The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 94

Chapter 94: He Would Love to Meet This Woman One Day

PA Wen gulped.

Ye Yuwei looked at Gu Juexi while waiting for him to sign the papers.

Gu Juexi was obviously not happy with the divorce papers and it showed on his face.

"I can amend the draft if Mr Gu has anything to add," said PA Wen quickly.

After all, he went to a random printing shop right after Gu Juexi's call and drafted the divorce papers there. The clauses in the papers were all the standard ones.

"Did you go back to the office?" asked Gu Juexi.

"I did not, I was on the way when you called, so…" PA Wen did not finish his sentence.

Gu Juexi glanced at PA Wen.

Ye Yuwei was confused. What was wrong with not going back to the office?

Gu Juexi sneered, took over the pen, and signed the papers.

Ye Yuwei looked at him signing the papers. Feeling nervous, she clasped her hands so tightly that they began to hurt.

Finally. She could not tell if she was happy or disappointed, but she was sure that she did not regret.

After signing, Gu Juexi passed the papers to PA Wen as Ye Yuwei approached to take them. "Don't forget about our bet," Gu Juexi reminded.

Ye Yuwei pursed her lips as she looked at Gu Juexi sneering at them. "The papers can only be with you before Yu Sha'er issues a public apology," said Gu Juexi to PA Wen.

'Yu Sha'er will issue a public apology?' PA Wen's lips twitched as he recalled how Chief Song complained about Gu Juexi cutting off Yu Sha'er at this point of time and how it was going to ruin the whole plan.

PA Wen looked at Ye Yuwei and shook his head speechlessly. "Yes, Mr. Gu".

Ye Yuwei did not understand PA Wen's resignation, neither did she understand PA Wen's reaction when he heard that Yu Sha'er would issue a public apology.

Gu Juexi walked to the stairs and looked at the two of them with a sarcastic smile.

PA Wen felt Gu Juexi staring at them and looked at Yu Yuwei subconsciously.

Ye Yuwei had all her heart on the divorce papers. PA Wen noticed the way she looked at the papers and hid them behind his back swiftly. "I really can't give them to you now, Young Mistress. Please don't make it difficult for me."

Ye Yuwei was speechless. She was only going to read the contents.

Gu Juexi's undercover maid returned to Gu Mansion right after Song Helian left.

A Rolls Royce Phantom stopped in front of Gu Mansion. In the car were Cheng Jie who was fidgeting with his phone and his driver cum personal assistant.

"Second Master, that Gu Juexi really did look fishy," said Mike, the personal assistant softly.

Cheng Jie looked up with his blue eyes, smiling. "Check Ye Yuwei. She must mean a lot to Gu Juexi to make him lose his cool."

"Yes," Mike replied while making a call, "Do I tell Master about Gu Juexi?

Cheng Jie smiled and put away the phone in his hand. "I told you, no one knows Gu Juexi better than I do. It would be fishy if he chooses to tolerate Sha-sha." In other words, there was nothing wrong with Gu Juexi.

Cheng Jie looked down with a smile on his face. Ye Yuwei, he really would love to meet this woman one day.