The Devil's Cage Chapter 1018

Chapter 1018 Following

Burning Marquis laughed again.

Unlike the previous frantic laugh, his laughter this time sounded heavier and his laughter would cause one to feel depressed.

“There are people who dare to touch the Burning Family? I guess you people stopped caring for your lives but what about your friends and family?”

“Don’t worry! I don’t care how you treat my son, I’ll return the favor ten times, no, a hundred times more to you and your friends and family!”

After a heavy laugh, Burning Marquis’ voice echoed around the sky of Dawn City like thunder.

Everyone who heard what he said shuddered but compared to the aura that followed, it was insignificant.

Amidst the arrogant and chaotic devilish aura, a sense of wickedness appeared.

Wrath who had his restraints lifted by Kieran wouldn’t let the chance slip to present himself fully.

“You have one chance. You know what am I saying, so you better make sure of his well-being.”

Wrath’s growl exploded in a civilian’s heart, then it was spread to a second, third, fourth, and so on.

Under the cardinal sins’ special energy, the voice of Wrath spread like the plague in Dawn City.

The people didn’t even know what happened, neither did they understand the meaning of the words. However, everyone who “heard” the voice would stagger with their hands pressing on their chest.

They would look pale and breathe rapidly, especially the imperials and nobles that were closest to Kieran; they staggered and fell to the ground.

Even those who managed to stand couldn’t help but crawl on the ground when they saw Kieran walking over.

Those who were affected by the Devil Force acted like mice who had seen a cat when they saw Kieran.

“I want every piece of news about Starbeck’s location before tomorrow’s sunrise,” Kieran said.

Then, he headed straight to the Burning Marquis’ mansion.

His voice didn’t hold any threat yet was more horrifying than one.

While looking at Kieran’s back, the imperials and nobles crawled up from the ground out of panic and started to give orders to their men.

“Find Starbeck!”

“Search with all your efforts!”

“Can’t find him?”

“If I die, none of you bloody fools will survive either!”

Voices giving similar content exploded from the crowd.

Dawn City’s Imperials and nobles started their search.

While the other smaller factions that relied on those two acted upon the call as well.

The streets and alleys were filled with secret agents and search groups from all factions.

Any suspicious character would be pressed to the ground without further explanation and would be interrogated on the spot.

For a time, Dawn City fell into a chaotic situation but none of that has anything to do with Kieran.

Inside the Burning Marquis’ mansion, Kieran was led by Wright the butler to where the butler last saw Starbeck.

“It’s here! That day when we received news about the eldest young master, I hurried to lord Marquis’ place and after I carried out the Lord’s order, I realized young master was missing. This is all my fault.” The old butler was blaming himself for Starbeck going missing.

Kieran didn’t care nor would he question the butler why didn’t arrange more men to watch Starbeck because he knew at that particular time, there was no extra manpower in the mansion at all.

The whole mansion was quite empty at that time which allowed Starbeck to easily leave the supposedly heavily guarded compound.

With his Transcendence [Tracking], Kieran could clearly see the traces left behind by Starbeck from a few days ago.

Starbeck wasn’t forced by anyone, he crossed the walls by himself.

“He is much bolder than I thought… he leaped over the walls?”

Kieran saw the prints on the walls as he was standing in front. He then stamped his foot and jumped over the walls.

The ground outside the walls had more tracks that Starbeck left behind.

Even more so, based on the large area of friction on the wall and the ground, Kieran could clearly paint the picture of how Starbeck fell down from the top of the walls and ended up on the ground with an ugly roll; he even sprained his ankle and hurt his wrist.

“What a clumsy fella!”

Kieran glanced over the shallow and deep footprints from the staggering and noticed some blood stains. He raised a brow before he continued on the trail.

Soon, he reached the place that connected the mansion to the rest of the street blocks of the city.

Starbeck’s traces went cold abruptly; two abrupt footprints were the last of the trail.

“The tip of his feet were rushing forward and his heel didn’t have excessive signs of twisting. Which means someone appeared in front of Starbeck at that time and purposely waited for him at this spot. This particular someone had enough time to clean up his tracks and abduct Starbeck silently without triggering Afu? How?”

Kieran squinted his eyes.

Afu was no doubt Starbeck’s biggest ace.

Only a handful of people knew of Afu’s existence, especially in this dungeon world.

Natives wouldn’t have known, so it could only a player.

Still, even if a player knew of Afu’s existence, dealing with it wasn’t easy, at least Kieran didn’t have the confidence to deal with Starbeck’s pet.

So, Kieran believed the someone must have used some sort of manipulation that he didn’t know of, similar to how the mansion of the Grand Duke of Dawn was turned into ruins within an instant.

Kieran stood up and took a last glance at the Burning Marquis’ mansion which was not far behind him and proceeded forward.

He didn’t plan on returning to the mansion to have a detailed discussion with that Burning Marquis despite knowing that there must be secrets that weren’t disclosed to the masses behind the attack on both the mansions of the Burning Marquis and Grand Duke of Dawn.

Kieran did not intend to question his “father”.

The relationship between both of them wasn’t at conversational closeness and although they were father and son in name, whoever treated this relationship genuinely would be an idiot.

Kieran would not treat the Burning Marquis as his father and the Burning Marquis would not look at Kieran as he would a son.

However, Kieran and Starbeck were different in the eyes of the Burning Marquis.

“After the dungeon world was altered by Broker, the main scroll holder had extraordinary advantages?”

Kieran muttered in his heart before turning into a street alley swiftly and standing there, waiting patiently.

Ten seconds later, a figure appeared at the entrance of the alleyway.

When the figure saw Kieran in the alleyway, the figure was stunned and acted like nothing happened while trying to leave.

However, the moment the figure turned away without even taking a step, Kieran appeared before him.

“I’m just looking for Starbeck, not purposely following you!” The figure said cunningly.

The expression on the figure’s face was very real as well.

If Kieran didn’t make sure through Fire Raven’s sight that before he reached the mansion and confronted the Burning Marquis, the figure had been following him, Kieran would really believe him.



Devil flame burned hot in his left hand.