The Devil's Cage Chapter 1003

Chapter 1003 Uprising

A convoy of three wagons was traveling on the road to Dawn City quietly.

When the aura appeared in a flash in Dawn Citys direction, a figure suddenly sprung out from the biggest wagon of the three which had 6 special warhorses pulling it.

The gigantic figure jumped off the wagon and his hand was pressed down on the wagon carriage. Regardless of how the horses neighed or galloped, the wagon couldnt move an inch further.

Hahahaha! I knew you are there! Move forward! Move forward faster! Darde said with laughter.

Be careful of that person and if you dont want to get noticed by the other guy, come in quickly.

A cold voice sounded from the carriage and it stunned Darde.

That damn bastard.

Darde ranted to express his dissatisfaction before he went back into the carriage.


A figure was shaking a wine glass in his hand.

The figure wasnt at all panicked because of the sudden flash of aura because everything was going exactly as he had anticipated. It might be even smoother than he had expected.

The devils power, the devils power how envious.

Amidst the heavy voice, the figure placed the wine glass down and slowly walked towards a secret room beside him.

He needed to arrange his next steps as the stage had been set.

But in order for the real show to happen, a few more warm-ups would be required.

Wung, Wung!

The tools arranged in the room were receiving alarm signals one after another.

Starbeck didnt sense that flash of aura but the items and tools that he brought and Afu in his pocket did.

Is it the one?
Starbeck spoke softly to his soul mate.

His already scared face became more anxious as message after message spoke to him.

Calm down! Calm down! I need to calm down!

Starbeck muttered to himself. He placed one hand on his chest and another on the sack on his waist, breathing slowly and deeply.

Amidst his breathing exercise, his heart was still beating vigorously.

The surge of the soul in his sack didnt slow down the vigorous heartbeat at all.

Starbeck was naturally a coward yet smart but in a certain aspect, it was because of his intelligence that he was even more cowardly.

Even with Afus comforting, it only maintained Starbeck at his usual calmness.

Must stopthem! If this keeps going, even if 2567 gets here in time, everything will too far gone, too late to redeem! I must create a chance for 2567, just once!

2567, 2567

Starbeck kept muttering with his head down. His eyes started to replay the memories of when he traveled with Kieran.

Kierans calmness, boldness, and how he made his moves was like a movie replaying in Starbecks mind non-stop.

After some time, the vigorously beating heart finally settled down.

Starbeck went outside the door.

Young master.

The once personal attendant of the Burning Marquis and now the chief butler of Burning Family, Wright, who was also the one who sent Kieran to Shatterstone Town appeared before Starbeck.

Do you need anything? If its nothing of importance, please dont leave the mansion. Dawn City has become less safe nowadays, Wright said seriously.

In fact, it was already the lighter version of the situation.

If Wright had to describe the situation through an objective view, the whole Dawn City was a huge mess.

The peace on the surface couldnt hold for long. The time for a war to breakout was right around the corner.

As for those in the dark?

The factions that held turf were seizing the opportunity to create more chaos without a doubt.

Some with more ambitions even saw this as a heaven granted opportunity as they prepared for a huge job.

But what people dreaded were some characters that popped up quite recently.

Whenever one thought about how strange those characters were, even Wright couldnt help but frown.

Therefore, he would not allow Starbeck to leave the Burning Familys premises.

At the same time, the butler thought of the other young master he used to serve.

Compared to the soft and weak legitimate son, the peasant son was more suitable for dealing with the situation.

At least, he wouldnt put the Burning Family to shame but now

Wright quietly shook his head as thoughts came into his mind.

I want to see father, Starbeck said slowly in a respectful tone.

His tone was calm, no one would be able to tell something was going on through Starbecks expression. In addition to his handsome enough looks, any lady would favor him over any of Starbecks peers.

You want to see Lord Marquis? Okay, then please come with me.

Wright was stunned for a while. He didnt know why the legitimate son who was afraid of his own father would want to see the Marquis now but as a servant, Wright knew what his duties were.

With Wright behind him, Starbeck entered the deepest part of the Burning Familys mansion for the first time.

It was actually a red building with sulfuric scent all over it. Just the vicious look of the building alone which had thorns all over it struck fear in Starbecks heart; he shivered without feeling cold.

For 2567! For 2567!

Starbeck was muttering non-stop in his heart.

He kept relying on this self-hypnosis method to keep himself as calm as possible.

Then, he walked inside the vicious looking building.

Saint Cyanda Palace.

Following the dissappearance of the XI king, two princes had completely occupied the premise.

Each side brought their right-hand man and guards while facing their opponents.

When the aura flashed, some of the right-hand men of the two princes sensed the tremendous changes.

After all, they were recruited to investigate that specific existence.

Where is it?

Did you find it?

In their respective rooms, the two princes were asking their men in an anxious tone but they got a disappointing answer.

Being able to sense the aura didnt mean the men could precisely locate the thing.


The two princes were scolding their men in their hearts at almost the same time. While on the outside, they looked peaceful and kept comforting their anxious men.

The education they received from young and the environment they grew up in had destined trained them to use this approach to win their mens hearts. Their background even decided their choices in certain situations.

The two princes arrived at the kings sleeping chamber almost in unison as well.

It was the only place they hadnt searched in the entire palace and obviously, the most suspicious place.


The two brothers who ran into each other without prior agreement urged the other to leave at the same time without the slightest courtesy.

After that, swords were drawn at each other.

Chaos had fallen on Dawn City and was destined to sweep over everything from the moment the swords were drawn. The impending war would soon arrive.

However, none of this had anything to do with Kieran at the moment.

Back to Kierans side, he looked down at the cracked talon, frowning slightly.

[Name: Deed of Seal]

[Type: ETC]

[Rarity: Legendary]

[Attack/ Defense: None]

[Attribute: Seal (Specific Species)]

[Effect: None]

[Prerequisite: None]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: Yes]

[Remark: The sealed Son of Moon, not the complete one and not the first one.]

Not complete? Not the first?

As he read the information to himself, Kieran turned his eyes to Pride who was standing in front of him.