The Devil's Cage Chapter 1005

Chapter 1005 Burning 2 In 1

The blazing flame sprung up almost a dozen meters high.

Heat waves rumbled around and the scorching streams felt like a class 10 typhoon, blowing away the Golden City soldiers around the platform.

As for the officers above the platform?

They were burnt to ashes by the flames.

A shadow then covered the sky above the sentry camp.

All the surviving soldiers in the sentry camp saw the muscular magma body, the blazing wings that were carved with intricate mystical runes and that devil horn that could pierce the sky.


If the devils mirage struck fear and made people shiver, when the real devil descended, what followed would be despair.

The soldiers in the sentry camp crumbled when they saw the devil floating above the sky.

Those surviving soldiers that escaped from the frontline made the situation even worse as they started the defeating crumble.

Some iron-willed soldiers wanted to resist but when they saw their comrades running away, they hesitated.

In the end they chose to escape as well.

When a lion was leading a group of lambs, the lamps would be as brave as the lion; when a lamb was leading the lions, the lions would be as weak as their prey.

Of course, given that the lions didnt eat the lambs.

But, even for a group of lions led by lambs, what would it do?

Devil Kieran opened his wings.

A single blow from his flame blast swept across the sentry camp and divided it into two.

Then, another flame blast was fired.

The Golden City sentry camp was like a cake, after a vertical cut, another horizontal cut was added on; the whole place was divided into four sections by the flame blast.

The unlucky soldiers that were caught in the dividing lines died a graveless death. The surviving soldiers no doubt ran even faster.

Devil Kieran dived down and went up to the fleeing soldiers in a flash. He had no intentions of sparing them because of their position as opposing factions and also because of the plan after this.

Every deserter that saw Kieran was already filled with fear and when Kieran dived in front of them, they were terrorized by [Fear of Light].

Scenes of illusory visions appeared before the soldiers eyes.

They saw a throne constructed of mountains of bodies and a sea of blood in the endless darkness.

They saw the devil overlord that was sitting on the throne.

The magma was its armor, the flames were its robe.

Its horn was the crown and the beheader greatsword was its scepter.

It had the manner, the bearing, and the power of a king.



As if a loud thunder broke out, the blast of thunder echoed between realms.

It shook the soldiers heart, their bodies, and crushed their organs.

Puk, Puk, Puk!

One after another, the Golden City deserters fell to the ground with mouths filled with blood.

They were the ones with the weakest wills and the ones that Kieran needed the most.

After a single glance from the blazing eyes, the situation had turned into a chaotic, indistinguishable slaughter between the soldiers.

The soldiers that had stronger wills heard [Blaspheme Whisper] from Devil Kierans mouth.

The dead soldiers were revived one by one.

They were transformed from humans to demonic slaves.

The revived were as petty as slaves as they gathered beneath Kierans feet; they listened to Kierans voice as if they were listening to the holy words.


Devil Kieran pointed to Golden City.


Roar Roar!

The undead roared at the sky one after another.

They landed all four of their limbs on the ground like a beast, sprinting towards the direction of Golden City.

Under Supreme Roads special environment, Devil Force which was strengthened by devouring the curse-like power had been increased multiple times over.

Not only Devil Kieran was a few times stronger, but even the skills of the devil form were also greatly increased.

[Chaotic territory, players devil form acquired temporary enhancement, all attributes +3, transformation duration extended]

[Devil Lord Constitution +3]

[Flame Blast +3]

[Beheader Flaming Sword +3]

[Blaspheme Whisper +3]

[Fiery Sulfur +3]

[Light of Fear +3]

[Devil Libra +3]

[Initiate temporary special attribute: Enslave]

[Enslave: Based on your own devil level, you are able to control other low-level demonic beings around you.]

Attributes and skill boosts were the most direct presentation of strength.

Just like how powerful the [Flame Blast], [Light of Fear], and [Blaspheme Whisper] that Kieran had used.

[Flame Blast V: By flapping your flame wings, form a 140, 80-meter blast range before you that lasts for 1 second. Rank III flames, rank III blast wave, 3 times per transformation]

[Light of Fear V: Any living target that sees you will have to undergo 2 Spirit Authentications not lower than S- and A+ respectively (Extra authentication includes test of will), if failed twice, target will be face instant death (immune to instant death if test of will is passed); if failed once induce Fear and Chaos debuff]

[Blaspheme Whisper V: Any target you kill will resurrect temporarily and fight for you. Targeted beings will receive enhancement (+10% of players higher rank stats + extra Spirit authentication and so on) 10+ minute duration (+1 minute of players higher rank stats + extra Spirit authentication), 1 time per transformation]

Because of all the enhancements, Kieran immediately came to a decision: push directly into Golden City.

