The Devil's Cage Chapter 1048

Chapter 1048 Someone Came

The man’s head was smashed on the bars by a formless force.


The head shook the bars for a bit upon impact and was rebounded back on the floor. His already vicious face become mushy and bloody, making him look even scarier.

However, Emma Eddie didn’t even glance at the head, because a face formed by the blood filled her sight.

The blood was drawn out from the decapitated man’s neck and it was so close that Emma Eddie could feel the warmth from it yet she felt like she had fallen into an ice cave.


Emma Eddie stuttered the term out; it was also a name.

Growing up in the streets, Emma Eddie knew what kind of people she could afford to cross and what kind of person she couldn’t. The Bloodman before her was the latter.

Bloodman was the top of his kind and extremely dangerous.

Based on what she heard, there were more than 20 cases of confirmed murders related to this monster and more than 50 cases of unconfirmed deaths or even more.

Dealing with this kind of being, even if one was a super-powered being, would still dangerous, so Emma Eddie knew what she had to do.

She tried her best to straighten her body and gave her best effort to speak clearly.

“What do you what? What do you want to know from me? Is it about Bloody Ridges?”

Emma Eddie tried to get more information from Bloodman.

After forcing herself to calm down, her brain was spinning rapidly, generating ideas to free herself from the situation since she was never an idiot towards such situations.

She knew her own value just like she knew she had nothing in her pockets and while she herself didn’t possess any value, the only possible thing she could offer was the information that she accidentally eavesdropped.

“I like smart girls, so much better than that stupid a idiot who yells too much. I am willing to give you a chance. Well then, tell me everything you know about Bloody Ridges, NOW!”

The face of blood muttered in buzzes as though a bunch of flies was flying around, it was disgusting and repulsive.

Emma Eddie had goosebumps when she had to face the bloody face with the disgusting voice.

Living in the streets for a long time, Emma Eddie was granted with an unusual upbringing and she had almost built up a second instinct to identify danger.

The moment Bloodman opened his mouth, she felt malicious intent assaulting her face, causing her to suffocate.

She knew Bloodman was lying!

If she revealed everything to Bloodman, she wouldn’t get away unharmed.

“I got this job from Baryl…”

Emma Eddie tried her best to slow down her speech, stalling while she could think of ideas to escape.

Engage Bloodman in a fight?

It was the first discarded option.

Aside from this scary Bloodman, Emma Eddie couldn’t even fight a slightly stronger common man.

Running away?

She was inside a cell, iron bars surrounded her in every direction, where could she run to?

“That damn bastard!”

Emma Eddie cursed Kieran again.


A bright idea suddenly came into her mind.

“At the beginning, everything was going smoothly, we had distinguished roles and tasks to carry out. I was tasked with distracting the folks from Bloody Ridges, while he stole the Hell Breath.”

“But when I finished my mission, he told me that he had failed his mission and his house was blown up! Baryl was hung to death and now he asked the police for help but I noticed when he went to the police, his backpack was different. He tried to cover it up but I discovered it somehow!”

Pail after pail of “slander” was poured over Kieran, twisted facts even escaped her mouth instinctively; her words were partially true, partially false.

On the verge of being kill, she performed the skills she learned on the streets with exceptional level and as the conversation went on, Emma Eddie was able to grab hold the initiative of the conversation.

The buzzing from the bloody face got softer as she went on.

When she felt the malicious intent moving away from her, Emma Eddie continued before Bloodman even asked, “He is hiding something from me, I am also curious what is he hiding in that backpack.”

Emma Eddie tried to shift the blame to the backpack that didn’t exist. Only then she could still be useful after this and not get herself killed after being interrogated.

“I am also very curious what the backpack holds.”

A cold voice could be heard from further away.

Layers of frost started to form and spread with exceptional speed, visible even to the eyes. The bloody face was frozen swiftly frozen as well, or could say, the blood face was the main target that the frost was after.


The frozen blood face fell to the floor, shattering into pieces like an icicle falling off the roof.

A man with a thick winter coat, hood over his head, and a mask over his face walked in after that.

The outfit was exactly as the rumors said and with the extremely obvious freezing abilities, it immediately reminded Emma Eddie of a single person.

“The Freezer!”

Emma Eddie muttered the name out of despair.

If Bloodman was of the extremely dangerous kind, the Freezer was the kind of person that was equal to death itself.

Within Alkender City, every single icy murder was related to the Freezer and each year, more than 10 icy murders happened throughout the city.

People had forgotten how the Freezer first appeared 10 years ago and up until this day, all people remembered was that the Freezer was an elite executioner.

While facing against the notorious executioner, Emma Eddie who was just a street-level goon was completely lost, she didn’t know how to react.

Gak Tss Tss!

As the Freezer slowly walked over, layers of frost covered the ground wherever his feet touched.

When he finally arrived in front of Emma Eddie, he left behind a small path of frost over the places he walked by.

The bright light from the lamp was shed over the glittering frost, reflecting its dazzling glimmer, causing Emma Eddie to shut her eyes.

When Emma Eddie opened her eyes again, the door of the cell was already opened up and the Freezer was standing in front of the cell, looking at her with an icy gaze.

Never had Emma Eddie wished that she was behind bars more than at this particular moment and never before did she wish for those superheroes that she despises to appear before her.

However, all hopes were nothing but illusions, like flowers in a mirror and the moon’s reflection in the water.

“Damn it! Even this kind of supervillain appeared, where the hell are those superheroes? On vacation?”

While criticizing them in her heart, Emma Eddie showed a forceful smile when the Freezer stared at her.

“I know where the backpack is! I can bring you to it, my dear sir!” She said.

No hesitation, no extra requests, bargaining with the Freezer would only result in her death even faster. She might as well stall and look for a chance to escape.

“Backpack? No rush for that, I am more interested in the owner of the backpack, can you tell me more about him?” The Freezer shook his head.

“My partner, he…”

Emma Eddie was stunned by the question, she instinctively wanted to forge more lies to cover for herself but at the next moment, her eyes widened in shock.

Her gaze of disbelief was looking at Kieran walking out of the shadows, grabbing the Freezer and easily seizing the super villain from behind.