The Devil's Cage Chapter 1029

Chapter 1029 Arrival Of Dawn

Before the soul could reach the crown, the Frost Wolf pup picked it up with its mouth and sprinted away.


The soul roared as it chased after the pup fiercely but Kieran had more than one companion.

The Fire Raven!

The moment the giant hand appeared, the Frost Wolf pup and the Fire Raven fell into a weakened state but [Lionheart]’s [King’s Trait] and [Lion’s Courage] buffed the two of them, allowing them and Kieran to be lively and energetic again.

Although the duration was only for 10 seconds, it was enough.


Fuu! Fuuuu!

Three fireballs fell from the sky and struck the soul.

The restraints from the fire caused the soul to stagger backward, it didn’t disperse but it wasn’t able to chase the pup anymore either.

The Frost Wolf pup wagged its tail and placed the “crown” in Kieran’s hand before it turned to Broker whose body was slashed in half; it bore its fangs and growled heavily.

The Fire Raven shook its wings and landed on Kieran’s shoulder. After a curious glance at the “crown”, the raven also glared at Broker with its sharp hawk-like eyes.

Broker dully glanced at the pup and the raven, his face then showed an uncontrollable bitter smile.

“I’ve lost this time but I think we can…”


Kieran stomped the head of the half-body and it exploded like a watermelon hit by a baseball bat.

Kieran didn’t have the intentions or time to even hear what Broker had to say, or rather, no matter what Broker had to say, Kieran would not believe it.

The soul further away vanished as well following the crushing.

After beating his opponent, Kieran didn’t even rest, instead, he started to draw the [Seal of Dawn] on the ground around him one after another.

When the light of Dawn Force was shining brilliantly, Kieran finally released a breath of relief and limped on the ground at the bottom of the pit.

Before his eyes, lines of words appeared from the crown, [Fenrir’s Crown].

[Name: Fenrir’s Crown]

[Type: Accessory]

[Rarity: ???]

[Attack: ???]

[Defense: ???]

[Attribute: 1. ???; 2. ???]

[Effect: None]

[Prerequisite: Owner of the opposing power]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: Yes]

[Remark: This is Fenrir’s beloved crown, it doesn’t just represent his authority, but his symbol and honor as well.]

The question marks on the crown meant even more questions to answer but Kieran didn’t have the heart to care about that at the moment.

The damage from the rampant bloodline, a day and night worth of continuous thinking, all of that had drained Kieran.

Now, all Kieran wanted was to have a good rest on the spot but just as he limped on the ground, he stood up again and dashed out from the pit.

The giant hand and Afu were still fighting in the sky and it may continue for a while.

Afu obviously was at a disadvantageous position during the fight. It wasn’t that Afu wasn’t strong enough, its owner was too weak. Therefore, because of the weakness, the damage Afu took would be reflected on the owner’s body as well; it might even kill him!

When the thought came, Kieran moved even faster and [Lion’s Courage] had less than 5 seconds of its duration left.

Afu’s giant head was tearing at the giant palm but the black energy from the palm was also surrounding Afu.

Anyone could tell it was just a matter of time before Afu lost.

Once Afu lost, what would happen to Dawn City?


Everyone who looked up at the fight in the sky hoped they could do something to alter the situation but their bodies were restrained, their life force was being sucked out and they couldn’t even move a muscle, what could they do other than watch their slow and horrible demise.

The feeling was definitely not the best. They would not give up on the slightest glimmer of hope if there was but unfortunately, there was none at all.

All they saw was the giant palm descending from the sky and destroying all of Dawn City.

Despair spread out like cancer and right at that moment…

Wuuuuu! Wuuuuuu Wuu!

An arousing horn echoed throughout Dawn City and naturally captured everyone’s attention.

The people turned to the figure who blew the horn on top of the bell tower.

They saw the burning red horn amidst the darkness, they heard the figure’s loud and arousing call as well.

“I have returned, with the glory that belonged to us.”

“I have returned, with the radiance that belonged to us.”

“Golden City is now being rebuilt as I have returned!”

“Supreme Road will be patrolled as I have returned!”

“Do you dare stand by me and fight to the end?”

“I know your bodies are broken and weak.”

“I know you can’t pick up your sword, you can’t wear your armor but your will still stands strong!”

“Your will decides where you belong!”

“Are you willing to stand by me to destroy the enemies before us?”

“Are you willing to see the sky burn brightly again?”

“Are you willing to… JOIN BURNING DAWN?”

Kieran shouted with all his might and it sounded like explosions, echoing above the sky of Dawn City.

[Lion’s Courage] effect was ending very soon, he felt the signs of his bloodline going rampant again but he stood even firmer like a javelin that was plunged into the bell tower.

No, not a javelin, but a banner!

Under the violent air stream, the crow feathered mantle was fluttering loudly along with the wind as it was blown.

Black was deemed as ominous but the black that was imprinted in the darkness had a different meaning.

Everyone looked at the scene with a dull expression.

They saw Kieran who could move freely.

They saw Kieran stand up high on the bell tower.

They also saw how different Kieran was compared to them who were restrained and had life force sucked away.

The people felt like they saw hope.

When people in despair saw hope, whether it was an illusion before death or an unwillingness fantasy, it would not stop them from clinging on with their lives; it didn’t stop them from answering.

“I am!”

“I am!”

“I am!”

From scattered voices to loud and strong chants in succession and to a single voice in unison, it all happened within an instant.

“I am!”

There were civilians, soldiers, nobles, and Imperials among the crowd yet all of them were the same at this moment.

Everyone shouted with all their might, their faces blushed and necks stiffened as they reacted to the call.

What they shouted was the wish from the deepest part of their heart.

They wanted to live!

Tens of thousands of voices converged into one.

Their unwillingness.

Their rage.

They were longing for survival.

They voiced out their will.

Each and every one of their loud chants converged into one single voice.

The sky and land then trembled.


A roar from the majestic king of beasts converged the combined voice onto Kieran, buffing him further.

[Detected corresponding energy, Lionheart, King’s Trait acquired temporarily converted ascension!]

[King’s Step activated]

[King’s Praise activated]

[King’s Prestige activated]

[Insufficient energy, King’s Shattering Rage unable to activate]

[Insufficient energy, King’s Slaughter unable to activate]


Pure gold was radiating, swirling around Kieran’s body.

Tender and bright radiance made him felt like the first light from the rising sun; he expelled the darkness of the realm.

Dawn, arrived earlier today.