He knew if he left for Dawn City and should Golden City counterattack, Burning Dawn would face an unimaginable situation.

Therefore, might as well heavily cripple Golden City, especially when he had favorable geographical and character conditions.

The horns from far away sounded again.

The dead on the ground were gushing towards Golden City like the tides.

Mid-air, Devil Kieran extended his wings and looked down at his targets on the horizon.

Behind him was Burning Dawns chief rider, Luzarc who was looking at the scene excitedly.

He called out to the aide beside him, Send the signal! Call our brother-in-arms here as fast as possible! Our counterattack is starting!

Counterattack! Counterattack! Counterattack!

The riders behind their chief were knocking on the small round shields on their arms.

A signal flare was shot to the sky with a beautiful trail.

Shuuuuuu! Bang!

The signal flare exploded after a loud bang, igniting a burning flame in the sky.

The flame rumbled in the sky and eventually formed a head with two horns.

The straight horns were as sharp as swords and looked as if it pierced the sky.

The magma face was ferocious and scary.

Yet the sign had a different meaning for Burning Dawn!

Burning Cavalry!

The storming riders under the devil, the Burning Cavalry!

The indomitable, undefeated and ever-victorious Burning Cavalry!

Throughout the past one hundred years, not once had they appeared on the battlefield the Burning Cavalry!

Sunlight couldnt even overpower the reddish burning flame.

The devil head roared again. They were declaring their return and it was declaring to the world

It had returned!

Look! The Burning Cavalry!

Its the charging order of the Burning Cavalry!



We must join our lord!

The burning fire fears no darkness.

The burning will fear no horror.

The burning soul is fearless in the face of despair.

The riders from Burning Dawn traveling on Supreme Road saw that roaring devil head; it shook their spirits.

The riders knew what the devil head represented since they heard of the secrets that were passed down by word of mouth. Every one of them was filled with vigor and rode faster than before as if they had adrenaline shots.

When they rode, their mouths were muttering chants that sounded like an incantation.

The messy self-muttering turned into an exciting and arousing chant. Despite no prior rehearsal before this, all of their chants sounded in unison and after three rounds of chanting later, it had reached an astonishing level.

It wasnt just because the legends they admired in their hearts as become their mental support and beliefs, it was also because the true formless energy that had awakened.

The energy imbued the riders, strengthening them as if they really had godly aids.

Walloon who stayed behind defending the North camp did what he could to protect the base.

Arbalest, stones, boiling water and other kinds of siege-defending contraptions were checked more than once but the anxiety in Walloons heart pushed him to do something to distract his own thoughts.

Therefore, Walloon went on checking the defensive line again.

My lord, you should take some rest. If the war breaks out, your condition will only worsen the situation.

Perdal from Shatterstone reminded Walloon of his health.

Of course I know that but

Walloon shook his head and sighed.

What could he say?

Could he be honest to his men that he had finally seen the rising hope of Burning Dawn through many hardships yet when he decided to finally commit to a great cause, that rising hope, that lord acted on his own decision to fight ten thousand men alone?

Although he wouldnt doubt his lordships power, how could a war of ten thousand men be easy?

The worries tortured Walloon inside out.

The feeling felt like when a hungry man was thrown in front of a fridge and he realized the fridge was locked.

Walloon took a deep breath again, trying to adjust his mood, despite him knowing it was useless.

My lord! My lord! Look! There, isnt that the Burning Cavalrys charging order?

Perdals uncertainty caught Walloons attention.

When Walloon saw the roaring devils dead, his body shook and was stunned, unable to move an inch.

It is the Burning Calvary! It is the charging order!

How dare that Luzarc

No, no! Luzarc isnt that kind of man who doesnt get his priorities straight, there must be a reason he fired out the signal and based on the situation Could it be? Lord 2567 really fought against ten thousand men alone?

If thats the case

Thought after thought appeared in Walloons mind. It cluttered his messy mind even further and he even felt dizziness because of the lack of oxygen but immediately, he was excited.

He believed in his own judgment just like how he believed his good friend, Luzarc.

Raise the banner of Burning and Dawn! Walloon said loudly.

The ordering officer carried out the command to the other soldiers.

The soldiers were ordered to raise the banner of Burning and Dawn, not Burning Dawn.

Burning, the devils roar will charge forward.

Dawn, the light will cover and protect the rear.

The two banners were carefully brought to Walloon.

The soldiers of Burning Dawn automatically straightened their bodies, so did Walloon.

However, compared to the common soldiers, Walloon was much more careful and meticulous as he moved towards the flagpole with respect; his hand was touching the flagpole.


Raise the banner!

The scarlet red devil head and the sun during dawn that shined down on the land.

