The Devil's Cage Chapter 1012

Chapter 1012 Investigate

The news about Supreme Road and Burning Dawn spread like wildfire in Dawn City.

The important figures that gathered in front of the Burning Family’s mansion were too obvious, nothing could conceal them from the intentional gazes.

More so, the Burning Family had no intention of hiding the news either.

Therefore, soon enough, the legends about Kieran were floating around Dawn City.

Legends, not rumors.

Whether it was the one man rivaling ten thousand or one man sieging a city, it was unbelievable for these people who had lived in peace for most of their lives.

Other than hearing the extraordinary feats from myths and legends, no one had really seen or heard it in person.

Plus Kieran’s previous identity as the Burning Family’s peasant son added many more veils of mystery to the topic.

The bloodline of the Burning Family was no secret among the higher ranks of Dawn City.

The reincarnated Devil, the son of devil…

The names were spread around on a small scale at first but soon, following the more detailed intel from Supreme Road, a lot more people acknowledged the titles.

After all, if Kieran wasn’t the devil, why would he be so ruthless against his enemies?

All of the high ranks in Golden City were dead and the captives that survived his onslaught were no more than a tenth of the original number.

As for the civilian casualties?

Sorry, in the hearts of these important figures, the civilian casualties weren’t something included in their calculations. They only cared about themselves or someone that shared their ranks.

‘2567 has gone the opposite way of noble etiquette.’

Such a saying soon got gained acknowledgment from the high ranks in Dawn City.

On top of that, the high ranks were perfecting the saying, in hopes to borrow the words to gain themselves more visible benefits.

It was true that 2567’s influence was in Supreme Road and Burning Dawn’s camp but the Burning Family itself was situated in Dawn City.

Soon, a respectable old noble was elected from the bunch. He was holding a pile of “book of responsibility and crimes” as he was heading towards the Burning Family.

He was prepared to seek responsibility from 2567 and the Burning Marquis.


The old noble and the ones that followed him into the mansion didn’t come out anymore, only a series of agonizing cries could be heard in the ears of the observers.

Everyone was dumbstruck by the scene.

They couldn’t imagine even the Burning Marquis neglecting noble etiquette.

The nobles looked at the mansion in fear and when they picked up the faint sulfuric smell, their bodies couldn’t help but shiver.

However, a lot more of them were enraged.

They started to team up against the Burning Marquis. Some did it voluntarily, some added fuel to the fire from the dark.

The nobles that volunteered were filled with righteous indignation while those who stirred the situation further laughed in the dark, waiting for a good show.

Even the common citizens and businessmen that lived in Dawn City knew that the Burning Marquis was in trouble but just as the crowd was paying attention to the Burning Marquis’ mansion, a fierce battle broke out somewhere else.

The battle broke out inside the mansion of the Grand Duke of Dawn.

The sudden battle destroyed half of the Grand Duke’s mansion but regarding what happened, no one knew.

The battle occurred suddenly but it ended even faster; it ended within a few breath’s time.

If it wasn’t for the Grand Duke’s mansion being destroyed and left in a desolate state, no one would believe the mansion was under attack.

The unusual behavior of the Burning Marquis.

The Grand Duke of Dawn being under attack.

Dawn City which was already brewing something in the dark became more and more unpredictable, strange.

“The Grand Duke’s mansion was under attack?”

Kieran arrived in Dawn City a couple of hours ago and was muttering softly to himself in the shadows.

A few hours obviously wasn’t enough for Kieran to get a clear picture of the whole Dawn City but it wasn’t hard for him to probe for some useful information, especially when he wasn’t short of gold coins.

Aside from his own stories, Kieran paid most attention to the attack on the Grand Duke’s mansion.

Just when the Burning Family was about to turn into a target for all, Dawn Family was under attack.

Other than Kieran who originally didn’t believe in coincidences, even those who believed would notice something wasn’t right.

Unlike the Burning Family, although the Dawn Family was also one of the founders of Burning Dawn, their bloodline was destined to be easier for the public to accept.

Plus Grand Duke of Dawn did reach an accord with the imperial household back in the day, Saint Cyanda didn’t further place them in a hard spot.

Of course, it also turned the relationship between two families colder than ice.

It was a scene that Saint Cyanda imperial household was delighted to see.

Throughout the hundred years, the Imperials would aid the Dawn Family to pressure Burning Family.

Even though Dawn Family laid low most of the time, they would also appear during appropriate times and the imperial household would push them to the stage, performing one act after another.

Therefore, although the Dawn Family might not have enough forces or children, they were the ones with the most honorable position in Dawn City.

When such a family was attacked, it bore an unusual meaning.

“Who attacked Dawn Family?”

“Or… why?”

Kieran pondered upon the question while his eyes were looking at an inn further away.

When he saw the city guards swiftly gather in front of the inn, he frowned.

He wasn’t angry about the innkeeper snitching on him though, he knew the innkeeper would before he even asked.

What surprised Kieran was the speed of the city guards’ arrival: it was faster than he expected.

What this scene revealed to Kieran was the news he didn’t want to see.

One needed to know, such quick response time shouldn’t be a trait of the city guards.

“Much more frightening and scarier than I imagined? Any movements will attract the attention from all sides?”

Kieran merged into the shadows completely with furrowed brows as he headed towards his destination.

Despite the situation being much worse than anticipated, he didn’t plan on altering his plans.

Hundreds of city guards were guarding the surroundings of the ruins, which was the mansion of Dawn.

The city guards were in groups, patrolling the premises or standing guard, performing their duties to shoo away curious citizens.

Meanwhile, inside the mansion ruins, a couple of figures were shuttling back and forth.

The figures were the members of Dawn Family.

They had white leather armor, white longswords with white sheaths at their waist and the “rising sun” emblem on their chest; it was very easy for others to tell them apart.

These figures had explanatory rage on their face, they didn’t spare the slightest details or traces.

Likewise, it was because of their presence that the imperial and nobles’ secret agents bore no results on the attack.

However, the secret agents would not just give up like that.

Many pairs of eyes were watching the ruins in the dark, sizing up the actions of the Dawn Family members.

As time went along, the watchful eyes didn’t decrease at all, instead, a lot more had joined them; Kieran included.

However, unlike the hiding secret agents, with above Transcendence [Undercover] and [Dark Movement Technique]’s effect, Kieran used the spots where light and shadow intertwined and walked into the ruins.

He then found something unexpected.