The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 80

Chapter 80: Look After Her, Dont Let Her Commit Suicide

Ye Yuwei was stunned for the moment as she looked at Yu Sha'er who was running toward them, and Sister Qing who was right behind here.

Xiao Yaojing sarcastically said, "Mr. Gu, you are out with your mistress, but yet you are here trying so hard to convince your wife to go home."

PA Wen stared admirably at her. 'Xiao Yaojing, you are my idol.'

"Let's go." Ye Yuwei pulled Xiao Yaojing and turned her back to walk away.

"Ye Yuwei."

Ye Yuwei turned around and saw Yu Sha'er who was annoyed that Gu Juexi had called out to her. She instantly felt her mood lighten a little.

"Don't worry Mr. Gu. Everyone is delighted that Mrs. Gu had left home, so that she will leave their innocent Mr. Gu alone. You don't need to feel ashamed of anything. Don't you agree, Miss Yu?"

"Mrs. Gu, how can you do this? If you don't care about your own reputation, you should still consider Brother Juexi's reputation. You said you loved him, but aren't you just causing him more embarrassment in the end?" Yu Sha'er asked in her sharp voice.

After listening to Yu Sha'er's words, she finally understood what it meant by "thief shouting to catch another thief". It was not who was the shrewdest, but only who was shrewder.

Yu Sha'er would be in the first place.

"Miss Yu, why don't you resolve this domestic dispute?"

"What do you mean?" Yu Sha'er's expression changed.

Xiao Yaojing laughed and turned to walk away with Ye Yuwei. She explained the words of Ye Yuwei out of kindness, "Take a good look at this kind of slut who have the guts to say this kind of words. Really making a joke out of herself."

PA Wen could not hold back and laughed out loud.

Yu Sha'er reacted and her face had turned green. She stomped her feet and stared at PA Wen. She then turned to look at Gu Juexi and said, "Brother Juexi, she said, she said…"

"Take a good look at yourself before you comment about others."

'Very good. Very well said!'

He did not even know that his wife had this capability.

PA Wen calmed down and saw Sister Qing who was busily typing on her phone.

He blinked slightly and silently walked toward her.

Gu Juexi looked down at the sulking Yu Sha'er. "Do you treat my words as thin air? Do you really think of your brother as a sword, which can do anything?"

Yu Sha'er could not help but shiver at Gu Juexi's words. She could not help but retract her arms which were holding on tightly to Gu Juexi. "Brother Juexi…it was her. I just…"

"You have no right to treat my personal matters as your own," Gu Juexi said, and Yu Sha'er's face turned red immediately.

"I knew your brother. If he knows that you have turned out this way, he will only blame me for having given in to you too much. From now on, I will no longer condone this kind of behavior. No matter what happens to you, I will only be concerned if it is matters relating to life and death. I will not bother about anything else anymore," Gu Juexi said those words, and turned to leave.

Yu Sha'er cried and called out to Gu Juexi. However, his gaze scared her and she did not dare to go after him.

Sister Qing heard movement beside her, and was shocked to see PA Wen standing beside her when she turned around.

"Sister Qing, who are you calling and yet I don't hear you speaking?" PA Wen asked with a smile.

Sister Qing was stunned and started sweating profusely. Her smile was stiff.

"Hurry up and take a look at Miss Yu. I chose you to look after her because you are smart. So, don't let her do stupid things. The CEO is already frustrated recently because of the matter involving our young mistress. You know what you should do."

After PA Wen finished his sentence, he turned to leave.

On the other end was the sound of Yu Sha'er sobbing, and over here was the sound of Sister Qing's heart beating rapidly.