The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 98

Chapter 98: It Feels Like Something is About to Happen

There was a haunted look on Jiang Tong's face.

"Those who like to maliciously spread rumors often do that because they are jealous. Those who are filled with jealousy will suffer more pain than anyone because either their own misfortune or the happiness of others will cause him to suffer. As for you, because you were jealous of my status, because you felt that you were not inferior to me and that you were also more than qualified to be Mrs. Gu, that's why you ostracized me, you were constantly envious of me and you started spreading rumors about me in the office. Even now, you are easily manipulated by others. You have chosen a path that you can no longer turn back from. Jealousy, can really ruin someone." Ye Yuwei approached her with a smile and said, "Just like what is happening now."

"Miss Jiang, please follow us."

"I did not, I did not…" Jiang Tong cried hysterically, while avoiding the grasp of the people from the Trade and Bureau Industry. "It was all done by this woman! Didn't you read the news? This woman is very cunning and she can do anything."

Ye Yuwei stared at the hysterical woman and slowly walked towards her. When she was beside her, she whispered in a low voice, "Why don't you ask the CEO to withdraw the complaint on your behalf? After all, he is the biggest boss in Gu Bank. Maybe you can go to Miss Yu and ask your Miss Yu to save you."

Ye Yuwei took a step back after she had spoken.

Jiang Tong's eyes burned with hatred as she glared at Ye Yuwei.

Ye Yuwei smiled and looked at her. She glanced over to the spot where Gu Juexi was standing previously, however, he was nowhere to be seen. Therefore, she could only look pitifully at the woman who was about to go insane in front of her.

"Oh, by the way I checked it out for you earlier. The sentence for illegally disclosing the company's confidential information is a minimum of three years, up to a maximum of seven years in prison. I wish you good luck." Ye Yuwei could only laugh as she watched the anguished Jiang Tong being escorted away.

The war between Yu Sha'er and herself had started.

Jiang Tong was only the beginning.

After Jiang Tong was escorted out, the office suddenly quietened down. Those who were speaking earlier no longer dared to open their mouth.

Ye Yuwei turned around and looked at Ouyang Xianxin. "As there is two more days before RT Group will announce their bankruptcy, I will try to convince Mr. Geng to settle his loan first. I believe that he has some money on hand now."

Ouyang Xianxin sighed and said, "The problem now is he does not want to pay!"

Ye Yuwei knitted her brows together. Naturally, she knew that he would not want to pay up, but she did not have any other options.

PA Wen carefully drove the car in the heavy traffic.

Gu Juexi lightly tapped his fingers against his knees. Once, twice, thrice. Each one of his tapping carried a different weight.

That woman, Ye Yuwei was slipping further and further away from him. He could no longer hold onto her.

This was not what he wanted.

That woman should be staying obediently by his side. How could she be slipping away from his grasp?

"Ye Yuwei," Gu Juexi whispered her name repeatedly. This woman was supposed to belong to him, and yet she was about to leave him. She had already begun to drift away from him.

If they did not have a marriage certificate, she would have already gone to a place where he could no longer see her.

No. This was not what he wanted. Absolutely not.

He did not like not being in control, especially when it was control over matters regarding Ye Yuwei.

PA Wen carefully looked at the CEO, trying to size him up, trying to understand what kind of emotion the CEO was feeling right now.

He had a feeling that something was about to happen.