The Devil's Cage Chapter 1054

Chapter 1054 Change Of Target

“Mordin is a woman!”

Emma Eddie said while under Kieran’s gaze.

A woman?!

Kieran was stunned.

He didn’t have any prejudice against woman but whenever a sculptor was mentioned, Kieran unconsciously thought of Mordin as a man.

Of course, maybe Kieran had a shallow educational background that wouldn’t allow him to remember or know any famous female sculptors but he wouldn’t deny that Emma Eddie did give him a piece of special news.

“Can you guarantee this isn’t a lie?” Kieran was trying to make sure for the last time.

“I am sure! I swear on my name and my honor, what I, Emma Eddie said is all true! I may lie but I won’t use my name and honor as guarantees!” Emma Eddie said in a slightly proud manner.

“Mm. Ok then, based on the deal you have with Ferris, you get a promise from him that is not too over the top.”

“What do you want?”

Kieran nodded first before asking on behalf of his servant.

“If it’s possible, I require protection for a while. I hate to admit it but I’ve now suddenly become a “tasty piece of meat” in someone’s eyes.”

Emma Eddie wasn’t stupid enough to share everything about the matter, all she did was simply brush it off.

Kieran noticed some inkling in her words but he didn’t press the question.

It wasn’t that he didn’t care but he hoped that Emma Eddie really had problems because only then would he be able to figure out what the mastermind behind the scenes was after.

Based on the series of leads he got yesterday, he had a general idea of the mastermind’s scheme: using Hell Breath as bait for more of Mordin’s sculptures.

However, there was one thing among the leads that baffled him.

He, or more precisely the dead “him”, what kind of role was “he” playing in all this?

Regardless of what angle Kieran thought or look at this matter, he discovered that “his” death in this cascading series of incidents was completely unnecessary, an extra act.

So, Kieran had to rethink the reason why Emma Eddie appeared in that alley.

“She wasn’t there to discover “my” body, so what was it then?”

Kieran saw Emma Eddie choose a guest room under Ferris’ arrangements and he fell into deep thought until he was interrupted by the doorbell.

Ding Dong!

“Open the door!”

After the doorbell came the angry voice of the chief officer.

“Ferris, get the door please.”

Kieran who got interrupted didn’t plan to stand up to welcome the chief officer, instead, he ordered his servant.

“Yes, master.”

Ferris signaled Emma Eddie to stay quiet before striding towards the door.

The door had three layers of locks altogether and when two of them were opened up, leaving only a single lock chain, a small seam was opened up.

Ferris saw Pudder standing in front of the door with a few more officers behind him.

“Where’s 2567?” Pudder asked without the slightest courtesy.

“Please maintain your respect for my master. This is the first and the last time I’ll warn you about that, you people as well,” Ferris said coldly.

His icy cold words didn’t frighten Pudder but the officers behind him shuddered and shrunk their necks back in fear.

The killer aura that Ferris cultivated through many years of killing wasn’t something a bunch of common cops could resist.

“Open the door! This is also my first and last warning! If you don’t, I’ll make you open the door!” Pudder said in a grumpy tone.

“You can try.”

Ferris grinned and revealed a ferocious smile overflowing with killing intent.

The killing intent from Ferris caused all the officers to quiver, even Pudder reached towards the gun at his waist.

“2567, so this is the “collaboration” you’ve promised me? Or are you afraid to see me? Are you scared now, guilty of something?” Pudder raised his voice and it clearly entered Kieran’s ears.

Kieran couldn’t help but frown because Pudder got one thing right.

In fact, Kieran indeed didn’t want to see Pudder now, not because he was afraid or guilty, but if he entered Pudder’s line of sight, it would surely affect his plans.

Following [Mordin’s Third Sculpture]’s appearance, some things had already changed without other’s knowledge.

Based on the information he gathered, Mordin sculpted a total of eight sculptures throughout her life and other than the last one, “Hell Breath” that was accurately recorded, the other seven sculptures had only been described in vague and blurry ways yet they certainly existed in the related books. Each of the authors who wrote the books was sure of the other seven sculptures yet none of them knew what any of the other seven were.

If it wasn’t for [Mordin’s Third Sculpture]’s appearance, Kieran might even think all these were nothing but some made up stories, or some lousy jokes; everything changed following the appearance of the third sculpture.

Maybe it wasn’t that the authors didn’t want to record the seven other sculptures but that they couldn’t!

Why though?

It might be some curse or… some man-made reason!

The Mordin sculptures had some kind of mysterious powers and whenever one of them was discovered, surely it would attract greedy people to swarm over like carps moving down a stream.

While these greedy people sealed off all the matters regarding Mordin’s sculptures to the masses.

Never underestimate the greed caused by selfishness, it was the scariest kind and had the power to destroy bother others or oneself.

Similar to the owner of [Mordin’s Third Sculpture] previously and how people used the news of “Hell Breath” to lure those with the sculptures into the light; Kieran was attracted as well.

Kieran couldn’t deny that fact.

When he went through [Mordin’s Third Sculpture]’s attributes and knew there were seven other similar items out there, Kieran’s interest was piqued.

He really wanted to know what the other sculptures could do.

Therefore, he might need to slightly play along with the mastermind, allowing the mastermind to smoothly lure out the other sculpture owners.

That was the reason why Kieran asked Ferris to gather all the information on Mordin publicly and on a large scale. However, out of Kieran’s expectation, Pudder paid him a visit and obviously, the chief officer had much more accurate intel channels than Kieran would expect.

“Ferris, let Chief Pudder in,” Kieran said.

“Yes, master.”

Ferris opened the last chain lock and opened the door, bowed and said, “Inside please.”

His actions were both official and standard as if he was really a qualified butler.

However, the person who walked into the room didn’t notice that. Pudder was blinded by his boiling rage and wasn’t have the mood to notice all those small details; the other officers were shrinking in fear.

Without further delay, Pudder strode over to Kieran and displayed an official warrant in front of his face.

“2567, according to reliable information, you are hereby suspected to be related to a case of murder.”

“Now, I need you to come with me!”