The Devil's Cage Chapter 1004

Chapter 1004 Descending From The Sky

Kieran looked at Pride with questioning eyes.

Devil Force and Cardinal Sins force increasing in strength was a hard-to-come-by chance for Kieran but he would never forget about how terrifying both forces were.

Therefore, from the start till the end, Kieran maintained a certain level of vigilance and calmness; he would never lose himself in the process.

Therefore, it was natural that Kieran saw the scene that happened previously.

He was quite shocked by Pride being able to borrow [Dawn Sword] but what shocked him more was the intellect that the cardinal sins displayed. Especially Pride, his intellect was nearly human.

During his normal encounters, Kieran had slight discoveries along the way but they wasnt as real as the scene before this. Perhaps devouring the curse-like power increased the cardinal sins intellect, perhaps it was something else.

However, none of that had anything to do with Kieran for now. He only wanted to know what Pride wanted.

Prides eyes caught Kierans gaze.

Without asking, he already knew what Kieran wanted to ask but he didnt answer.

It wasnt disdain that he was showing Kieran, nor the arrogance but his own pride forbid him to open his mouth to answer.

While being watched by the other cardinal sins with eyes taking pleasure of Prides misfortune, Kieran and Pride were exchanging a gaze.

Then, out of every sins expectation, Pride vanished, with Kierans permission.

Although most of the time, they acted on their own accord yet appearing and disappearing needed Kierans permission.

Without Kierans permission, they wouldnt be able to come and go like the wind.

What you did will cost you your position in this, you will fall into Prides grasp and become his captive. Even though you think you look alike, you are not entirely the same.

Envy said with a hateful expression.


Kieran also performed a slash on Envy.

Unlike how Pride wielded the smaller one, Kierans [Dawn Sword] was a more straightforward version.

The 20-meter light sword appeared in a flash. Envy didnt even grunt when he was ripped apart, he turned into the purest form of energy and went back into Kierans body.

The other cardinal sins disappeared shortly after and no others dared to be rude like Envy was. Even if they were enraged, the cardinal sins showed peaceful expressions.

Then, it was the devils mirage.

Unlike the boost of intellect like the cardinal sins, the devil mirage was purely constructed by its power and aura. It was richly endowed by nature as long as it remained on this land.

With the natural gifts, the devil could use 10% of its energy to deliver 100% of its power.

A natural battlefield?

Kieran couldnt help but utter when he was looking at the lingering devils mirage even without his own strength.

The devils mirage will definitely fade away, but very slowly.

Wuu Wuuu!

The Frost Wolf pup ran over and showed curiosity and kindness towards the devils mirage in the wilderness.

Kierans presence was mixed with the devils aura and it was enough for the Frost Wolf pup to feel close to it.

Just like when the cardinal sins were around, the Frost Wolf pups beastly instinct made it unconsciously drew distance from them.

What a smart fella.

Kieran carried the pup and rubbed its head, neck, and back.

Right away, the maternal bloodline of the Frost Wolf pup made it wag its tail ceaselessly while its paternal bloodlines strength and wisdom allowed it to warn its master how dangerous the cardinal sins were.

I know. Thats why I did it, Kieran smiled.

Of course he knew how dangerous the cardinal sins were.

The birth of those seven sins was a product of all sorts of coincidences but their wicked nature was enough for Kieran to be extremely cautious against them.

Therefore, Kieran would not believe anyone of them, he would only use them like his skill.

Why did Kieran allow Pride to leave though?

Kieran actually knew everything about Pride so he knew if he continued on, it would even up in a stalemated situation.

When that happens, it would only consume his energy. Kieran might as well slowly observe the changes from another perspective.

Kieran was not lacking patience nor determination.

Should anything go wrong, he wouldnt mind losing a heart. Of course, that would be the very last resort, only when he is totally out of options would he discard the wicked existence.

After all, the last resort would greatly affect his strength.

Suddenly, the Fire Ravens call could be heard from the sky.

Through Fire Ravens sight, Kieran saw a group of riders.

Burning Dawn!

There werent many, only around 50 of them but the speed of the riders had exceeded Kierans expectation. The riders riding speed had far surpassed the common warhorses galloping speed, and it could even be considered flying, as if they were flying or gliding above ground.

One of the aces of Burning Dawn? Kieran wasnt really surprised.

Even the elite riders of Golden City had their own aces, how could Burning Dawn, who once reigned Supreme Road not have one of their own?

Perhaps because of the nitpicking and hardship from the Saint Cyanda imperial household, Burning Dawns strength was not as formidable as before but some roots still remained.

Such as the riders before Kieran.

They didnt only just inherit the soul of Burning Dawn, they possessed the true strength of the banner as well.

Kieran smiled as he stood in his spot, waiting for the group of riders.

The appearance of the riders had displayed their stand in this and it was enough for Kieran to show them kindness.

Whenever a group of men can discard their life and death for you, please do not criticize them. Perhaps they are very, very far behind you, their appearance however is the best reward.

The riders were getting close, their anxiety was soon replaced by shock.

The chief rider of Burning Dawn, Luzarc fell in shock as he saw the Golden City camp in utmost disorder. His gaze of disbelief was looking at the devils mirage standing tall in the middle of the enemys camp.

Burning Mirage!

A term that has been buried in Luzarcs heart for a very long time was uttered, he thought he wouldnt have the chance to utter it again for the rest of his life.

Uncontrollably, Luzarcs eyes were filled with warm tears and it blurred his line of sight.

The blurry figure in Luzarcs eyes slowly turned into a different image.

It felt like the figure was donning a heavy armor with a scarlet red cape fluttering behind.

The Devils banner was waving along with the wind, fluttering with the motion.

Countless Burning Vanguards gathered under the banner.

They charged and crush enemies.

They were ever victorious.

They cheered loudly on their victory.

The tears got heavier, to the point that Luzarc was sobbing but he still managed to bring out the horn to his mouth, blowing it with all his might.


Wuuuu Wuuuu!

The rhythmic horn of Burning Dawn was echoing in the wilderness; it had been a long time.

The horn sounds spread further away.

The vultures in the sky flew away because of the horn.

The jackals on the ground ran because of the horn.

The blood memory from their animal ancestors allowed them to know how they should react to the horn, but not some humans.

The South camp that once belonged to Burning Dawn a hundred years ago was now the frontline sentry camp of Golden City. Therefore the defeated Golden City soldiers were gathering there.

After being defeated in a single fight, the soldiers unconsciously wandered to the sentry camp and were gathered by the camps officer.

The officers were unwilling to face defeat, neither did they believed what the survivors said.

So, they wanted to launch a counterattack.

You cowards! Now, Ill give you a chance to redeem your wrongs

The highest ranking officer in the camp was scolding the survivors from the platform but before he could finish, he was interrupted by an irritating air-breaking sound from above his head.

Unconsciously, the officer looked up.

He saw a fireball falling from the sky!