The Devil's Cage Chapter 1041

Chapter 1041 Living Room Auction

Wu’s message was simple, it was a screenshot.

[Name: Lucky Card]

[Type: Card]

[Rarity: Epic]

[Attribute: Use it and the next dungeon will grant the player more luck than usual. Even if it is trivial, it will be enough to alter one’s destiny.]

[Remark: Creating this card requires extremely skilled techniques, expensive ingredients and a little bit of luck]

[Note 1: Usable in normal, single player dungeon]

[Note 2: After usage, the effect will last till the end of the dungeon]

The moment he saw the screenshot, Kieran who once experienced [Vanessa’s Favour] knew what it meant, he replied to the message without a second thought.

2567: How much? Or trade with other items?

Wu: Auction, Points or item, the living room in Harvest Inn.

2567: Got it.

Kieran ended the conversation but he didn’t head to the Harvest Inn right away. Instead, he headed to the respective rooms of Darde the Titan, Mark, and Hilton to get his loot.

He knew without enough loot, it was basically impossible for him to participate in this upcoming auction, despite his Points and Skill Points surging after killing Mark and Hilton.

[Points: 300,000; Skill Point: 90; Golden Skill Point: 0; Golden Attribute Point: 0]

300K points, 90 Skill Points for a common player was a ridiculous number but for a high-ranker, it wasn’t anything much.

Any equipment or items from a high-ranker would have exceeded the number easily; Kieran needed more.

He needed more leverage to bid for that [Lucky Card].

Fortunately, neither Darde, Mark or Hilton let Kieran down with their loot.

After getting most of the loot, Kieran picked the 3 most valuable items from the bunch and put them separately.

One was a pear-shaped crystal containing a pinky-sized volume of blood.

[Name: Titan’s Blood]

[Type: Blood]

[Rarity: II]

[Attack: None]

[Defense: None]

[Attribute: 1. Consume; 2. ???]

[Effect: None]

[Prerequisite: None]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: Yes]

[Remark: As Darde’s unique item, it gains enhancement to not just one but all sides]

[Consume: Has a great chance to acquire the Titan’s Bloodline if one consumes it]


The second item was from Mark.

It was an old fashioned flintlock pistol and at the bottom of the handle “d’artag….” was carved on to it. The carving was incomplete because the last part was smeared because of the passing of time but it didn’t affect the flintlock pistol’s firepower.

[Name: Danian’s Grip]

[Type: Firearm]

[Rarity: Epic]

[Attack: Extreme]

[Attribute: 1. First Fire; 2. Second Fire; 3. Scatter Fire]

[Effect: None]

[Prerequisite: Firearm Weapon, Special Arms (Grand Master)]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: Yes]

[Remark: This is Danian’s beloved pistol, it is also Danian’s everything and it represents the honor of a shooter.]

[First Fire: The first shot is a charged shot, attack +1, extra 1-second charging; usable twice per day]

[Second Fire: After First Fire, able to fire at will to perform a follow-up attack.]

[Scatter Fire: When Second Fire strikes a target, user can perform another Powerful scattershot of 45° angle, 15 meters to all targets within range.]

The third one was Hilton’s javelin.

The long javelin could be wielded and thrown but undoubtedly, the former and latter would require special techniques.

[Name: Phantom Stinger]

[Type: Sharp Weapon]

[Rarity: I]

[Attack: I]

[Attribute: 1. Pierce; 2. Extreme Shot; 3. Phantom Strike]

[Effect: None]

[Prerequisite: Sharp Weapon, Polearm Weapon (Grand Master), Sharp Weapon, Hurl (Grand Master)]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: Yes]

[Remark: Enemy will never see it coming as it strikes like a phantom.

[Pierce: Grants Extreme piercing effect against any defensive gears lower than rank I.]

[Extreme Shot: When thrown, Phantom Stinger will acquire one-time acceleration speed of the higher order]

[Phantom Strike: Create phantom images of the javelin to attack targets in an area. The real javelin will possess its rank I attack while the images have Powerful attack, usable twice per day]

Among the three items, [Titan’s Blood] no doubt had the highest value.

Even though it had an unknown attribute, the sole fact that it could grant one the Titan’s Bloodline was enough for others to go after it like a flock of birds.

However, if it was possible, Kieran hoped he wouldn’t need to use it as the leverage for this upcoming auction, instead, he wanted to use it in a more appropriate place in exchange for what he needed.

As for consuming [Titan’s Blood]?

If Kieran could control the conflict of his existing bloodline properly, he wouldn’t mind drinking it but the fact was that once he consumed the vial of blood, the Devil Force and Cardinal Sins Force will surely go out of control; Saint Thorn Force might join the rampage as well and relying solely on Dawn Force and Plague force was not enough to keep the balance.

What would happen if the balance was disrupted?

Kieran didn’t even want to think about it.

“Hope this is enough.”

Kieran took a glance at [Danian’s Grip] and [Phantom Stinger] before running towards the train station.

Although there wasn’t delay on the way here, when Kieran walked into Harvest Inn through the “side door” and reached the small living room, it was already crowded.

Not only were the round tables filled, but a few more also had to stand aside as well.

Rachel was standing at a side and in front of her was another new table with red cloth over it.

Since the crowd already knew what was underneath the cloth, no one was affected by the fake veil of mystery act at all, every single one of them was calm and leisurely; some were chatting with others.

Kieran who knew he was late wouldn’t ask for a seat from Rachel, instead, he wisely stood together with the standing crowd, waiting for the auction to start.

However, Wu who was sitting on one of the sofa chairs stood up.

“2567, here,” Wu said.

Instantly, when “2567” was uttered, everyone in the room shifted their gaze from the red cloth to Kieran.

Blade of the Daybreaker!

Unique Title!

Everyone related the nickname into those matters. The gazes sized up Kieran right away, trying to find out what was so special about this “2567” but that was all that happened.

Everyone knew where they were at and what rules applied in the premises.

Kieran, however, took a glance at Wu while ignoring the others.

He wasn’t afraid of being called out because, following his participation in the auction, his name would soon be revealed. What he felt weird was Wu’s attitude.

The friendly and close attitude shouldn’t apply on a stranger which Wu only met once.

“Is it because of those crow cards?”

Kieran wondered in his heart while he declined the offer with his mouth.

“Thanks but no thanks. I’m fine here.”

Their relationship was slightly better than random strangers, it was destined that Kieran would not accept the kindness fro Wu. After his well-mannered rejection, Kieran stood at his spot without further movements.

However, Wu didn’t sit back down on the sofa, instead, she walked to Kieran and stood beside him.

The gazes at Kieran from the room instantly turned weird.

Amidst the probing, the gazes were added with a heavy sense of surprise, it seemed like these high-rankers saw something inconceivable.

While from the start to end, no one took Wu’s sofa after she stood up, despite it being just in front of the crowd.

“Ahem… Ready your Points, Skill Points, and equipment?”

Rachel softly coughed to gather the crowd’s attention before removing the red cloth.

When the cloth was removed, every heart in the room skipped a beat as the item under the table was finally revealed.

Despite already knowing what was underneath, seeing it with their own eyes still overwhelmed them: it was a deck of cards arranged in a line.

However, Kieran frowned hard because he didn’t find the [Lucky Card] he was looking for.

Subconsciously, Kieran turned to Wu.

“Wu: Follow me”

Wu didn’t reply with her voice but a message.

She walked outside after that; Kieran fell into deep thought for a second as he saw Wu walking away.

He quickly followed Wu outside as well.