The Devil's Cage Chapter 1031

Chapter 1031 The Item That Shouldnt Appear

The returned Burning Dawn greeted their marshal loudly.

The sky shook and the land trembled.

From the start to the end of Supreme Road, 11 pillars of fire rose up to the sky again.

However, this time around it didn’t explode like fireworks, instead, the fire pillars fired up to the tornado above Dawn City.

When the gigantic palm disintegrated, the tornado did not.

The grave within even shook repeatedly, the owner of the palm was unwilling to suffer the excruciating pain of losing its palm, it wanted to take revenge on the people who made it lose its palm.

However, the owner of the gigantic palm could only cry in agony repeatedly before the 11 fire pillars. It even had to move deeper into the grave to dodge the fire.

When he saw the scene, a sudden realization hit Kieran.

That wasn’t a grave! Neither was it a cage!

It was a castle!

A castle that withstood Burning Dawn’s attack.

“Which means it is…”

Kieran speculated in his heart as he looked deeper into the tornado but before he could locate the key point, system notifications popped up on his vision.

[Player has completed a decisive incident!]

[Acknowledged as completing the main mission earlier!]

[Unique Title dungeon, immediately returns!]

[Unique Title Dungeon: Blade of the Daybreaker]

[Dungeon Type: Background Mission]

[Dungeon Difficulty: High]

[Main Mission: None]

[Sub Mission 1: The Sheriff’s First Step]

[Mission Completion: 100% (Rating F → E)]

[Sub Mission 2: The Sheriff’s Second Step]

[Mission Completion: 100% (Rating E → D)]

[Sub Mission 3: The Sheriff’s Third Step]

[Mission Completion: 100% (Rating D → C)]

[Special Event: Wolf Plague Havoc (Perfect Rating)]

[Perfect Rating: 100% (Rating C → S)]

[Special Event: Golden City Invasion]

[Perfect Rating: 100% (Rating S → SSS)]

[Battle Performance: Very Active (Rating SSS → Z)]

[Exploration Performance: Average]

[Special Rating 1: Inherited Burning Dawn (Rating Z → ZZ)]

[Special Rating 2: Acquired the “Crown” (Rating ZZ → ZZZ)]

[Special Rating 3: Defeated the Great Being below (Rating ZZZ → V)]

[Player Final Rating: V]

[Comparing player’s rating to other players’ rating…]

[Player acquired Unique Title: Blade of the Daybreaker]

[Acquired Unique Title: Blade of the Daybreaker]

[Detected player has key item, Burning Horn…]

[Burning Horn will be fused into Unique Title, Blade of the Daybreaker!]

A series of notifications rapidly spammed Kieran’s vision but when everything was finished, Kieran hadn’t returned to his game lobby.

He appeared once again in the majestic Milky Way.

A bright star left the Milky Way and flew towards Kieran. The star floated above his head, a moment later, it radiated brightly and enveloped Kieran completely.

[Name: Blade of the Daybreaker]

[Type: Title]

[Rarity: Unique]

[Attribute: 1. Sword Type Enhance; 2. Sword Skill Increase; 3. Dawn Amplification; 4. Dawn Sword Veil.]

[Special Effect: Dawn Summon]

[Prerequisite: Bind to player]

[Remark: Whenever your blade points, you will be invincible.]

[Sword Type Enhance: When using any type of sword-type weapon, weapon attack level +1]

[Sword Skill Increase: Increase any kind of “sword” skill by 1 level (Is not limited to Transcendence), 2 per day]

[Dawn Amplification: During Dawn, player gains a special effect of +3 to all attributes. Additionally, player is able to assign a certain attribute with an extra +1 buff]

[Dawn Sword Veil: Player can activate this skill during dawn. It will not be restrained by any other existence. This skill can make a copy of the sword type weapon that player currently has equipped, the copy of the weapon will have the all the original attributes, effects, and will have attack and defense based on player’s sword type skill. The copies of the weapon can be accumulated when the skill isn’t activated during dawn, the number of copies will accumulate to the next day (max 3 times), once per day]

[Dawn Summon: During Dawn, player can summon the soldiers of Burning Dawn based on player’s own will. They will answer the player’s call and fight for them, once per week]

Amidst the littering starlight, Kieran saw the substantial changes from the Unique Title.

“Really worthy of a Unique Title!” Kieran praised softly.

Aside from [Sword Type Enhance] and [Sword Skill Increase], [Dawn Amplification] alone was enough to put Kieran in a surprised and joyous mood.

More so, there was also [Dawn Sword Veil]. When he painted the picture of making three copies of [Arrogant Word] and performing triple [Fury Slash], even with Kieran’s vigilant character, he couldn’t help but breathe rapidly.

Since [Dawn Summon] compensated the loss of [Burning Horn], Kieran had no complaints about that anymore.

Trading the [Burning Horn] for a group of powerful flying riders, Kieran thought it was a bargain on his side, despite the skill having a very long cooldown and limitations.

“During dawn only?”

Kieran looked at the only limitation, his furrowed brows were then released.

Similar to that bastard Broker’s title, it has its pros and surely it has its cons, as well as limitations, “Blade of the Dawnbreaker”, was no exception.

As for the Witch?

It must be the same as well, just that the Witch compensated for it with her own strengths, minimizing it to the lowest point.

“That is why you kept chasing after the Witch’s Legacy tirelessly and engaged in an awful fight with the legacy guardians?”

Kieran recalled the secrets he got from Darde.

He declined to comment on that matter though, Broker was too cunning.

No one could tell what was true or false with him.

While recalling Darde’s words, Kieran glanced over the Points and Skill Points that he contributed.

Points: 50,000, Skill Points: 10.

Not too much.

It was even on the low side considering his identity as Supernova, still, it didn’t stop Kieran from showing anticipation towards opening Darde’s room.

He knew the room was where the loot truly lied.

Meanwhile in the Title Dungeon, other than the Unique Title “Blade of the Daybreaker” and the potential loot from Darde, [Fenrir’s Crown] was the biggest reward.

However, similar to previous encounters, all its attributes were question marks.

Seemed like he would need to appraise it to reveal its potential.

Kieran went into deep thought as he took the black iron crown.

Among the acquaintances he knew, there was not a single one of them could truly appraise items. Even Blacksmith who was one of the closest he could get in his area and possessed a decent level of [Mystical Knowledge], or even the Alchemist, Lemour, they were both experts in their respective area.

As for other players?

Maybe, but Kieran’s vigilant character left him destined to rely on his own efforts rather than finding unfamiliar players.

Trusting strangers without insurance was like joking with his own life, the previous curse dispeller was the best example of a joke well played.


Kieran sighed heavily. He was ready to put away [Fenrir’s Crown] in the deepest part of his backpack temporarily and would appraise it when the time was right but when he opened [Crimson Ghost Stomach], he saw an item that shouldn’t be with him now.

He was stunned when he laid eyes on the… key.