Two banners with distinguished colors and styles were raised up once again, just like how they were a hundred years ago.

When both banners were raised up in the sky, the wind blew.


Two banners were fluttering along with the wind.

Shatterstone Town, Burning Dawn outpost station and all the people, living beings on Supreme Road saw the Burning Cavalrys charging order.

When that roaring devil head entered peoples sights, some were dumbstruck, some recalled past memories and some felt fear, but a lot more felt it unbelievable, especially for some people or living beings who knew the harsh history of the Burning Cavalry.

With a mantle and a greatsword, Ran Dan was leading his family members along the smaller paths on Supreme Road.

In order to chase back his youngest daughter, Evie Dan, the old hunter was forced to take up his weapon again. Although he was quite delighted to do so, he still had to maintain the strictness of a parent.

Therefore, along the way, Ran Dan showed a heavy face. It made his brother, sister-in-law, eldest son, and daughter and second son reverant, none of them dared to even breathe out loud.

The dignity from the past had granted the old hunter absolute rights and authority to his family.

However, the Dans suddenly realized the old hunter was looking at something with his eyes wide open.

How is this possible? It is almost certain that Burning Dawn will fall, how can the charging order from Burning Cavalry appear in the sky? It doesnt seem like an empty shell either but a real resonance an heir has appeared? The heir to the devil do you uphold the rebellious kindness or the traditional evil?

The old hunter unconsciously gripped his greatsword tightly.

An old lady wearing animal skin and using leaves and vines as decoration was leading a group behind her traveling through the wild of some mountain.

The members of the group shared many similar traits: tall, strong, and furry.

The old ladys age had taken away her ability to walk the steep cliffs like leveled grounds but the long life and vast experience allowed her to learn some peculiar techniques.

The leaves and vines that the old lady wore as decorations were like the nimblest and sturdiest arm and feet. It didnt just allow her to swiftly shuttle through the steep cliffs, she was moving steadily as well.

However, when the charging order of the Burning Cavalry rose to the sky, the leaves and vines that acted as her arms and feet shook as if she met her bane that caused her tremendous fear.

Burning Calvary!?

The old lady looked up. Her turbid gaze was overflowing with a sparkle at that moment.

She took three oak tree fruit shells and threw them on the ground and when she saw the broken shells stand up vertically, the old lady furrowed her brows tightly.

An heir that acts on his own accord?

Seemed like the old lady knew more but


The devils flame sudden burned from thin air, not only did it instantly engulfed the oak tree fruit shells, it was extending its flaming tongue at the old lady.

It wasnt a warning but a direct attack.

The old lady had to ditch an entire piece of vine on her arm to free herself from the flames.

As rampant as ever but it makes me more curious. Lets see what this heir looks like now!

The old lady said before waving her hand.

She and her group then traveled faster than before.

Kieran looked up at the familiar sign which was an emblem on the Burning Family wagon; he wasnt surprised.

Burning Dawn was originally the combination of the Burning and the Dawn family.

It was only normal that the emblem of the Burning Family being used as a signal but what Kieran didnt expect was

[Chaotic territory energy explosion]

[Detected player has devils bloodline]

[Player acquires further temporary enhancement, all attributes +3, all skill levels +3, acquired temporary skill: Devil Gate, transformation duration extended]

[Devil Gate: Use the blood and flesh of a thousand enemies to form a temporary gate. Able to summon even more devil slaves into this world through the gate. Gate has a 1-minute duration and the devil slaves that comes through the gate will be forcefully returned to the abyss following the gates duration.]

More lively energy gathered on Kierans body.

Now, Kieran felt like he could even kill a God if one was before him but unfortunately, Kierans foe this time around wasnt the fated nemesis, God, but a bunch of commoners.

More precisely, the elites of commoners. There might be at least one or two special existences within the bunch.

Lets hope you still have the guts to fight me.

Devil Kieran was anticipating it in his heart.

He was quite anticipating the fight with Extremus.

Although he didnt know Extremus identity, based on the fact that Saint Cyanda the VII was killed by an assassin from Golden City, Extremus might very well be related to Golden City.

Just like how Kieran was put in Burning Dawns faction because of his bloodline.


Perhaps he had no special traits but since he was the owner of the main scroll, he was destined to be different.

As for the other two?

Darde the Titan should have an identity that perfectly suited himself as well but Kieran still couldnt know at the moment because of the restriction of information.

As for the Brokers other subordinate or his pawn, he should be hiding in the dark, watching over everything.

It made Kieran more and more careful because of the pawns existence.

A breath of fire was spat out from Devil Kierans mouth.

He was using his outrageously powerful Intuition to search the area while his eyes were locked on to the city that getting coming closer in his sight.

Golden City.

It was already within grasp.