The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 87

Chapter 87: Evil Beyond Compare

Xiao Yaojing stared at PA Wen furiously. With an innocent face, PA Wen thought inwardly that he had actually saved her life. After all, simply no one knew whether Gu Juexi would kill Xiao Yaojing if she went after them now.

"Miss Xiao… Ouch!" Before PA Wen could finish his words, Xiao Yaojing gave him a kick and ran after Gu Juexi and Ye Yuwei. It was a pity that no matter how fast Xiao Yaojng ran, she could not get to them and could only see the car moved away before her eyes. Furiously, she looked around her, desperate to get a cab.

At this time, a woman with sunglasses, a sunhat embroidered with lace, and a miniskirt that barely covered her butt came into sight, not far away from her. It was Yu Sha'er.

"I was still thinking who could that woman be, it turned out to be the stooge of that bitch. Go back and tell that bitch, who does she think she is to challenge me? She should at least have some self-awareness." Yu Sha'er sneered, her words full of sarcasm.

Infuriated by this insult, Xiao Yaojing could no longer restrain the urge to hit Yu Sha'er in the face.

"Miss Xiao." PA Wen quickly stopped Xiao Yaojing. PA Wen was not the only one who came to them. Some paparazzi were also tailing PA Wen.

Seeing the paparazzi, Yu Sha'er suddenly fell to the ground and cried, "Who are you? Why did you hit me?"

Looking at the woman who was crying on the ground, Xiao Yaojing spluttered in anger.

"It's Mrs. Gu's fault. Even if Mrs. Gu is your friend, you shouldn't hit Yu Sha'er." One of the paparazzi snarled.

Surrounded by the group, arguments and disputes sprang up around her. Xiao Yaojing had finally understood the pain that Ye Yuwei was suffering all these years. Being attacked by paparazzi was terrifying.

"Sob... You are actually Mrs. Gu's friend. I told you, Gu Juexi is just like my brother. He takes care of me because my brother was his comrade. My brother had entrusted me to him before he passed away. I am not having an affair with Brother Juexi. Mrs. Gu should not treat me this way," she cried her heart out as she said.

Yu Sha'er was truly vicious. Telling the paparazzi her real identity at this time, when the paparazzi were targeting Ye Yuwei was a brilliant idea. By doing this, one would naturally think that Gu Juexi was kind-hearted, taking care of his comrade's sister while Yu Sha'er was just a lovely sister who was repaying her debt of gratitude. Ye Yuwei, on the other hand, was a jealous woman capable of doing every sort of evil deed. It was such a brilliant trick!

Xiao Yaojing could no longer contain her anger and struggled to get off PA Wen's grip. "You are just Gu Juexi's lapdog! Let go of me!"

"What goes around comes around. Miss Yu, don't go too far." PA Wen tightened his grasp, turned Xiao Yaojing's arms over to stop her struggle and stared coldly at Yu Sha'er. Yu Sha'er was truly an eyesore and even PA Wen could no longer tolerate her.

"PA Wen, you still trust Mrs. Gu? You have been cheated." Yu Sha'er was furious but tried to look innocent.