The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 95

Chapter 95: Which Is the Real You?

Ye Yuwei was getting ready to leave for Xiao Yaojing's house, but had to stay as Auntie Mao was throwing a fit to the extent of calling her ungrateful.

Ye Yuwei was helpless yet amused. Auntie Mao has already brewed tonic soup and dragged Ye Yuwei to the dining table. "Look, I have brewed this for the whole day, if you leave, my kind intentions would be wasted. Sigh, how my heart aches."

Although Ye Yuwei knows Auntie Mao was acting, she could not help but play along.

"Come and try this chicken soup, I went out early to queue to buy this. This pair of aged legs and feet had stood for hours to get this. If you don't eat, I will cry to death," said Auntie Mao with a twinkle in her eyes as she sat next to Ye Yuwei.

"Auntie Mao, in the future, get others to do this. You should rest at home." Ye Yuwei was persuaded and picked up the spoon.

"I can't rest. I won't be able to do this soon. Once Young Mistress leaves, my soul will follow suit," Auntie Mao said sorrowfully.

Ye Yuwei looked down and felt a lump in her throat.

"Young Mistress, do you really have to get a divorce? Auntie Mao asked with a forlorn look.

Ye Yuwei shifted her gaze from the bowl, looked at Auntie Mao, and nodded.

"Young Master is quite pitiful. Young Mistress doesn't know—"

"Auntie Mao, I've finished drinking," Ye Yuwei spoke suddenly, interrupting Auntie Mao.

In the past, she would be very keen to listen to Auntie Mao's stories of Gu Juexi. Currently, she did not want to hear about his past at all.

Auntie Mao was stunned for a moment. She finally gave in and got up to bring the bowl into the kitchen. "Fine, get divorced then. Serves that boy right—he won't have someone to lean on in his life."

Ye Yuwei stared down, hiding the pain in her eyes.

'It is not that he doesn't have someone to depend on. It is because he doesn't depend on himself.'

Ye Yuwei did not have a cell phone, so she borrowed the servant's phone to make two calls. One to Xiao Yaojing to let her know she was fine, another to the Trade and Industry Bureau.

The first thing Ye Yuwei wanted to do was to bring the person who leaked the company's confidential information to court.

As Ye Yuwei hung up the phone and returned the cell phone to the servant, she turned and saw Gu Juexi.

Gu Juexi has been leaning on the staircase barrister and looking at Ye Yuwei for god knows how long.

Ye Yuwei's heart rate accelerated at his sudden appearance, but it quickly returned to normal.

"If CEO Gu is afraid of others publicizing the matter, there is still time for you to call the Bureau to cancel the charges."

Gu Juexi did not utter a word but merely gazed at Ye Yuwei deeply.

Ye Yuwei was unable to decipher his gaze, thus decided to move aside.

As Ye Yuwei walked upstairs and passed Gu Juexi who has no intention to budge, she heard him mutter, "Ye Yuwei, which is the real you?"

Ye Yuwei stopped in her tracks, two steps above him to avoid having to look up to him.

"CEO Gu can wait and see—see the methods I've used in the past to get you to marry me, using the same methods to force Miss Yu at the press conference. You can wait and see how unscrupulous she is."

Ye Yuwei spoke each word slowly and clearly with a slight smile.