The Devil's Cage Chapter 1055

Chapter 1055 Framed

Murder case?

Kieran was stunned and automatically thought about what happened in the garage last night but he shook his head quietly right away.

Before entering the garage, he didn’t just completely conceal his figure, he even cleaned all his tracks and traces at the scene before he left.

Unless someone could turn back time, it was impossible for them to locate the so-called “clues”.

He raised his hand and stopped Ferris who wanted to intervene, Kieran continued to sit in the chair while looking at Pudder.

“Chief Pudder, do you really believe I am related to that murder?” Kieran asked.

Pudder was slightly hesitant and ultimately shook his head.

“I don’t. Based on your performance yesterday, you aren’t that stupid to appear out in the bright and walk under surveillance camera, leaving behind such perfect evidence for us, but… the others trusted their own eyes, especially those self-righteous bastards.”

Pudder twitched his mouth, obviously hinting at something.

“So, I still have a chance to redeem this?” Kieran asked with a smile.

“You do but not now. Now you must follow me back to the station.” Pudder emphasized.

“Very well then.”

“Ferris, stay here and take care of things, I’ll be right back.”

Kieran stood up and followed Pudder out of the room. Before he left, he purposely left an order to Ferris.

“Yes, master.” Ferris nodded.

He knew what Kieran wanted him to do, just like how he understood he must make a stand to those officers that followed the chief here, allowing them to understand what should they do.

Under Ferris’ gaze, the officers trembled as they followed Kieran into the cruiser.

According to protocol, Kieran must be accompanied by two other officers while he was seated in the middle and whenever necessary, he must be cuffed.

But no one followed the darn protocols at this moment, no one reminded the group and no officer was willing to sit in the same car as Kieran.

Ultimately, two unlucky bastards were picked from the group.

Ferris’ cold gaze was placed on the two unlucky ones right after they were selected. His emotionless face had even more coldness to it as if his expression was saying, “Hey, I’ll remember you!”

The killer gaze from Ferris made the two unlucky officers shudder non-stop when they went into the car.

Pudder who was in the passenger seat frowned and tried to say something about the scene, but eventually, nothing came out of his mouth.

The group traveled back to the station safely and smoothly.

While the officers were anxious to report in, Pudder brought Kieran into the familiar interrogation room.

Pudder didn’t even have to say anything and Kieran pulled the chair behind the table and sat down.

“Seems like this place is really safe,” Kieran said with a smile.

“Safer than you can imagine! Likewise, you are in more danger than you think you are! Only in this place, can I make sure that the bastard who can impersonate others dares not barge in recklessly and deliver a killing shot to your head.”

Pudder sat across from Kieran and passed the documents to him.

Kieran opened the documents. It wasn’t thorough by any means but very detailed.

Other than words, there were pictures of some camera shots.

The most eye-catching one was “Kieran” holding a gun and behind “him” was a person lying in a puddle of blood.

Meanwhile, for the person lying on the puddle of blood, there was another file that had extreme details regarding the man’s background: Elponder, one of the core members of Bloody Ridges, tasked with selling pills around street blocks, including but not limited to the blue ones.

“Bloody Ridges’ member? He is even a core member? Was he attracted by Mordin’s sculptures as well?” Kieran was taking down notes in his heart while his face was looking calm in front of Pudder.

“The bastard that can impersonate others? Seems like you already have a suspect then,” Kieran said with a smile.

“The Thousand-faced Man! Other than this bastard, I can’t think of any other bastard that can impersonate others to this authenticity! This guy is a natural villain, reckless and bold. He once impersonated some millionaires and got a huge amount of money and also impersonated some senate councilman, suggesting some frustrating suggestions to the government. Other than that, the most disgusting act is that he likes to impersonate husbands and targets their wives, I really want to slice him into a million pieces because of what he did to those women!”

Pudder slammed the table hard when the frustrating point hit him.

The sturdy table even screeched upon contact with the chief’s slam, it was enough to state how angry he was at the villain.

However, what happened next infuriated the chief even more.

When one officer knocked on the door and walked in carefully to whisper to the chief, the chief was enraged after hearing the news.

“What in the hell? Do those people have sh*t in their brains? Or did they eat sh*t for breakfast?”

“How can they prosecute based on a single video recording without any further solid evidence? Have they never heard of the Thousand-faced Man? Or did they thought the f*cker was dead?”

In the upcoming minute, the interrogation room was filled with Pudder’s furious roars.

When he vented almost all of his anger out, he turned to Kieran.

“2567, wait for me. I will go reason with those bastards! Don’t worry, I won’t let them turn you into Thousand-faced Man’s scapegoat!”

The chief then stormed out of the interrogation room but Kieran, on the other hand, wouldn’t just sit back and wait passively for the result.

He knew Pudder would return without results and if that happened, Kieran would have to suffer some unwanted troubles.

Even if the time permitted, he didn’t wish to suffer unwanted punishments for things he never did. More so when he didn’t have much time left.

A single thought flew across his mind and tiny ripples appeared in the shadow behind Kieran.

Bloody Mary appeared in her illusory form before Kieran, waiting for orders.

‘Kill a Bloody Ridges’ member with my face in the public eye.’

Kieran sent the order to the high demon from his mind.

“Yes, my master!”

The high demon laughed eerily before swiftly vanishing from the interrogation room.

Now, it was natural for him to wait for results.

Kieran had sufficient patience to wait for it but it didn’t mean he would stop doing things that he could.

“Can you bring me breakfast?” Kieran looked at the officer on guard duty.

The officer was the one whom Ferris frightened before. After Pudder left, he was standing at the further corner in the room with Kieran.

“Okay, what do you want?”

The officer immediately nodded to Kieran’s request and acted like a waiter in a restaurant.

“A quick and convenient one… some meat perhaps,” Kieran said after slight thought.


The officer then picked up the phone, saying “Send me two sets of beef burgers and drinks together.”

After a while, footsteps could be heard throughout the corridor.

The officer then opened the interrogation room door when he heard it, assuming it was the delivery but out of his expectation, it wasn’t the delivery man but three suited men.

The officer was astonished when he saw the three suited men.

Kieran who was still sitting squinting his eyes on one of the three, locking his gaze onto the one that caught his attention.

An extraordinary individual! Far stronger than Ferris!