The Devil's Cage Chapter 1011

Chapter 1011 Going To

The current calendar of the dungeon world read 1182, Summer.

It was a hundred years after the date mentioned in the piece of paper.

Plus the mention of “my army, Burning Dawn”, the one who wrote the little note should be the first generation Burning Marquis or Grand Duke of Dawn.

A crown that the first Burning Marquis and Grand Duke of Dawn were searching for was definitely not some common item and coincidentally, the wolfskin book also mentioned a ‘crown’.

What was more coincidental was that all of Kieran’s rivals had left Supreme Road, especially Extremus who should have shown up in Golden City; Extremus didn’t even show his presence.

If there wasn’t anything urgent, Kieran wouldn’t believe Extremus would leave Golden City which had a series of mission and might affect the final acquisition of the Unique Title.

Unless, the place Extremus was heading to could directly gain him the Unique Title, or

There was something else even more important than the Unique Title.

“The crown?” Kieran muttered.

It was joyous when one finally uncovered a mystifying secret but some doubts remained unsolved.

For example the arrangements of Broker’s men in Supreme Road.

Based on Kieran’s thinking, the arrangement might very well checkmate him and not like the current one which had a strong opening and a weak ending.

Kieran didn’t believe Broker’s men would be so careless.

The only explanation was some unpredictable changes happened to said arrangements, thus affecting the entire plan.


“What happened?”

Kieran was in deep thought. He then noticed Luzarc was waiting for him.

“What’s wrong Luzarc?” Kieran asked.

“My lord, we need to hasten our preparations here. Dawn City knows and those men will not just stay put. I’ve contacted Walloon to redistribute the defense line with Golden City in the middle. The eleven outpost stations will be reinstated as the frontline outposts as well.”

“Scouts from the Burning Dawn riders will split up into groups and watch every direction from Dawn City. Once those greedy bastards appear, I assure you will we know immediately.”

The chief rider meticulously reported his arrangements to Kieran.

“Mm. How long can you withstand the alliance army of the imperials and nobles?”

Kieran nodded before asking a surprising question.

From Luzarc’s point of view, the impending war wasn’t about how long they could hold but when they could counterattack.

After all, they had a leader that could rival ten thousand men and siege an entire city.

Luzarc even believed Kieran alone could take out the entire alliance army but when he was asked, the loyal chief didn’t avoid the question.

“If we have a continuous supply, I can drain the alliance army out along Supreme Road! They are the elites of Saint Cyanda but we, Burning Dawn are the best of the best. Even if we face changes, it will not change our combat abilities! All we need is a sudden ambush, I will show them the gap in strength between us!”

Luzarc said with an absolute tone, voicing his strong determination.

The pride on his face and the unwavering determination in his eyes caused Kieran to nod in satisfaction.

“Very well. Proceed with your plan, meanwhile, you are hereby named the acting leader of Burning Dawn temporarily and I’ll tell Walloon to assist you as much as possible.”

Kieran stood up from the books.

“My lord, what are you trying to do? Please do tell, I’ll give my best effort to help you achieve it! So please stay in Burning Dawn! With you with us, Burning Dawn is at its truest and with your guidance, we can truly be ever victorious!”

Luzarc looked at Kieran in shock, he didn’t understand why Kieran would name him the leader but it didn’t stop him from dissuading Kieran.

With a firm decision, Kieran will not alter it just because of some dissuasion.

The Frost Wolf pup who was sleeping on a book quickly jumped to Kieran and went into the seam of his leather mail, revealing only its head.

Compared to Luzarc, Frost Wolf pup which had a contract, a special link with Kieran understood his will more.

After slightly touching the groaning pup, Kieran took the crow feathered mantle from the pile of books and wore it; he also took his backpack.

Luzarc was even more anxious seeing Kieran’s actions.

“My lord, what are you trying to do?” He pressed the question.

“I’m going to Dawn City,” Kieran answered softly.


Luzarc widened his eyes, looking at Kieran with an inconceivable gaze.

He knew that Dawn City was like a dragon’s pond and a tiger’s cave for Kieran, a dangerous place.

If they remained on Supreme Road, they might still have the upper hand but if the battle was moved to Dawn City, the tides would turn.

Despite Luzarc showing heavy disdain in attitude towards the imperials and nobles, deep in his heart, he wasn’t that arrogant to ignore his foes.

Regardless of the imperials or the nobles, each of them had their own fortes and it was an undeniable fact.

So, Luzarc quickly knelt down before Kieran.

“My lord, please rethink this! Dawn City isn’t as simple as it looks!” Luzarc said loudly in an agitated mood.

“Yes, I know. If it’s possible, I really want to move the battlefield to Supreme Road since I have the upper hand here but my foes will not allow that. Besides, after getting the news about Golden City, “he” will definitely hasten his steps.”

“My time is running out, moreover someone is waiting for me there. If I still don’t show up, he will be very lost.”

Kieran then strode outside.

“My lord, you can’t go alone, you’ll at least need a group to escort you!”

Since he couldn’t stop Kieran, Luzarc quickly altered his words.

However, Kieran waved his hand and walked away from Luzarc; his figure slowly moved away from the line of sight until he vanished completely.

No answer was the best answer.

Who else could keep up with Kieran?

Or in a more straightforward view, why would Kieran need escorts since he was able to rival ten thousand men and siege a city?

“My lord”

Luzarc stared blankly at the direction where Kieran vanished, trying to utter something but nothing came out of his mouth.

Things happened and it was too late for him to prevent it.

All that was left was to do his best, trying to not disappoint Kieran.

Luzarc walked outside with a baffled mind.

He just said Burning Dawn was the best of the best, all they needed was a sudden ambush and he could teach the imperial and nobles the gap in strength.

Luzarc would make sure what he said just now wasn’t just empty words.

As Kieran departed for Dawn City, Burning Dawn’s war drums sounded in concert.

Meanwhile, Starbeck who had left the mansion yet hadn’t left Dawn City entirely ran into someone totally unexpected.