The Devil's Cage Chapter 1020

Chapter 1020 Searching

The giant white wolf was roaming across the plains outside Dawn City.

As it ran, it howled at the sky.

Each howl sounded like war drums, it even acted like a banner waving on the battlefield.


The howls were heard throughout the plains outside Dawn City.

Countless wolves then came out of hiding and reacted to the summons of [Spirit of the White Wolf] in their own way.

Thousands of wolves gathered in packs and laid down before Kieran.

The Frost Wolf pup jumped out from Kieran’s chest as it was very excited to see so many of its kind, especially the [Spirit of the White Wolf], the pup was very fond of its “senior”, despite it being illusive and having only a 1-minute duration.

As the [Spirit of the White Wolf] duration ended, the wolf pack did not leave, neither did they turned on each other.

[Wolf Remnant Feast, Wolf Pack] effect made the wolves submit to Kieran when they saw him regardless of the absence of the giant white wolf.

“The scent that was left over there, I want you all to locate the person based on the scent!”

Kieran pointed at the spot where Darde the Titan stood when he appeared.

All of the wolves went over and picked up the scent before they scattered; the wolves started their search outside of Dawn City.

Wolves had a better sense of smell than dogs, Kieran believed he would have results soon.

As for the possibility of Darde being inside Dawn City?

As long as one wasn’t an idiot, they would have “heard” Kieran’s intimidating order to the Imperials and nobles of the city and would have also known Dawn City wasn’t safe.

Especially when hurt and the one responsible for the damage also being within Dawn City, Darde the Titan’s movement was obvious since then.

The Frost Wolf pup was a little unwilling to part with the wolf pack though. After a little groaning, it ran back to Kieran’s feet; it knew who its master was and where its home was.

Kieran carried the pup and softly caressed the back of its neck. The maternal side of its bloodline made it wag its tail and groan happily.

However, the groaning turned into an alarmed growl soon enough.

The pup looked at the huge shadow beside Kieran which was formed by the sunset shedding its glory over Dawn City.

Kieran didn’t look back; his aura didn’t even change.

Despite Kieran’s stance, the group from the shadow walked out quickly.

From the intel they heard along the way to the scene they witnessed in Dawn City with their own eyes, it was enough to tell them what the right thing to do was, let alone among them was one elderly who was considered as a Wiseman.

“Good evening. Although we traveled day and night, we were still a step slower than you, 2567. I guess it’s my old body that was dragging everyone down.”

The old lady with an animal pelt over her shoulder and used leaves and vines as accessories walked out from the crowd with Sharly’s aid.

“My name is Carla. Others call me Granny Carla or Nanny Carla, but, 2567 you can just call me by name. Since based on our relationship, we are considered peers. The first generation Burning Marquis once looked after me before and as his heir, of course, we are of the generation.”

The old lady, Carla introduced herself with a kind smile.

While Carla was explaining in a nagging sense, Sharly who was helping her anxiously passed the responsibility to her kin before running to Kieran.

“I heard you want to deal with the people in Golden City, so I called everyone here to help, who knew you were so strong! One man rivaled ten thousand single-handedly took down Golden City! And the wolves just now, did you call them to search for your little brother? Let us help too!”

Out of the admiration for the strong and the closeness felt from the summoning of the wolves, Sharly’s eyes were shining brightly as she looked at Kieran; the darkness couldn’t even conceal their shine.

“No need.”

Kieran rejected in a straightforward manner.

It was because of Sharly that Kieran didn’t show hostility to their arrival but it didn’t mean he would accept their help.

If it was Sharly alone, perhaps Kieran might consider it but looking at the number of werewolves behind her…

The bunch of strong and energetic males were looking at him with faint hostility.

The hostility wasn’t new though.

The admirers around a beautiful young girl would show similar hostility towards other similarly aged males.

However, for Kieran, it was unnecessary and pathetic.

Without the old lady, Carla, Kieran would not even give a damn about these werewolves; the appearance of Carla altered the situation.

Even if Carla did not show any ill intent, Kieran’s senses picked up her strength that she faintly displayed, plus Kieran never trusted strangers, it was enough for him to be vigilant.

As if Carla sensed the distrust from Kieran, the old lady shook her head with a laugh.

“You are really the heir of that particular one. Your character, attitude, and temper are exactly the same. Don’t worry, I am here to propose a collaboration,” Carla said.

“Collaboration?” Kieran raised a brow.

He didn’t think both sides had a basis to work together.

“Yes, collaboration.”

“You see, I am weak and old now, soon I might fall into eternal slumber in the ancestors’ land. So I need to work with you to gain more time,” the old lady nodded before saying seriously.

“You want to achieve immortality?”

Kieran swiftly thought about after blowing [Burning Horn], what changes it brought to Supreme Road and the rumors about the changes.

After the meticulous arrangement of the previous God of Earth, Kieran never believed in the so-called prophecies or warnings anymore.

From how he viewed it, it was something previously arranged.

However, it was also that which allowed Kieran to believe there would be some corresponding measures within.

Actions cause reactions.

“Who doesn’t wants immortality? Even if it had a limit, I longed for it desperately. So we can work together! As the heir, surely you will get in contact with that “thing” and as a follower, I can provide you with necessary help, maybe even solve the problem at hand for you.” The old lady was being honest.

“What is that “thing”?”

Kieran had guesses about what Carla was referring to but he had to confirm it; it was also a test.

“The “crown”.”

It wasn’t said through her mouth but communicated using her lips.

“I knew it!”

Kieran stared at the old lady. When he made sure the old lady wasn’t lying, he took a deep breath.

Everything went back to revolving around the “crown”.

Although up until now, Kieran wasn’t sure what the use of the Supreme God’s Crown was, it seemed to be much more valuable than the Unique Title in the players’ hearts.

As for the rumored immortality?

It might very well be true as well.

As for what it really was?

Kieran shifted his gaze farther away.

There would be someone with answers there.

Of course, the process of getting the answers will not be a friendly one.