The Devil's Cage Chapter 1013

Chapter 1013 Infiltrate

Explosive traces!

Explosive traces that went off from the inside!

Under Kieran’s Transcendence [Tracking] sight, few traces would be able to escape his eyes, let alone the explosive kind which were too obvious.

However, what concerned Kieran was the traces underneath the explosive ones.

Kieran evaded the Dawn Family members and carefully approached the explosion area.

When he was close enough, Kieran clearly saw traces of rippling unlike the explosive ones; it was a “point” that sunk in.

Obviously, the “point” wasn’t complete on its own and it must have been destroyed because of the explosion but it didn’t stop Kieran from using the “point” to identify the intact traces; the “point” was too familiar to him.

Whenever Kieran charged forward, he relied on the tip of his foot to push himself and gain momentum, it would leave behind half a footprint on the ground; the half footprint would include the “point” as well.

While the half a footprint before Kieran was left during the explosion, which meant the person who left the print exerted a tremendous amount of force through the foot and the concentration of force from the foot was unimaginable.

The tremendous force would no doubt grant the person corresponding explosive speed and the concentration of force would not just boost the person’s speed but also reduce the sound.

The [Dark Movement Technique] had some similar skills as well.

Despite Kieran having not truly mastered it, it was enough for him to paint the picture in his mind.

A figure silently infiltrated the Grand Duke’s mansion and hid in the shadows, patiently waiting for the target to appear.

The moment the target appeared, the culprit leaped out; fast and vicious along with their concealed presence.

However, even if the culprit did as such, when real danger fell upon the target, the target reacted correspondingly as well.

The target counterattacked in the fiercest way possible, hence the explosion.

“So is the target the Grand Duke of Dawn or the heir?”
Kieran wondered as he felt the positive energy that lingered in the explosion site.

Unlike the Burning Family which had a peasant eldest son and a legitimate second son, Dawn Family had always maintained passing down the legacy through a single heir; each generation Grand Duke would only have a single heir.

It might be a son or a daughter but regardless of which, once born, the Dawn Family would not have another heir during that generation, despite the Grand Duke of Dawn trying his best to alter it before.

It was like a curse and it also formed a special situation in the family: a female Grand Duke would have to find a male that was willing to marry into the family as an adopted son-in-law.

Fortunately, the current generation and the previous heir was male, hence it didn’t result in an embarrassing situation.

However, the situation beforehand was much worse than that.

When he saw the servants, attendants, and guards of the family getting more and more anxious, Kieran silently left.

“Until now, the Grand Duke and his heir didn’t show themselves to control the situation… something bad happened to them? It might very well be that bastard’s handy work! Other than that, there were no remains at the scene… which means that bastard needed the body of the Grand Duke and the heir!”

Kieran speculated in the shadows.

Who was the bastard he was referring to?


Other than him, Kieran couldn’t think of anyone with such a high level of [Undercover] and assassination skills in this current dungeon world.

Perhaps the current dungeon world had some hidden individuals that Kieran didn’t know of, but those people wouldn’t have struck without a reason; Extremus was different!

The player that Kieran dreaded had a reason to make this particular move: the crown!

The writings on that piece of paper were pointing at either the first generation Burning Marquis ofrGrand Duke of Dawn or even both of them together.

One of those two might have gotten the crown but unable to use it, thus resulting in seeking help from the other.

However, the problem didn’t solve itself, or, some mistakes occurred in the process.

So the crown must be hidden in some place and this particular place…

“Would need the bloodline of the Grand Duke to access or enter!”

Kieran squinted his eyes.

He tried his best to be fast but still a step late.

A frustrating feeling appeared naturally but was soon discarded by Kieran. He entered [Tracking]’s vision once more, hoping to find the traces left behind by Extremus; it was useless though.

Other than the explosion trace, the “king of killers” among players didn’t leave anything behind.

It was like Extremus appeared and disappeared out of the void.

It might be inconceivable to natives but for players, it wasn’t that hard, especially for some extremely powerful players.

Kieran was ready to leave since he got nothing.

Staying behind was a waste time. He wanted more help to locate Extremus and coincidentally, he had a helper in Dawn City.

However, just as Kieran was about to leave, a figure appeared and stopped his steps.

The figure was able to ignore the gazes from the surroundings, not just because the figure had an extremely high level undercover techniques but also because of the figure’s natural gifts.

The figure was like a shadow, jumping from one place of darkness to another. His movements were as light as feather and looked like a talented ballet dancer dancing in the shadows.

Other than Kieran, no one noticed the shadowy dancing.

However, Kieran was thinking more about the one behind the shadowy figure and not the figure’s undercover techniques.

“You were attracted here as well?”

Kieran squinted his eyes in deep concentration, trying to control his line of sight to not directly look at the shadowy figure but relied on his superhuman senses to lock the figure down.

The shadowy figure finished his search quickly and just like how he came, he was leaving by jumping from shadow to shadow.

After a few seconds after the shadowy figure Kieran strode and give chase.

Transcendence [Tracking] was enough for Kieran to capture the bits of traces the shadowy figure left behind, thus allowing him to follow the trail without being too close, risking exposure.

The shadowy figure shuttled through a few street blocks; he was stopping and going as if he was waiting for orders.

Around 20 seconds later, the shadowy figure stopped in front of a building.

It was a two story building with a balcony and garden. The building had bricks and wood as fences while the main gate was made of iron bars.

The gate which was freshly painted looked very neat.

The grass and flowers in the garden were well trimmed and bloomed brilliantly.

On top of the cobblestone path leading inside, there were many sets of footprints; from men and women.

Kieran sized up the building carefully. He didn’t rush inside recklessly because he knew if it was really Extremus, the place would be more dangerous than it looked.

After some deep thoughts, Kieran dived into the shadows completely.

A few moments later, Kieran’s arrogant face faintly appeared from the shadow.