The Devil's Cage Chapter 1060

Chapter 1060 Spicy Hot Kitchen

Kieran chose “No” without any thought.

Completing the main mission now would defy Kieran’s motive of excavating the potential of all dungeon worlds that he had since day one. Besides, after getting the hint of the potential benefit of this dungeon world, why would he give up on the chance of acquiring a continuous dungeon?

Although he got Below Average recognition which had already passed the minimal recognition level, based on his previous experience, he knew there was still a distance to reach the SSS rating which would grant him the continuous dungeon of this dungeon world.

After the decision was made, footsteps were heard.

Drexton’s big and tall body came into Kieran’s sight.

“If it’s possible, I wish to invite you again, 2567. You are much stronger than we imagined. To be honest, before this when you agreed to come with us, I was still thinking of how we should protect you…”

“This is too astonishing! Seems like you have been hiding your true talents before this!”

Drexton’s face had praise that he didn’t bother to conceal.

“My abilities are just slightly stronger than them,” Kieran revealed the partial truth.

It had become Kieran’s habit to never expose any one of his aces.

“But you did take out Slither Bone, Predator, and Ironjaw Croc, three super criminals! Your heroic acts must be commended!” Drexton didn’t press the topic about Kieran’s abilities.

It had become a rule among the extraordinary individuals to not ask about each other abilities unless they took the initiative to reveal it.

As one of the extremely active extraordinary individuals in Alkender City, Drexton would not go all the way to ruin the unspoken rules himself. At the same time, he was also revealing some things extraordinary individuals should know without being too obvious while he was conversing with Kieran.

Therefore, the conversation entered the topic that had Kieran very interested.

Although he had a general idea of how Alkender City’s extraordinary individual ecosystem worked from Ferris the Freezer, Kieran got more detailed and a more precise version from Drexton.

Most of the extraordinary individuals that leaned towards justice were solo players but there were a good amount of groups as well.

These individuals formed groups of all sizes, big or small, helping each other out and unconsciously, it had grown into a great faction within Alkender City.

Its reaches were extended to all kinds of industries in Alkender City, one could consider it as being everywhere but what more surprising was, the great faction of extraordinary individuals formed a tacit agreement with the city government.

Looking at all the destruction caused to the city by the battles and the weird noises from the process, yet no sirens were heard anywhere. Kieran couldn’t help but start to evaluate how powerful this interconnected extraordinary individual group was; the enemies they had to face as well.

“Whenever those selfish people who only worked for their own gains had their powers awaken, they would be reckless and not care about anyone. Even though I kept raising the benefits for the extraordinary individuals to join us, we couldn’t stop them from stepping on a path of evil. On top of that, they appeared and disappeared like ghosts, despite sufficient preparation, all we can do was minimize the damage. We still can’t end all of this.” Drexton sighed about his problems.

Obviously, those extraordinary individuals that leaned towards evil should not be taken for granted either.

They didn’t just possess the strong trait of being random in their actions, they would act in groups occasionally as well and it caused the justice-siding superheroes that Drexton led more trouble than ever.

Kieran didn’t comment further on this particular matter but in his mind, his plan was perfecting itself, moving towards completion.

“Desire is an unfillable abyss. Whenever one falls into the swamp of not knowing satisfaction, they themselves will be devoured in the end.” Kieran expressed his feelings.

“The fortunate thing is, there are still individuals like you 2567, who know your own goals and have strong moral character. Otherwise, Alkender City will follow the path of destruction of Printon City.”

“Do you want to have lunch together? I know a restaurant that has quite a unique style.” Drexton explained out of frustration but the moment the matter about the city’s destruction escaped his mouth, he stopped; he invited Kieran to lunch.

“I’d be happy too.”

Kieran nodded as he glanced over those workers from Hero Alliance cleaning up the office.

In order to usher his plans to perfection, he required more information.

Conversing over a meal was a decent chance for him, especially since Kieran never rejected an invitation to eat.

The unique-styled restaurant Drexton mentioned was in a small street block of the city. The surroundings weren’t prospering skyscrapers but low buildings without any signs of being broken or old.

On the contrary, the place felt casual and peaceful.

Kieran saw many elders talking on the benches and on the side of the streets, young men pushing fast food carts over the road and many more teenagers skateboarding.

The morning sun shining on them didn’t go to waste, it brought out the most energetic side of the young ones and the elders were no exception either. Judging from their speed of conversation and fierce topics of discussion, no one could treat them as regular elders.


Drexton pointed at a store with a wooden sign.

The store didn’t have any windows, just a small door that allowed one person to pass at a time; the sign of a red hot chili pepper was hanging on the door.

Spicy Hot Kitchen.

Compared to the aged signage, the words on it were very clear, similar to the eye-catching red chili.

Before Kieran truly approached the store, his nose picked up a spicy smell.

The smell was pungent and stinging but not enough to make Kieran feel disgusted because the unique aroma was mixed together with the spiciness.

Perhaps the spiciness would cause tears and snot on the first encounter, but the mouth would also secrete saliva, causing an increase of appetite; one would not easily feel satisfied with one meal.

Kieran paused slightly before quickly adapting to the smell. He then took a deep breath.

He felt the spiciness run through his nasal passaged and he slightly curled up his lips.

“Very nice,” Kieran commented.

“I knew you would like it, 2567! Other than Willis, no one would dislike this place!” Drexton who was paying attention to Kieran’s face smiled as well when he saw the delight on Kieran’s face.

“Boss, even if 2567 acknowledges your taste, it will not change my mind about Spicy Hot Kitchen! It is a kitchen that brings you to hell! The food that it serves is boiling magma!”

“2567, I suggest you leave right away, burgers on me!”

Willis’ voice could be clearly heard in their ears and this time, he didn’t isolate Kieran.

After taking out Ironjaw Croc, Slither Bone, and Predator altogether, some things would not be the same anymore.

“The beauty of food is that it will allow you to have endless imagination! These imaginations might be good, might be worse but eventually, it would make your trip worthwhile.”

“More so… exploring unknown food is an unparalleled experience. Of course, you now owe me a set of burgers.”

Kieran said while pushing the wooden door open as if he was eager to go in.

Drexton laughed before following Kieran inside the restaurant.

The restaurant behind the door was not big.

There were two scattered tables around and chairs accompanying them, but many would choose to have a glance at the bar.

A scrawny man in an apron was behind the bar and when he saw Kieran walk over, he stood up saying, “There are only a few choices on the menu but if you have something in mind and I can make it, I will do my best.”

“So what will you be having today dear sir?”