The Cold Ceo's Heart Chapter 147

Chapter 147: Girl's Night(End)
Will had been awake almost all night, thinking back and again and again to that perfect moment on the beach.It had been as if heaven and earth had come together to make such a beautiful thing happen-a confluence which marked just how special their relationship was.Eager to see Liz again, he had hatched a plan and gotten breakfast from the best restaurant with town along with a single rose.Being someone with power had its privileges. So, obtaining the key card to Liz's room had been a piece of cake.Only, he could never have expected that he would see this incredibly strange sight.His sister and the woman he had kissed the night before were entangled together like two snakes, their bodies mixing together until he had to take a moment to recognize whose limbs were whose.Even his acutely-tuned razer-sharp business mind couldn't help but go blank, as his jaw dropped while he just stood there and stared.Meanwhile, as if she had sensed something, Liz had woken up and looked around.As their eyes met, initially, a flash of happiness passed through them instinctively, before it was replaced by horror at her position.Kere's head was snuggling into Liz's neck, and the women even chose this moment to hug her even tighter and mumble, "Bro, g-good for youM-more ice cream"As her jaw dropped too, she hurriedly removed her arms from around Keren's soft body, as even she had been hugging her tight."Mm!"As if she disliked this, Keren pulled Liz even closer and grumbled in her sleep.'Wow, Liz. Way to follow up last night. A kiss with the brother, and a night with the sister?'As her inner voice started to make jokes that made her ears burn, she improved her efforts, but it was only when she got desperate and shouted "KEREN!" did the woman finally also wake up groggily.Only, her reaction was even funnier.First, she saw Liz and smiled in her sleep.Then, when she swiveled her head and got a glimpse of Will, she waved her hand lazily and said "Hey, bro," before choosing to snuggle back into Liz's body.She couldn't help it! Liz felt so perfect, as if she were the world's best pillow.It was only when the two stared daggers at her did she seem to realize that something was off.Of course, because she was Keren, she reacted in a way neither of them could have expected.Freezing in place for a few seconds, she looked up at Liz's face with mock 'worry' and swooned, "Liz, no, what would my brother think if he saw us like this? We must hide away our forbidden love!"As Keren chose to say this, Liz blushed a very deep shade of maroon, her entire face changing color all the way to her ears.This woman had the mood to make jokes like this in response!With a start, Will finally got back to his senses and humphed.Setting the breakfast tray to the side gently, he marched forward and caught her ear before rudely pulling her out of bed."Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow! Sorry, sorry, sorry! We were having a girl's night, Ok?""Evidently."Indeed, the buckets of ice cream were indication enough.Meanwhile, Liz had snuck under the mattress, unable to control her blush, as if she were the culprit.Indeed, what a way to begin the day after that incredible moment."Elizabeth, come out, it's fine. Keren has the habit of snuggling with anybody she sleeps with, and for some reason, the people she snuggles with always snuggle back. This is actually the 5th time I'm catching her like this; the first 3 times was with our dog, and the 4th with a man. I'll tell you later. Have the breakfast, I'll meet you on the flight. I should have a little 'talk' with my sister.""Did you have to say that? Now she'll think I'm some-""You have no right to talk, sis. Come on."Saying so, Will marched Keren out of the room and closed the door behind him, while Liz listened from under the sheets.She hadn't known what to do! It had been a fight or flight situation, and she had chosen the latter.Only, when she came out, she couldn't help but start to laugh due to the ridiculousness of the situation.Due to what had happened last night, she had gotten much more comfortable with Will, so she didn't feel anywhere as awkward as she would have felt if this had happened, say, a week ago.So, getting out of the sheets, she walked to the bathroom to brush her teeth before sitting down and enjoying the amazing breakfast that consisted of that amazing sourdough bread that they had had the day before, and some other delicacies that were famous in Toronto.Only, even as she ate, she couldn't help but keep remembering both this morning and last night, which made her either constantly dread seeing him again, or look forward to it: two conflicting emotions that she couldn't control.Today, they were heading back to New York. Taking a bath and getting dressed in a light orange dress, Liz packed up and headed downstairs to find Keren grumbling under her breath sullenly while Will admonished her, standing beside her.Whatever the fact of the matter was, Liz felt a little sorry for Keren, as the woman really had good intentions when she had come last night.No one could havepredicted that that would happen.So, walking up to the duo who were sitting in the reception, she heard what Will was saying."No more girl's nights with ice cream, at least! I don't know how you get sugar highs even though you are this old! Got it? At least for now! And stop trying to pry in! I know you can't help it, but try!"It seemed that she was resisting the urge to stick her tongue out, as she did so when Will turned around to see Liz approaching them.A small smile lit up his face, making him completely ignore Keren as he walked forward to greet her.Only, he couldn't have expected that Keren would suddenly extend her leg and make him trip with an expression like that of one getting revenge on her face, resulting in him falling forward into Liz's arms.