The Devil's Cage Chapter 1037

Chapter 1037 Hidden

Karles and Mark whose body were frozen were frightened beyond comprehension by the continuous changes before their eyes.

They knew Lawless, but according to their knowledge, Lawless was harmless, small-minded, loved to smoke and drink, and was like an attendant of Rachel, however all that was before this.


Lawless was like the most formidable enemy they had ever confronted.

An attendant like character shouldn’t have the abilities to frighten two high-rankers.

As for Starbeck?

The cowardly mimosa was quite famous in a certain aspect as well, so Karles and Mark had heard of him but they never would have thought the rumoured harmless and cowardly Starbeck would be this scary.

Seeing Starbeck coming closer, Karles and Mark’s frozen body started to shiver.

It was both because of fear and also their instincts.

They felt like they were being eyed by a monster on top of the food chain and what terrorized them more was… the monster was a cannibal!

“This is Rachel’s room, you guys know what will happen if you attack others here?” Mark shouted loudly.

His tongue however was seized by Lawless, thus his words were muddled and hard to understand, all he relied on how shouting to express his thoughts.

“So what?” Lawless grunted.

Starbeck on the other hand laughed softly.

Lawless’ hand kept squeezing tighter. Just like what he said just now, Lawless was going to rip their tongues out.

Starbeck was still getting closer to both of them, he wanted to feed the two of them to Afu.

As for the threats Karles and Mark gave?

The punishment from the system that followed?

Well, it wasn’t something that would concern Lawless and Starbeck in their drunken state.

Lawless under the influence of alcohol had released his daily suppression and resistance of his true nature, the suppressed killing intent and aura were released all at once.

Starbeck was even worse, his whole character drastically changed from top of bottom.

Similarly, the changes of Lawless and Starbeck was triggered by extreme suppression of their true nature, likewise it was also the flaws in their characters.

In addition, both of them were also very powerful, to the point that their targets would question their own existence.

Amidst Lawless and Starbeck’s aura, both high-rankers affected were like a little sampans that had run into a storm at the sea. They might face destruction at any second.



A wine bottle was smashed at Lawless’ head from behind.


“And you!”

Rachel appeared in the middle of the four of them.

Lawless who was already drunk and got smashed with a bottle was grabbed away by Rachel, she then took another bottle of liquor and stuffed it into Starbeck’s mouth.

Gulp, Gulp!

Starbeck finished another bottle of liquor that was no weaker than [Flaming Ice Lake].

After that, Starbeck who a moment ago was as fierce as a raging beast was wobbling he next moment before he fell and passed out on the floor, snoring soundly.

“Each of you bastards are really troublemakers! Especially you, big stupid bastard, always attracting these weird fellas and everytime I have to wipe your a**! I tell you what, the debt you owe me isdoubled!”

Rachel grabbed Lawless by the collar and yelled to his drunk face.

“Hey, hey, R-Rachel!”

Lawless who was heavily drunk called out to Rachel despite the yelling, still Rachel didn’t choose to forgive Lawless. She picked up the ice bucket that was used for mixing cocktails and dunked it on Lawless’ head.

“Keep your head straight you bastard!”

After a cold grunt, Rachel turned around to Karles and Mark who stood in their spots.

When both of the caught Rachel’s gaze, they shuddered.

As one of the members of this scattered little group, Karles and Mark knew how powerful the women before them was. It was also the reason why the gathering of the scattered group was held in Harvest Inn and not other places.

In fact, the moment Rachel appeared, the two high-rankers were “released” from their frozen state, they really wanted to run for it though, if the place wasn’t Harvest Inn, wasn’t Rachel’s room.

The system was always fair as it would provide players with limitations and at the same time authority over something.

Whenever Karles and Mark entered Harvest Inn, Rachel would have to give them permission and at the same time, she couldn’t hurt anyone of them when they stepped into the room. Likewise, when anyone wanted to leave, they would require Rachel’s permission as well.

“I did not betray you or anyone else! I am just jealous of 2567!”

Karles was being honest when he caught Rachel’s eyes and as he confessed, he pushed Mark in front of him.

Mark threw a hateful glare at Karles before raising his hands up high.

“Fine, I confess. I did betray everyone, but my betrayal didn’t cause anyone’s actual loss! I am willing to use actions to compensate my wrong doings,” Mark said with intentions of quibbling.

“No actual loss? You colluded with Broker, sending messages to him and trying to take us all out, isn’t all that considered as actual loss? Or what about leaking information about our mission to those guardians, helping them in exchange for goods, can I consider that actual loss?”

When Rachel spilled the beans, Mark’s blurred face suffered a drastic change.

Mark never would have thought what he did was known as he believed that he had concealed everything quite well but it was all exposed before Rachel’s eyes.

As for why Rachel didn’t expose him…

“You’re using me?!” Mark growled angrily.

Rachel didn’t answer but she waved her hand.

Mark instantly vanished from her sight.

He didn’t die, but was expelled, Mark was expelled from Rachel’s own room.

Then, she turned around to Karles.

“Being jealous is wrong? This is a common emotion, anyone in my position would feel the same.”

Karles explained again.

Rachel nodded as if she agreed but what she said after that rendered Karles’ speechless.

“Being jealous is not wrong, anyone would. I would, but I know how to control my own jealousy and I won’t allow my jealousy to get the best of me and commit some unforgivable deeds.”

“Or, did you join us with hidden agendas in the first place, Mr. Karles, guardian of the Witch’s Legacy.”

Rachel’s words were like thunder that struck Karles’ ears.

“When did you realize?” Karles was flabbergasted as he looked at Rachel.

“From the very beginning,” Rachel answered.

“Because of Wu? It can only be Wu… her abilities can be impenetrable from a certain aspect. No matter how careful I am, she would have seen through me with a glance.”

Karles smiled bitterly without waiting on Rachel’s reply.

He then fell into silence. He knew he was exposed from the very beginning, so all words from him would be useless. The more he tried to explain, the more he would eventually expose, thus losing more leverage.

Rachel didn’t speak further either. She crossed her arms and leaned back on the bar counter, standing quietly as if she was waiting for something.

The wait wasn’t that long, at most 2 to 3 seconds later, a notification pinged her.

She smiled and gave permission to the notification.

The door of Harvest Inn was opened again and Kieran who still had his killing intent walked in.