The Devil's Cage Chapter 1049

Chapter 1049 A Kick

The Freezer whose neck was grabbed from behind instinctively struggled after a shock.

The icy energy that caused fear in the people of Alkender’s hearts was poured into the palm that was grabbing his neck like the rising tide, the Freezer wanted the person to understand what would happen to him after grabbing him by the neck.

Turning him into an ice statue?

No, that was just the first step! The shattering part was the main part of the show!

Just as the Freezer had his mind filled with malicious thoughts, fantasizing about how would he deal with Kieran, scorching, rampant energy appeared in that palm at the back of his neck.


The blazing flame danced.

Not only was the icy energy like the rising tide evaporated, but the Freezer was also engulfed in fire as well.

It wasn’t that the Freezer wasn’t strong enough, it was just that he was very unfamiliar to being burned by fire.

Since the day the Freezer was born, he never once felt flames quite like this because any kind of fire that got near him would be extinguished without exception, but the fire now…

Once the fire burned his neck, devil roars were heard in his ears and it caused the Freezer to shudder uncontrollably.

When he felt that the palm grabbing his neck didn’t have the slightest intention of letting go, the Freezer clenched his teeth and a stronger icy cold energy accumulated in both his hands.

The Freezer was ready to go all out in this strike but soon, his courage that drove his actions was reduced to nothing because he saw the eyes of Kieran behind him.

With the buffs from [Mesly Ring], the pair of eyes became profound and deeply unpredictable, it was attracting, captivating all beings that looked into those eyes, including the Freezer himself.

A naturally extraordinary gift didn’t mean he was an exception, especially in front of Kieran’s most powerful Spirit attribute, the Freezer could only choose to comply and be dominated by the ring.

The struggling of his body stopped, all that was left was reverence and fear.

“Find a hidden place and wait for me, no need to leave special markings, I’ll find you later.”

Kieran signaled the Freezer with his lip movement while he was showing his back to Emma Eddie in the cell.

The Freezer who wasn’t an idiot immediately nodded to express his understanding before swiftly leaving.

Kieran entered [Tracking] mode as he saw the Freezer off, he took a glance at the tracks he left behind, branded it in his mind and started to recall the scene of encounter a moment ago.

“Powerful, much more powerful than common veterans and he even has continuous traits that veterans didn’t possess but his body is weak, at most stronger than a common man. And the Spirit attribute, he is basically no different than a common man… it’s simply because of the different bloodline”

Kieran couldn’t help but smirk when he thought about it, it wasn’t the worst answer he could come up with.

At least he didn’t have to face a bunch of extraordinary humans with increased constitutions and powerful Spirit attributes that also possessed special abilities.

Maybe such extraordinary humans existed but it wouldn’t be many.


After being slightly relieved, yet maintaining the necessary vigilance, Kieran turned around and saw Emma Eddie with her rounded eyes and inconceivable looks.

“Y-You… you defeated the Freezer?!”

Emma Eddie cried out loud in shock. Her voice was sharp, so sharp that it almost shook the ceiling.

“It’s just some small techniques,” Kieran said without commenting on the main point.

“Small techniques? I also want such small techniques, at least if I had some of those, I wouldn’t be placed here as bait by SOMEONE.”

Emma Eddie obviously didn’t buy Kieran’s words and following his appearance, her keen mind instantly reacted to what was going on.

Of course, the reason why Emma Eddie spoke her mind so directly because she hadn’t felt any malicious intent from Kieran.

Since the beginning, Kieran struck Emma Eddie as a person that lingered between good and evil, it was a very subtle feeling.

It wasn’t the first time she came across such a feeling though, she had felt it more than once on those who were naturally cold and had heavy vigilance to everything around them.

So, she knew how to deal with these kinds of people quite well.

These people were dangerous undoubtedly but they had clear limits as well.

As long as one didn’t cross their limits, these people would be absolutely safe.

Kieran, on the other hand, didn’t deny nor give any excuse in reply to Emma Eddie’s words because it was the fact.

From the moment he saw Baryl’s dead body, Kieran had the thought to use her and the pursuer to fish for more fish and it seemed like the result was considerable.

The Bloodman who was attracted by the Hell Breath wasn’t on Kieran’s watchlist, instead, the Freezer who asked for his information and location were what concerned him.

Since his entrance to this dungeon world, who else would be interested in him?

The answer was self-explanatory, the one who killed “him”.

After killing “him”, the killer suddenly realized “he” reappeared with another pawn in the plan and it obviously caught him off guard, thus resorting in the most direct and most stupid way to deal with it, killing the witness and hunting down the other one.

Kieran also hoped the killer wouldn’t be overly calm in the matter, instead, he’d even used a series of reaction to play along, giving the killer less time to think.

Of course, the Freezer wasn’t the killer who killed “him”, because with the Freezer’s abilities, if he really did appear in the alley, there would be traces that Kieran wouldn’t neglect.

The real killer was someone else and should be someone related to the Freezer.

Kieran could get the information he sought from the Freezer but that would be a matter for a later time. Now, he has to deal with the chief officer.

Following the police siren, the chief officer dashed in and when he saw the dead pursuer, he was infuriated.

“GOD DAMMIT! This is why I hate you freaking voluntary police! Never freaking follow orders! This is how you promise to work with me?”

Pudder pointed at the headless body while scolding Kieran.

“Well, at least I guaranteed her safety, which is something that I promised her,” Kieran replied.

“What about the one you promised me?” Pudder replied with his own question.

“I assure you that you will get the mastermind eventually but… I can’t say the same for the safety of trash like this guy.”

Kieran replied with his calm tone, it really made Pudder want to choke Kieran’s neck, and swing a hard, vicious punch at Kieran’s face; Pudder didn’t act according to his thoughts.

Despite being infuriated, he didn’t lose his sanity, more so, unexpected things happened.


After a scalp-numbing scream, the patrolling officer who locked the pursuer next to Emma Eddie held his crotch and fell to the ground, twitching.

Emma Eddie was twisting her overused ankle after appearing behind the patrolling officer without him knowing, she even kicked off her shoes in a disgusted manner.

“If you can’t tell between a man and a woman, there is no point to you keeping your d*ck!”

Emma Eddie said with a casual, joyous tone, even when Pudder turned around to her, she didn’t even change her expression, instead, she was whistling pleasantly.

“Damn it! Lock her up!”

Pudder growled angrily and a few more officers ran over, trying to execute the order.

Kieran, however, blocked the officers, saying, “Chief, I think you should take care of your man who neglected his duty and messed up the information about Bloody Ridges, not apprehending Emma Eddie.”