The Devil's Cage Chapter 1002

Chapter 1002 Notice

The changes happening on the broken nail was very minimal and hidden but Kieran still caught it.

Kierans SSS+ Intuition plus the attention he had on his own belongings in his bag made him notice the unusual point at the very first moment it occured.

He then went on checking his backpack and easily noticed the changes in the [Unknown Nail].

The yellowish color didnt change, the moldy spots were still there but its shape changed a little.

Originally it looked like a nail peels off of a thumb, laying down straight but now it curled up and formed a vertical C shape.

However, the shocking thing was when he took out the bottle with the nail, the curse-like energy from the land that infiltrated his body suddenly stopped its resistance.

Although if the situation went on, the curse-like energy would be crushed by the Devil Force as well, it didnt mean it didnt have any resistance capabilities.

On the contrary, the curse-like power had quite the resistance against Devil Force. It was very ferocious and had an indomitable power, the curse-like power had the grudge of a mortal enemy towards Devil Force.

But now, everything stopped.

The curse-like energy allowed the Devil Force and Cardinal Sins Force shred it to pieces, devouring it and strengthening their own power.

Thats right, Devil Force and Cardinal Sins Force were strengthening their own power by devouring!

Kieran clearly felt the slight increment in the two mentioned Origin Forces but when compared to an overall scale, it was only around 1/1000th.

It seemed like it was a result of the sudden enhancement of the curse-like power and the low level of curse-like power from before wouldnt show any effect even if Devil Force and Cardinal Sins Force devoured it.

The changes naturally caught Kierans attention.

Unlike Dawn Force and Plague Force which had a complete system, Devil Force and Cardinal Sins Force relied more on his discoveries and coincidental triggers or devours to increase in strength.

While the opportunity of the continuous devouring of energy before Kieran was uncommon, Kieran couldnt neglect the changes of the nail inside the crystal bottle either.

Kieran looked down at the bottle, his mind was deep in thought.

Soon, Kieran made up his mind, he wanted to test it out.

Kieran knew how to balance out his pros and cons but he was never a hesitant person, neither was he a person that would give up in trying because of potential danger.

Several [Seal of Dawn]s were drawn on the ground.

The warm tenacious brilliance enveloped the area right away.

Even if he made up his mind, Kieran would not go with the reckless route, instead, he performed the necessary protective measures.

Fire Raven was scouting in the sky; Frost Wolf pup couldnt really battle for now but it stiffened its ears and watched the surroundings in alarm on the ground.


Kieran placed the crystal bottle on the ground with his right hand while his left hand was charging up the devils flame. It started to burn fiercely and grow rapidly.

The curse-like power gushed towards Kieran and similar to previous encounters, it exploded in his body when the Devil Force was burning but that was it.

As Kieran picked up the crystal bottle beside his feet again, the swarming curse-like power turned calm and gave up resisting.

Devil Force and Cardinal Sins Force started to devour the curse-like power again.

While feeling the second incremental increase of the Origin Forces in his body, Kieran showed joy on his face.

This might work!

Kieran, however, didnt forget to check the nail inside the crystal bottle.

The nail curled up a bit more and other than that, there wasnt really any further changes.


After carefully checking the nail, Kieran repeated the steps again.

Attracting the curse-like power, forcing it to be quiet, and allowing his Origin Forces to devour it.

The process was repeated countless times after that.

Kieran felt like he was soaking himself in the rapid increase of Devil Force and Cardinal Sins Force.

The chaotic sulfuric aura had filled his surroundings throughout the process. Anyone who got near to the aura would hear demonic mutters that could drive one crazy or terrify ones soul.

The devils mirage faintly showed itself, its flames were shining in the void.

Lust, Greed, Gluttony, Sloth, Wrath, and Envy released themselves and went on a rampage; only Pride was different.

Pride appeared before Kieran, staring straight into his eyes.

Kieran was standing face to face with Pride.

The same face, similar temperament, and expression made the scene look like both of them were looking into a mirror, however, there was still some minor differences.

After a few seconds of quiet observation at his reflection, Pride frowned slightly. Pride raised his hand, trying to do something but the moment he did, the six other rampaging cardinal sins threw themselves over and surrounded Pride.

You think you can do it? Sloth asked.

Scram, Pride said coldly.

Sloth shrugged but he didnt comply. So did the other cardinal sins, they were closing in on Pride with an intimidating manner.

Your appearance is a mistake!

Now, we have the chance to right our wrongs!


Why dont we combine our strength and do this just once?

Envy glared at Pride, the jealousy on his face twisted his face even more. He was jealous of Pride.

He was jealous of Prides strength, abilities and how he looked so similar to Kieran; Envy was jealous of Pride in everything.

He wanted to tear everything apart, however

A light sword was slashed down on Envys head.

The white shining brilliance with tender and tenacious presence, the Dawn Sword was being wielded by Pride in his hand.

He was ignoring the energy repulsion in his hand as if he was neglecting the rules.

He was acting exactly like his arrogant gaze.

Everyone beneath me are all ants, except

Pride looked at Kieran again.

This time, the other cardinal sins didnt stop him again.

Envy whose head has regrown yet shrunk a lot was looking at Pride with even more envious gaze but he moved the furthest away.

Lust, Greed, Gluttony, Sloth, and Wrath, on the other hand, were anxious and doubtful.

The cardinal sins were frightened.

How is this possible? How did you

Lust, Greed, Gluttony, and Wrath stuttered; Sloth seemingly had thoughts in his mind.

Without caring about the questions from the others, Pride moved towards Kieran again.

After that little fiasco, Kieran had completed another round of devouring the curse-like energy.

Devil Force and Cardinal Sins Force acquired further growth.

While the nail inside the crystal bottle has curled up together, forming a yellowish brown nail that looked like a talon with a sharper point at one end and a wider one at the other.


A slight buzz came from the talon. The turbid liquid around it was rippling from the buzzing.

When the waves of ripples intertwined, a tremendous force struck the crystal bottle.


A clear noise later, crack marks appeared on the crystal bottle body before the bottle shattered.

The turbid liquid together with the talon was splashed out by the impact and fell on the muddy ground.

Then, the talon was growing at an exponential speed visible to even the naked eyes.

I, the son of the delicate moon and fresh blood will again Ugh!

A light sword slashed over.

Before the freed Son of Moon could finish its descending speech, its head was decapitated by the light sword.

Pride took a disgusting glance at the withering, shrinking body before he turned further away.

Kieran who already opened his eyes also turned to that same direction.

The direction was Dawn City!

The moment the Son of Moon appeared, a similar aura that was countless times stronger appeared in that direction.

Even if it was just a flash, it was enough to catch everyones attention.