The Devil's Cage Chapter 1045

Chapter 1045 One Thing After Another

A sharp whistle sounded from afar and was approaching by the second; it was getting clearer as it approached.

Kieran quickly grabbed the injured lady and the unconscious pursuer and dashed outside with maximum speed.

“What do you think you are doing? Yo-…”


Kieran’s actions astonished the injured woman, she instinctively thought Kieran wanted to do something to her while she was weak, thus was angered out of embarrassment.

But the moment her shocking cry escaped her mouth, it was overpowered by the huge explosion.

99th Smorewill Street was destroyed by the shockwave from the explosion under the woman’s gaze. The roof flew up a dozen meters in the air and the fire after the explosion was swallowing what was left of the building.

Seconds later, 99th Smorewill Street had sunk into the sea of fire.

The injured lady was dumbstruck when she saw the fiery scene, her mouth was even muttering to herself.

“A rocket missile?!”

“Impossible! Impossible! I only went to eavesdrop on some worthless information, how did it exaggerate itself like this?”

The lady was obviously frightened.

Though Kieran didn’t want to comfort her, he knew it was a good chance to test the waters and he was always smart enough to seize the chance.

“Eavesdropping on some worthless information? I think that’s your own assumption, not theirs. First, a man chasing after you, now a killer with heavy artillery. I am starting to regret my kind decision to save you! Now, please leave, I’ll wait for the police here and tell them everything that happened, Don’t you worry about compensating me also, I’ll find my own ways to save myself.”

Kieran purposely stepped back, pretending to draw distance from the lady.

“NO! You can’t do that! You have the abilities to help me!”

She panicked but he didn’t forget how Kieran moved her out of harm’s way like a prophet seeing through the future, plus Kieran was able to easily defeat the strong man that was chasing her, the lady had treated Kieran as her life-saving straw; she tried to grab Kieran’s coat but he easily shook her off.

“Of course I can and having abilities seems to be my own matters. Who are you to me? Why do I have to help you?”

Kieran looked down at the begging lady with his emotionless face and replied with a dull done.

“They knew you were with me and even if you tell the police, what difference will it make? Trouble will still knock on your door!” The lady tried to persuade Kieran with a cheap excuse.

“You don’t know if you don’t try, right?” Kieran replied with his own question.

Kieran’s question though seemed to send her into a difficult position and what was more pressuring was, the police sirens could already be heard from further away.

99th Smorewill Street was located at the edge of the wealthy district, so it was still considered within the police’s jurisdiction, thus the security around the area was much stronger than the common slums, especially such an obvious “explosion” went off.

“Hey, you know what, you won! Don’t you wanna know why I head to the alley? Help me and I’ll tell you everything!”

The lady chose to compromise with Kieran since she had no intention of meeting the police.

However, Kieran pretended to turn a deaf ear to her suggestion, he even walked aside a few steps, trying to draw the line between them.

“Damn you cold-blooded bastard! I, Emma Eddie won’t let you off just like that!”


“I went there to deliver the intel I got for “Hell Breath” to a receiver! I don’t know who it is, I got his contact through Scorch Fire Bar’s Baryl! Now you know everything that I know, I will tell those bastards that are hunting me down! I will die and so will you!” Emma Eddie shouted.

“Hell Breath? Scorching Fire Bar’s Baryl? And… the receiver?”

After getting the intel, Kieran walked towards Emma Eddie as thoughts lingered in his mind and when Kieran grabbed her, Emma Eddie was stunned.

Emma Eddie wasn’t stupid since she started as a street-level goon from a young age, instead, she had sharp senses common people didn’t possess, hence she reacted quickly to the situation.

“You bluffed me?!” Emma Eddie questioned Kieran.

Kieran, however, didn’t reply to her question since it was the truth.

“Release me! You liar!” Emma Eddie struggled to break free disregarding the injuries on her back.

Kieran then gave her another hand chop at the back of her neck to stop her from struggling.

He too grabbed the unconscious pursuer before swiftly hiding into darkness.

Emma Eddie didn’t want to meet the police and Kieran shared the same intentions for now as well.

After giving Fire Raven which was soaring in the sky an order to track the attacker with his mind, Kieran hastened his steps as he headed towards the signaled direction.

Scorching Fire Bar, Kieran did catch a glimpse of that sign when he was heading to 99th Smorewill Street.

Soon enough, Kieran found his destination based on his memory.

It has a neon light sign that formed a fire shape, it was very recognizable during the night, even more so when a person was hung to death in front of the sign, it was undoubtedly eye-catching.

Even without asking, based on the cries of shock from the surrounding crowd, Kieran was sure the person hung to death was Baryl.

“Killing the witness now are we?”

Using his SSS+ Intuition to quickly size up the surroundings later, Kieran looked down at the two captives at hand and quickly formed a decision but before he moved, he took out [Lucky Card] from his bag.

“Let’s hope this brings me good luck!”

Kieran said as he saw [Lucky Card] disintegrated into nothing after quietly activating it; he woke Emma Eddie later, with less than tender means.

“What is this “Hell Breath”?” Kieran asked.

“Why do I have to tell you?”

Covering her painful cheek, Emma Eddie was glaring furiously at Kieran.

If it was possible, she would have hung Kieran up and viciously beat him up.

However, when Kieran pointed at the direction of the bar, Emma Eddie followed the direction and saw the person hung to death in front of the sign, her eyes widened and the grudgeful thoughts in her mind flew away, leaving behind fear.

Despite living in the streets, Emma Eddie at most committed some petty theft to keep her alive. She did hear about matters regarding dead people before but when she saw it with her own eyes and the dead person was related to her, it was the first in her life.

“This is why you have to tell me,” Kieran said.

Emma Eddie kept quiet as she squatted down on the ground, trembling in fear.

“Believe me, keeping quiet does you no good now. Tell me what “Hell Breath” is and I will be more than happy to help you from this situation for the time you saved me. I already got some hints from what you said before and it won’t take me too long to find out by following the clues and hints.”

“Come on, your situation is pretty bad now.”

Kieran then picked her up as he spoke.

At the next moment, the concrete floor where she squatted down before was shot to ruins by bullet rain.

If Emma Eddie was still squatting there, she would be shot in half by a high caliber rifle gun; Emma Eddie wasn’t an idiot, she knew that.

“I’ll tell you! But you need to protect me!”

“Hell Breath is a sculpture!”