The Devil's Cage Chapter 1052

Chapter 1052 mordin

Kieran, however, stopped the Devil Force from crushing and devouring the statue in front of his eyes.

Ignoring the devil’s unwilling roars, Kieran took the statue off the man.

The statue that was shaking under the terrorizing Devil Force once again emanated a wicked aura when it reached Kieran’s hand, more devilish mumbles even filled Kieran’s ears.

Line after line of Spirit authentications appeared in Kieran’s vision and undoubtedly, he passed all of them.

For Kieran, a Chosen One, there was no need for extra buffs or anything else, his Spirit nearing rank III was his strongest point and facing against the statue that was trying to attack his strongest point, of course, Kieran wouldn’t be moved.

Dawn Force was then poured into the statue following a simple thought from Kieran.

Agonizing wails were heard the moment Dawn Force touched it and within a breath’s time, the statue returned to normal, related information regarding the item followed as well.

[Name: Mordin’s Third Statue]

[Type: ETC]

[Rarity: Rare]

[Attack: None]

[Defense: Powerful]

[Attribute: 1. Petrifying Light; 2. Petrifying Glory]

[Effect: None]

[Prerequisite: None]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: Yes]

[Remark: It originates from Master Sculptor Mordin and it was his third masterpiece but Mordin’s will caused it to mutate in a weird way.”

[Petrifying Light: Using beams of light, force every living being within a 25-meter range to undergo a Petrification authentication (Living being’s with Constitutions lower than C+ will be petrified), twice per day]

[Petrifying Glory: After successful activation of Petrifying Light, you can follow up with Petrifying Glory with a 20-meter radius range, causing another round of Petrification authentications (Living being’s Constitution lower than C+ will be petrified)]

“Mordin? The Mordin who sculpted Hell Breath? So this is his third sculpture? Could it be…”

While looking at [Mordin’s Third Sculpture], Kieran was recalling the information he got from Emma Eddie before this and as the information came to his mind, he instinctively related to more matters.

He then closely sized up the surroundings with a keen gaze before making his move.

Although he knew the chances were slim, he still searched around the bloody garage for potentials loot or information and when he made sure no valuables were left behind, he quickly left the scene.

The gunshots fired by the guards weren’t exactly quiet, surely it would attract the police to the scene.

“I guess Pudder will be very pissed when he sees this.”

Kieran thought in his mind yet didn’t have the slightest intention to share the burden with the chief officer.

His attention was captivated by the name Mordin the moment it appeared. He needed more information to understand this and verify his own speculations

Early in the morning, Ferris hadn’t rested after pulling an all-nighter.

He was carrying the books regarding Mordin that he got from all sorts of channels and was heading towards his own house swiftly.

He didn’t know why the master he served required these books but he knew that when his master gave him orders, all he had to do was follow.

Ferris was walking swiftly, his heart only wanted to return to his place faster but it didn’t mean he didn’t notice the men who were following him.

“Bunch of pesky bugs.” Ferris frowned.

He knew the pesky bugs marked him because of his “purchasing without considering the cost”.

If it was other times, Ferris didn’t mind turning the pesky bugs into ice statues and displaying them on the streets of Alkender City but not today!

He couldn’t afford to delay his master’s business because of these pesky bugs. Unconsciously, Ferries hastened his steps even more.

After a few crossroads and hard turn into alleys, shuttling across paths and small routes, Ferris managed to shake off those who were following him but there was one who had clung onto him with utmost perseverance.

Multiple attempts to shake off the last pesky bug later, Ferris noticed the person was still following him tightly; he finally halted his steps.

Although he didn’t want waste time to freeze the person, allowing him to follow without consequences would only waste more time, might as well be straightforward and deal with it once and for all.

“Hey mate, I heard you are looking for books on Mordin? I don’t have books but I have a piece of special news and I think you might want it!”

After the words were heard, the cold icy energy that Ferris was going to fire out vanished without a trace. Ferris then turned around and looked at the person who was talking.

A lady with crew cut hair and strong facial features amongst women, her nose stud was exceptionally eye-catching.

Ferris had seen the lady before, it yesterday at the station where he met the master he pledged to serve.

“This woman seemed to know master?”

Ferris’ heart wasn’t sure, so he turned to his softer side to talk with the boy-like lady.

“What news do you have? If it’s reliable, I can offer a great price. I sure you’d believe me since you followed me for so long.”

Ferris switched from both hands carrying the books to one hand, he treated the dozen of books as if it has no weight at all; he looked at Emma Eddie and asked seriously.

Emma Eddie was greatly relieved in her heart when he saw Ferris with his attitude, her instinct once again saved her.

“I don’t want money, I only want you to promise me one thing,” Emma Eddie said.


Ferris frowned, he didn’t like these kinds of trades but since it was regarding the special news about that Mordin, Ferris chose to compromise.

His master’s order was higher than anything!

“Very well, I can make you a promise which is not too over the top but… if I find out you are lying to me, I’ll make you regret being alive,” Ferris nodded and said in a conscientious tone.

The strictness on his face and seriousness of his tone removed all doubt of his willingness to follow through on his threat but Emma Eddie couldn’t care anymore.

Even if she would die, she would rather die later.

Living in the streets since young, it had built up her habit of taking care of the present and disregarding the future, whatever happens in the future is a matter for future her.

If she couldn’t even deal with the present, what future would she have?

Of course, for the bastards that set her on this ugly path, if she had the chance, she would never let those bastards walk freely.

‘Bloody bastards, trying to scam me for nothing?’

Emma Eddie was grinding her teeth out of anger whenever she thought about the scene back then. She wasn’t really angry about those informants selling information with their disgusting faces but was angry and embarrassed by herself for almost falling into the trap.

After another warning to herself from her heart, Emma Eddie looked at Ferris.

“So we have a deal now?” Emma Eddie asked.

“Um. You can tell me what you know now,” Ferris nodded.


“You better stop now little girl! What you know will be mine, mine I tell you! Tell me everything and you will suffer a bit less.”

“And you, Freezer, trying to mess things up eh? You are dead now!”

A strange voice was heard suddenly and a ball of blood was shot out from the corner of the wall, forming a human figure in front of Emma Eddie and Ferris.

The blood accumulated on that figure and waved around like tentacles, dancing viciously.


Emma Eddie cried out in shock before staggering backward, sticking herself to the wall.

Ferris, on the other hand, got gloomy and infuriated.

“Mess things up? Dead now? Who do you think you are talking to?”