The Devil's Cage Chapter 1035

Chapter 1035 Intel

Karles who was depressed, Mark who was comforting him, and even Rachel who was in a small trance turned to Kieran when the question came out.

Everyone’s expression made Kieran relieved since he had been worrying in his heart.

When he got the information from Darde the Titan, stating that Broker was engaging the guardians of the Witch’s Legacy openly and secretly, Kieran had been paying utmost attention to these “guardians”.

However, similarly, Kieran knew the players that could come in contact with the guardians of the Witch’s Legacy were very little, just like Darde the Titan.

As one of the Supernovas only second to the Witch, because of his surveillance over Broker and his affairs, Darde knew of the existence of the guardians. Before the title dungeon, Darde hadn’t even heard about the guardians of the Witch’s Legacy.

Kieran was very sure of it.

It wasn’t that Kieran was very confident in his interrogation techniques but he understood how much Darde could tolerate.

Darde the Titan was exactly like the rumors said, ruthless and bloodthirsty but all that was for the outside, when Darde was facing only himself, he was not as strong as he looked.

Perhaps it was the repulsion that he suffered, or maybe some other aspects, nevertheless, the end result was that Kieran couldn’t get further information about the guardians of the Witch’s Legacy.

Fortunately, based on the reaction of the group before him, Kieran would have his answers soon.

However, out of expectation, what he got in reply was Karles and Mark’s hostility.

It wasn’t the testing like before but real killing intent.

Both of them didn’t seem to budge but their muscles were tightened underneath their clothes like jaguars ready to strike.

Kieran raised a brow and turned to Rachel beside him.

Karles and Mark’s tension was a little out of expectations but Kieran didn’t really care.

Or one could say, the only one that Kieran would care about in the room was Rachel.

As for the rest, who dared to make a move, whose neck would be snapped would soon be determined.

In fact, if it wasn’t because of Rachel, the moment Karles and Mark showed hostility, Kieran would have taken them out but despite his urge to do so, he waited for Rachel’s explanation.

“Hey, guys, relax! Everyone here is a friend of mine, no spies, no secret agents, no snitches or assassins, got it?”

Rachel stood up and held Karles and Mark back with her words before turning to Kieran, saying in a sincere tone, “There seems to be a misunderstanding here.”

“I know, that’s why I am listening to your explanation,” Kieran said.

However, the more Kieran behaved that way, the more headache he caused Rachel.

Multiple meetings and communications with Kieran was enough to let Rachel know his dangerous attitude and conflicting personality.

Without conflict, Kieran was a peaceful person with sufficient kindness but when others showed hostility, Kieran’s coldness and fierceness would cause the others to doubt their very existence.

Rachel understood Kieran was waiting for her answer.

If she couldn’t come up with a reasonable one, a huge fight might go down in her inn.

More importantly, there was another time bomb outside the secret living room.

If that bastard Lawless knew Kieran encountered danger here, he would certainly, absolutely lose it and she would have to prepare body bags for Karles and Mark.

The friend of a bastard was always a bastard!

While feeling the faint sulfur aura emanating from Kieran, Rachel cursed in her heart but was forced to take in a deep breath for her explanation.

“We’ve run into some conflict with the guardians of the Witch’s Legacy.”

“The things that women left behind are too tempting. At first, everyone was still at a low level, so we kept our emotions in check but as we grew stronger, ambitions followed. However, without precise information, everyone was still holding back, that is until one of us discovered a lead regarding the legacy.”

“The moment that guy knew about the existence of that woman, he was frantic about her, his enthusiasm drove him into gathering everything about her and slowly, that guy became infatuated with everything regarding that woman. It was also because of that guy, the tip of the iceberg of the Witch’s Legacy was revealed. A lot of us joined the fray and eventually ran into the guardians.”

“We fought a couple of times in the dark before, exchanging wins. That is why Karles and Mark here is nervous about it,” Rachel explained in detail.

Kieran nodded without saying anything. He acknowledged the statement.

Anyone of the players in the big city would be moved by the Witch’s Legacy, Kieran included.

Similar to what Rachel said, as strength grew, ambitions would eventually follow.

Of course, a lot more of the matters were related to Broker.

“You all know about Broker engaging the guardians as well?” Kieran asked directly.

“A little, but not in detail. That bastard Broker noticed the fights between us, and it was natural that he wouldn’t let it slip just like that. When we engaged the guardians, that bastard had many times reaped benefits from the conflict. In the end, us and the guardians fought that bastard a few times and it cost him quite a few trusted men.”

Whenever Broker was mentioned, Rachel would gnash her teeth in hatred. Even if they managed to take out a couple of Broker’s trusted men, it didn’t ease the hatred in her heart.

“Is that so?” Kieran muttered and thought deeply.

It wasn’t that he didn’t believe Rachel but it was never too safe when facing an enemy like Broker because one could never guarantee what his move was, whether was it real or it just an act?

With a lesson learned, Kieran didn’t want to fall into Broker’s trap and schemes again.

Therefore, even if what Rachel said was true, he ought to gather more intel about the matter.

Then, Kieran changed to the topic of the guardians.

“What kind of organization are these “guardians”?”

I don’t know. Other than knowing they are players as well, we couldn’t confirm anything else. The strangeness overpowered their strength. If 2567 you want to search for the Witch’s Legacy as well, we can team up.”

Rachel shook her head, her tone sounded heavy but right after that, she invited Kieran to join them.

“No thanks. I’m used to being alone,” Kieran said.

He then turned to Wu again who was being silent throughout the conversation.

“Redraw? Like how I casually draw the card before?” Kieran asked.

“Um,” Wu nodded.

“You didn’t even try to give an excuse but shifted the topic right away? You are really are as despicable as a certain bastard outside.”

Rachel ranted but her eyes were locked at the card that Kieran picked, the same card on the far left in the third row.

When the card was opened, Rachel skipped a breath.


It was still the crow!

But this time, it wasn’t a black one but…

A golden crow!

A golden, arrogant crow lifting its head up while bathing in flames!