The Devil's Cage Chapter 1019

Chapter 1019 Initiative

The Devil Flame’s scorching hot temperature burned the air and distorted the space around it.

The stalker’s face changed when he saw the fire and rapidly retreated.

As for engaging in a battle with Kieran?

After witnessing the “battle” between Kieran and the Burning Marquis, the stalker had removed the thought from his mind.

Still, he had quite the confidence in escaping the scene since he wasn’t alone.

Sou Sou Sou!

A series of air-breaking sounds came as almost a dozen of arrows flew over.

Each arrow was sharp and its whistle could numb one’s scalp. On top of that, they had a mysterious, constantly changing trajectory, confusing their target and preventing them from being able to truly predict where they would land, as though the arrows were alive.

Though, what use would it have?

A live chick was still a chick, it would have zero resistance against a ferocious tiger.


The devil flame on Kieran’s left hand suddenly grew larger.

It didn’t just consume the flying arrows, it was hurled at the stalker with an unrelenting force.

While feeling the high temperature behind him, the stalker’s eyes shrunk.

The threat of death kept appearing in his mind. Under this desperate moment, the stalker couldn’t care about any posture or manners anymore, the most skilled evading techniques from his usual training were put to the test along with the motions.

Side rolls! Front rolls! Every kind of roll!

The stalker was like a mudfish diving into the mud puddle as he dodged the hurling devil flame.


The stalker didn’t dodge Kieran’s kick.

As the stalker did his evading rolls, he saw the boots in front of his eyes.

Then he felt an irresistible torrential force appear on his back.

Since the stalker didn’t want to risk breaking his spine due to the force, he complied and halted his dodging movements.

“Sir 2567, I mean no ill intent! I have Sir Starbeck’s information!” The stalker shouted.

Though it didn’t move Kieran at all.


The cracking of bones was heard and the spine of the stalker was stomped by Kieran’s kick, together with the organs in his chest, crushed.

Blood spilled out from the stalker’s mouth, his eyes swiftly turned dark and were reflecting the second wave of attackers diving at Kieran.

The black colored leather mail was sewn and tawed with three layers of cowhide, enough to withstand slashes from common knives and swords.

On the edge of the black hooded mantles, there were intricately sewn patterns of a similar color, emanating an unusual presence.

The black bow and sword had a pressuring keenness to it, before it even approached others, they would feel the coldness of the weapon.

No doubt the group of attackers was an elite group no weaker than Burning Dawn.

Other than the small numbers, the group of attackers didn’t possess any weaknesses.

The would be a group of miraculous fighters at any time and could even turn the tides on the battlefield.

Unfortunately… they picked the wrong target to mess with.

Or more precisely, the one who arranged the ambush wrongly estimated Kieran’s reaction and judgment.

Kieran stepped into the group of attackers and grazed each and every one of them.

The attackers though turned a blind eye to Kieran because wicked mumbles already filled their ears.

They may be the veterans on the battlefield that had survived through countless battles. Compared to a common man, they had a steadier mind but when they were facing against Kieran who released the restraints of the cardinal sins, the group of attackers was not enough.

Black flames were ignited from within the attackers’ bodies.

The black flame used the organs and blood as fuel, swiftly consumed each and every one of them.

They burned fiercely like human torches.

No wails of agony, no cries of begging because the moment the black flames appeared, their souls were consumed.

Unlike the disdainful attitude of Pride, other than Sloth, the rest of the cardinal sins were hooked on the delicious taste of souls.

“More souls!”

“We want more!”

“Give us more and we will provide you with unimaginable strength!”

They rushed at Kieran in hopes of bargaining for more.

However, the restraints were placed on them again by Kieran at the very next moment, thus shutting them up.

The reason Kieran released the cardinal sins restraints was to fulfill his goal, it didn’t mean he would get lost because of it and definitely would not believe what the sins had to say.

No one knew better than Kieran how unreliable the cardinal sins were.

It was like a combination of a cunning merchant and an ever-shifting despicable assh*le; every single one of them.

“Are they the only group? Or the first of many? You should show yourself soon right?”

Kieran glanced over the ashes on the ground before turning away to Dawn City.

Regardless of whether it was the only group or the first of many, Kieran didn’t want to stay around and wait for it.

Following the plans of his opponent step by step, watching his opponent’s performance, none of those matched Kieran’s style; he preferred to take the initiative to strike.

A while after Kieran left, a group of men appeared in the alleyway one after another.

They were sizing up the surroundings.

The leader of the group, Dan Ran reached the ashes with his hand and touched it.


The leftover wicked energy rose up from the ashes and tried to enter the old hunter’s hand but the moment the energy touched his palm, it was pushed away by another formless energy.

Amidst the flying ashes, a dash of unusually high temperature appeared in a flash before it faded away but it was enough to catch the attention of the old hunter.

“2567’s bloodline is from the devil, it’s normal for him.”

Evie Dan who had joined her family explained.

She knew the traditions and rules of the hunters, so she must defend Kieran from her point of view, otherwise, it would get out of hand, despite the fact that she disliked the old fashioned traditions.

“He did all this for others as well! He brought peace to Supreme Road! I know he is arrogant and disdainful towards others, his arrogance proved that he is not a threat!” Evie Dan emphasized.

“Not a threat? A man who brings catastrophe to Dawn City?”

“Evie, you shouldn’t lie with your eyes open, you’ll deviate from the hunter’s honor even further like this.” A young man who pretended to be mature said.

“Aly, you are the one who lies without blinking! Didn’t you see everything that has happened? It was they who provoked 2567 first, not the other way around!” Evie Dan was infuriated when her brother denounced her.

The reason why she left her family in the first place was because of this particular brother; he played a big part in her leaving.

Her brother learned everything from their father yet was far from her father’s ability and just; a very repulsive person.

Standing beside was the youngest son, Rick Dan. He helplessly shrugged when his elder brother and sister argued before he turned to his father.

As the youngest child, he knew even if his elder siblings would fight over this matter, the final decision resided in his father’s hand.

The uncle, Jack Dan, and his wife were waiting for their brother to make the call as well.

Surprisingly, Ran Dan who was always decisive hesitated this time, he couldn’t afford not to.

It wasn’t just because of Kieran’s identity but also the powers Kieran displayed; it fueled his hesitation.

The power had far surpassed his expectation of an heir and at this particular moment, Ran Dan had started to regret bringing his whole family in this outing.

So, he planned to right his wrong.

“All of your, leave Dawn City and return home, wait for me…”


Ran Dan was interrupted by a loud howl before he finished.

When he felt the power contained in the howl, Ran Dan’s face drastically changed.