a lot of videos regarding Yu Sha'er. There were various videos kinds of videos inside, inclusive of the video evidence of the times when she had framed Ye Yuwei.

Xiao Yaojing had asked her how she planned to use these videos.

How should she use it?

To pay back for all the blame that she took all these years. That was how she was going to use it.

"Ye Yuwei, stop threatening me. You had better pray for more blessings for yourself." Yu Sha'er said arrogantly and left.

Ouyang Xianxin looked at Yu Sha'er incredulously, and then turned to look at Ye Yuwei.

"Yuwei, you…"

Ye Yuwei let out a laugh and tried to explain what she was trying to say. She suddenly handed over her lunchbox to Ouyang Xianxin and started chasing after the car at the side. As she was running after the car, she quickly informed Ouyang Xianxin, "I saw Geng Yisheng's car!"