The Devil's Cage Chapter 1014

Chapter 1014 Attack

The arrogant looking Kieran infiltrated the building.

With that kind of arrogant presence, even for infiltrating the place, it didn’t strike one as shady. Instead the process felt more like a righteous arrival yet didn’t decrease the undercover effect at all.

Pride walked through the door, shuttled through the corridors, and entered the building.

His contemptuous gaze glanced over a group of fully armed guards before heading towards the second floor where the shadowy figure headed.

The group of guards were just slightly stronger than common soldiers, Pride didn’t need to care about them.

Even for the shadowy figure, if it wasn’t for Kieran’s order, Pride wouldn’t take the figure seriously either.

In fact, the shadowy figure and the others on the second floor didn’t even notice Pride’s arrival.

“I understand. I’ll inform my lord in time.”

The person in the room said to the shadowy figure with reverence.

The person was a middle-aged man. His body physique was out of shape and the big robe on his body made him looked even bigger and bloated. The excessive flesh even covered his neck and made his eyes look like a line, despite being opened to its widest, people would think the man was squinting.

However, at that particular moment, the man’s movement wasn’t slow at all.

A letter with a simple summary was written quickly, he was ready to send it to the lord he mentioned according to procedures but just as the man took the envelope on the table, a palm took it away first.


The bloated man looked at Pride with an astonished face.

Before the man said anything out, the shadowy figure beside him was engulfed in black flame; the shadow was burned to ashes silently.

A cold sweat broke out on the bloated man’s forehead and cheeks.

As one of the earliest leaders under that lord’s command, Otto knew how powerful the shadows were.

Not only were the shadow immune to blades and knives, they possessed extreme speed as well, some of them even had abilities to go through walls and the ground which commoners didn’t possess.

The shadows had meritorious deeds that could never be obliterated for the lord’s rise to power swiftly in Dawn City.

However, one of the shadows was extinguished just like that before Otto.

Otto’s heart was horrified as it felt like a tidal wave crashing down on him.

One needed to know the shadow beside him wasn’t a shadow with common weak spots but was an truly the elite of the lord.

“I-It was extinguished within an instant?!”

“This person didn’t even move!?””

“What is that black flame?”

Many thoughts flashed over Otto’s mind.

The bloated fatty then crawled on the floor right away.

“My merciful lord, I don’t have anything to do with this place! I’m just a puny pawn. I’ll answer your every question, please spare me.”

The straightforward begging caused Pride’s gaze at the fatty to be more disgusted.

The little thoughts in the fatty’s heart was nothing in front of Pride. If it wasn’t for Kieran’s orders, Pride would show the fatty excruciating pain that would make him wish he was dead instead.


Pride glanced over Kieran in the shadows before vanishing on the spot.

Kieran clearly felt the dissatisfaction from Pride since he used him as a scout. However, Kieran didn’t care at all, if a similar situation were to present itself again, Kieran would still choose Pride.

From Kieran’s point of view, there was no wasting talents on a petty job, only suitable or not.

If it was suitable, everything would work.

Kieran strode over to Otto. The obese fatty looked at Kieran with a horrified expression as he walked over.

Up until now, Otto still hadn’t react to the situation.

Why would the powerful enemy vanished on the spot yet come out from beside him?

However, soon enough, Otto was released from his troubled thoughts.

“Look into my eyes.” Kieran said.

Otto looked up instinctively.

An unusual shine flashed from the [Mesly Ring], causing fright in Otto’s heart.

Then, Otto crawled on the floor in an even more respectful manner.

“My lord, please forgive my mistake, I don’t mean to deceive you.”

Amidst his self-blame and apologetic words, Otto tried to stick his forehead on the floor to express his sincerity but the huge belly made it hard for him to complete the movement and at the end, Otto switched to kissing Kieran’s boots.

Even still, after kissing Kieran’s boots, Otto panted heavily.

“I want to know everything you know, especially regarding the shadow.”

Kieran asked his question directly since he knew [Mesly Ring]’s effect.

“I was the lord’s subordinate. He only tells me to address him as lord and didn’t give me a name. He displayed his strength to me and gave me some money for me to grow my forces here. The shadow just now was the bodyguard granted to me and would also deliver messages from the lord.”

“These few days, the lord met some extremely troublesome matters and asked me to observe the movements throughout Dawn City. He purposely told me to pay attention to the mansions of the Burning Marquis and the Grand Duke of Dawn. However, I am sure the lord’s enemy wasn’t either of them at all but another more terrifying guy. Based on the information revealed to me by a combat group member, the lord’s forces had engaged his enemy at least five times. The lord’s men were fully prepared each time yet ended up failing without exception and it cost the lord his men.”

“Although the lord was angry, he seemed to be having scruples about something and didn’t make a move himself.”

Otto rearranged his mind and said in a neat manner.

“Watching the mansion of the Burning Marquis and the Grand Duke of Dawn? Engagement? Scruples?”

Kieran’s sharp senses caught the information in Otto’s words.

Watching the mansions was surely about the location of the crown and the engagements and scruples must have all kinds of connections to the crown as well.

As for engaging who? Having a scruple at who?

The answer was very obvious.

The engaged must be Darde the Titan who had left Supreme Road and the scruples must be at Extremus, the leader of the player killers.

With the answer provided, Kieran’s previous guesses were verified as well.

“As expected, they are facing a fallout! The pawn that you smuggled into this dungeon world didn’t act accordingly to plan, thus causing changes to the general plan and also giving me chances… So, you gave up on the pawn and utilized special ways to correct it. By doing so, it would decrease the difficulty for you to locate the Witch’s Legacy in the big city and also remove the disobedient pawn and me, the thorn in your side.”

“Striking three birds with one stone, seems like you. But… what else did you arrange to allow you to be so confident in securing the biggest benefit in this dungeon?”

Kieran was in deep thought.

He never dared underestimate Broker and the likes of him.

Broker didn’t enter the title dungeon but Kieran didn’t think he would give up the benefits of this Unique Title despite him having created two powerful opponents.

Therefore, Broker must have something up his sleeves.

“What could it be?”


Just as Kieran was pondering upon the question, a loud explosion went off.

The ground trembled fiercely, a ferocious, terrifying presence swept across the entire Dawn City like a class 12 typhoon.

The people of Dawn City were shivering as they looked beyond the wall of the city.

On the fields outside, they saw… a Titan.