The Devil's Cage Chapter 1007

Chapter 1007 The Fallen Nobility

Gak Tss Tss!

Amidst a tooth-numbing screech, the statue made entirely out of iron and as tall as three grown men combined started to twist.

From its original weird look to a formless state.

As if the metal was a living liquid, the statue twisted and swirled and eventually turned into a whirlpool.

The sea of bodies on the floor was being absorbed by the statue. Blood, broken limbs, and skulls were swallowed, including the army of the dead that was brought back to life.

The army of the dead that was charging in front was sucked into the whirlpool with a slight misstep.

The slave army behind still had the chance to grab onto the structures beside them or hide behind some buildings to resist the tremendous suction force.

In the sky, Devil Kieran slightly extended his wings and the suction force instantly couldnt get hold of him as it was insignificant to his power.

His blazing eyes were watching the changes of the statue whirlpool and when he noticed something inside, Kieran took a deep dive into the whirlpool without a second thought.


After Kieran dived into the whirlpool, the raging wind swept across the land.

A dozen seconds later, the raging wind stopped. The slaves and the Burning Dawn soldiers that finally caught up were looking at each other; they didnt know what happened.

However, someone knew.


Greed, as expected of the cardinal sins! So what if you are the heir to the Burning Family? Didnt you just drop dead in front of an irresistible temptation!?

An elegantly dressed middle-aged man with a crown on his head walked out from the palace.

Behind him was around a hundred fully armed warriors.

Unlike common soldiers, the warriors were better equipped, bigger in size and stronger by countless times, especially their aura, that cold aura could easily strike chills in a commoners heart.


The name escaped Luzarcs clenched teeth.

The hatred he had for that name came directly from his bones.

Luzarc, its been a while! Never thought we would meet again in a situation like this. I remember last was like what when I executed two of your men in public? At first, I thought you might be impulsive enough to interrupt the execution but who would have thought you were so calm and cowardly like a tortoise! Your cowardly behavior has followed you until now I see.

Oh right, you can address me as your Majesty, King Nordin! I became the ruler of Golden City ten years ago! Although you seem like you havent changed, still just a broken military brute I see relying on others to give you courage so that you can appear before me? Hahahahaha!


Nordin laughed as he handled the situation with ease.

His arrogant eyes were looking down at Luzarc and the last elites of Burning Dawn.

Then, he said loudly.

His voice was extremely terrorizing, to the point that one of the slaves wielding a sword fell on the ground because his hands were shaking.


Amidst the metal clunking noise, the slave was horrified.

Especially when Nordin looked down at the slave, the slave trembled non-stop.

What do we have here? A bunch of self-conscious goods? Dont worry, Ill let you slaves carry out your last wishes. Then, Ill chop each of your heads off and make them into wine cups, presenting them to the guests of Golden City!

Nordins words werent just empty threats.

The moment his words subsided, the elite warriors behind him dashed towards the slaves.

On one side was the elite warriors who were well equipped and well trained.

On the other side were the slaves that were just liberated and moved according to their boiling impulses.

Who would win?

The answer was self-explanatory.

It would be a one-sided massacre.

Luzarc who perfectly knew what would happen and tried to order his men to prevent that but Nordin somehow appeared in front him and the riders of Burning Dawn.

Luzarc, did you know? Ten years ago, I already had the idea of crushing the last hope of Burning Dawn by myself. It made my heart suffer day by day and I thought of how to kill every one of you whenever I slept and woke! Now the chance that I have been waiting for is here! Even if I had to pay a small price, what else matters?

Nordin emphasized each and every word. When he spoke, he sounded soft as if he was greeting his friend but eventually ended up with a frenzied face.

What was more surprising were lines of black streams flowing out from Nordins body and swiftly enveloping him whole, revealing only his pair of scarlet red eyes; he looked like a pitch black monster.

Now, I am not who I used to be! My power is the strongest! Since I am the strongest, I will not be restricted to only Golden City! Those who once held contempt toward this power, those who once insulted me and those who looked down on me, they all will pay the heaviest price!

Luzarc, when you expelled me from Burning Dawn, did you ever see this day coming? Did you ever think of the ending?

The black monster was standing in front of Luzarc as it roared in a frenzied state.

Even on the warhorse, Luzarc was just as tall as the monster.

When the monster roared, Luzarc even felt dizzy. A faint wicked muttering sounded in Luzarcs ears and it didnt just test his will but his life as well!

A faint withering aura appeared like cancer on Luzarc and the Burning Dawn riders.

It was slowly and strangely absorbing the life force of its prey.

A few seconds later, Luzarc and the riders looked like they were in their old age but it didnt affect their will.

Their will was as strong as iron, their reply was sharper than the iron-forged sword!

I am glad that I expelled your spineless ass our of Burning Dawn back then because your existence alone is an insult to us! I regret that my soft heart allowed you to run freely and fall beyond redemption! Now, I shall right my wrong!

Luzarc was breathing heavily. The blood carried the oxygen throughout his body, allowing him to tightened his muscles.

The longsword in Luzarcs hand suddenly burned fiercely, the scorching heat even distorted the air around it. However, the scene attracted more chiding comments from Nordin.

Right your wrong? Who do you think you are? Relying on a bit of the Burning Dawn legacy and thinking you have it all?

Let me tell you! The biggest secret of Burning Dawn is in Golden City! Not within Burning Dawn! Otherwise, why did you think that bastard that you relied on so much dived into that whirlpool? A lot of men tried to get it but once they do, they would never come out! That bastard is no exception!

Besides, speaking about falling, when did the devils bloodline become so noble? If we are talking about fallen souls, he is the most fallen one! Hahahahahahaha.. UGH!

Nordin laughed loudly but his laughs halted abruptly at the next moment.

A blazing palm tore apart the void and appeared in front of Nordin, grabbing his pitch black monster body.



The pitch black monster burned up like a giant torch.

Sparks and excruciating wails that seemed endless were heard but none of that could cover the thunderous voice of Devil Kieran.

The fallen arent really noble but at least its better than becoming such a disgusting thing.