The Devil's Cage Chapter 1050

Chapter 1050 Messing Up Badly

Pudder’s rugged face was boiling red.

There was rage but most of it was embarrassment.

No interrogations needed, the patrolling officer spilled the beans after a mere question.

After throwing a few hard punches, making sure the officer would require stretchers to get to the hospital, Pudder slammed the door and walked out.

Pudder disliked the voluntary police but he hated these bastards who forgot their duty.


The door was slammed hard on the frame and everyone was shaking like a cicada in winter when they saw Pudder. All of them lowered their heads and moved away from the furious chief officer.

“You people can leave now!”

Pudder was breathing heavily as he spoke to Kieran and Emma Eddie.

“Leave? Don’t forget I just now… Hold on! Wait for me 2567!”

Emma Eddie glared at Pudder, wanting to reason with him but Kieran stood up and left.

Emma Eddie quickly chased up to Kieran but she didn’t forget to turn around, warning Pudder.

“I got that bastard’s number and yours! My lawyer will find you guys for compensation!”

Such a warning only made Pudder breathe even heavier.

If it wasn’t for his duty and ideals that prevented him from hitting a woman, Pudder would have thrown a chair at Emma Eddie.

After a few more deep breaths, calming himself down a little and ignoring Emma Eddie’s provocation, Pudder called out to Kieran from the behind, “Remember, you promised me!”

Kieran didn’t turn around, instead, he waved his right hand, signaling that he got the message.

After going down the stairs, Kieran’s steps hastened.

“Wait for me!”

Emma Eddie said in a rush.

“Go back to Pudder, at least you are safe there. Stop following me!”

Kieran said as he continued to walk faster, he didn’t have the slightest intention to pause.

As his voice subsided, Kieran walked even faster and eventually vanished into the night.

After chasing for a dozen meters yet not being able to catch up to Kieran, Emma Eddie frowned and was forced to give up the chase.

“That narcissistic bastard! Who wants to follow you? Tsk!”

Emma Eddie gave the finger in the direction where Kieran disappeared before turning around to another direction.

Although she knew staying around Pudder would be the safest for now since those bastards from Bloody Ridges might still have scruples against a chief officer, offending the chief officer and wanting to go back to him for safety?

She would be asking to be insulted.

Once she thought about the potential words that Pudder might scold her with, Emma Eddie completely gave up the safest option and chose the other less safe route since she was out of choices.

Of course, the reason that drove her into the decision was that the place she was heading to could provide her with information regarding Kieran as well.

A guy who could easily defeat the Freezer was definitely no John Doe and given his abilities…

It would mean big money!

As long as she spread the news around, the whole circle will be shocked and whenever she thought about the shocked expression on the people’s faces and the money that would follow, Emma Eddie unconsciously hastened her steps.

Her nose piercing even emanating a different glitter under the road lamp’s light following her hastened steps.

“2567? What a weird code name, another moron wanting to be a hero! With your cold attitude, you will definitely be the least popular hero out there!”

As the night turned darker, Kieran silently approached a garage in front of him.

From the view of the Fire Raven, the culprits that blew up 99th Smorewill Street or the one who killed Baryl and even the one who tried to shoot Emma Eddie back at the bar, all of them eventually ended up here.

Coincidentally, the garage was one of the Bloody Ridges’ bases.

Kieran had the least interest in organizations like Bloody Ridges but if he could wipe out a certain base of the Bloody Ridges and cause the mastermind behind them to further mess up their plans, he would be more than happy to oblige.

Kieran knew once the news of Freezer’s failure got into the air, the mastermind would react accordingly and the biggest natural reaction was altering the “collaboration” with Bloody Ridges.

The mastermind must have an unusual relationship with Bloody Ridges.

Otherwise, how could a common organization with barely any means get their hands on a priceless missing sculpture that was 600 years old?

Even if their luck defied logic, a small organization like this shouldn’t have planned all these and triggered the following incidents.

Selling it as soon as possible and converting the sculpture into cash was the best option for a small organization like this.

Kieran even suspect the so-called “Hell Breath” didn’t even exist, it might have been one of the plans or bluffs of the mastermind from start and all of it was targeted at some particular person.

The other speculation was, starting with “Hell Breath”, the following plan might be bigger than anyone could imagine.

Kieran wasn’t sure what it was at the moment, he was also quite confident even the Freezer didn’t know any of this. He already knew what kind of person was the Freezer from Emma Eddie.

Killing people without blinking, given that he was paid enough commission.

As long as he was paid enough, the Freezer could kill anyone and do anything for the employer.

In simple words, the Freezer was a professional hitman for hire, although he would spill everything about his employer since he was being controlled now, as long as the employer wasn’t an idiot, he would know how to clean up his tracks.

Judging from the mastermind’s performance, he was much more vigilant than Kieran expected.

At least until this moment, Kieran hadn’t even caught a glimpse of his figure or anyone that had a direct relation to him.

Therefore, Kieran chose to make his move on Bloody Ridges.

The night was getting darker, the few guards on duty outside were ranting.

“Why the hell are we stationed here?”

“I feel like an idiot standing guard outside here!”

“I miss my bed.”

“Shut up!”

“I’ve been on guard duty for two days, and you haven’t even put up two hours!”

“How long do we have to stay on guard here?”

“I don’t think the guys inside need us as guards.”

“This is the boss’ order!”

“And I said it already, shut up!”

Continuous night shifts made the leader of the guards grumpier and angrier, he couldn’t stop scolding his men who had tons of question.

It was natural that Bloody Ridges had these guards on duty, there was no discipline, no vigilance, all they relied on was numbers to suppress their enemies; there were no elites in the ranks either.

The best they had was probably the one who tried to shoot Emma Eddie.

However, things were a little different in the garage.

There were six men sitting down quietly with full armed arsenals.

The six of them were all grown men, they had serious faces and were not to be trifled with, even their sitting posture was very neat, as though the six of them were sculptures carved from the same mold.

No! They would soon be real sculptures!

A layer of rocky gray color was spreading underneath their clothes.