The Devil's Cage Chapter 1062

Chapter 1062 Audience

The black pepper and cinnamon powder were evenly spread across the lamb shank but the initial roasting fire was too great, causing the outer layer to be charred yet the inner meat was still a little bit raw.

Especially the essential part of the lamb shank, the tip of the bone where the fat and leaner meat converged, it was reeking with the smell of undercooked meat and hard for one to eat.

Kieran held on and finished the food in the plate and waved at Gluttony.

Gluttony who was already restless jumped on the spirit-like owner, pressing him down and tearing him apart.

It was respectful to finish the food despite how terrible it was.

It was compassion to scold the chef when the food was terribly prepared.

Gluttony of the cardinal sins simply chose a more direct way.

Dok, Dok, Dok.

After crossing the fork and knife on the plate, Kieran’s finger was tapping on the table again.

Seconds turned into minutes.

Kieran couldn’t help but frown in worry.

“Drexton still hasn’t shown up, seems like the situation is much more complicated… could it be…”

“2567?! 2567?!”

Just as Kieran was figuring out what kind of trouble Drexton ran into, Willis’ voice entered his ears.

“What’s wrong Willis?”

Kieran didn’t have second thoughts and asked since he had a general idea of what Willis’ abilities were.

“Yes! I finally reached you! We have some serious problems!”

Willis was relieved at first but his tone sounded serious right away.

“Drexton was transported to Printon City by Mr. Ghost’s trap! We don’t know what that bastard wanted to achieve but it is nothing good for Alkender City!”

“2567, we need your help!” Willis said quickly.

“Sure. I am happy to help wherever I can.”

Kieran would never reject an obvious sub-mission or special event and as expected, after his agreement, the system notification popped up in front of his eyes.

[Triggered Special Event: Alkender City Revolt]

[Based on player’s choice, player will be distributed to Hero Alliance’s side]

[Mr. Ghost has activated the plan that he has been toiling away on for a very long. He successfully deceived Drexton’s eyes and ears, “transporting” him out of Alkender City. Now, Mr. Ghost will go out of control and act recklessly. Player must stop Mr. Ghost]

[Note: The faster the player stops Mr. Ghost, the higher the rating]

“Great! Stay where you are 2567, I’ll send someone to pick you and bring you to Olinde Street Block!” Willis said.

“That won’t be necessary, Willis. I have some private matters to take care of. Don’t worry, it won’t take long, I’ll head to Olinde Street after that.” Kieran rejected the offer.

“Very well, I’ll wait for your arrival then.”

Willis then went silent after that.

Kieran wasn’t surprised about that though, he wasn’t arrogant enough to think that Willis would only contact him. After temporarily losing their leader, Drexton, he must be contacting more extraordinary individuals of justice to fight those super criminals.


Kieran who suddenly thought of something squinted his eyes and quickly left Spicy Hot Kitchen.

Without pause, Kieran returned to 17th Randletine Street, where Ferris the Freezer was.

“Master, welcome back.”

The moment Kieran stepped into the room, Ferris bowed in a scrupulous and proper manner.

“Ferris, have you ever worked with Mr. Ghost before?” Kieran asked directly.

“No, I haven’t. I don’t qualified to work with Mr. Ghost. Within Alkender City, other than Death Knell and Grudge Dragon, no one is qualified to work with him. However, Death Knell and Grudge Dragon would never work with Mr. Ghost.”

“Death Knell has his own organization and doesn’t get along with Mr. Ghost. Grudge Dragon, on the other hand, is in a peculiar situation, they would never work together.” Ferris answered honestly.

“Which means, whatever plans he has, Mr. Ghost, is working alone?” Kieran asked again to double confirm.

“Yes. Since the very beginning, Mr. Ghost has always worked alone!” Ferris nodded.

“So how many men does he have in Alkender City?” Kieran continued.

“A lot! Mr. Ghost’s powerful abilities alone were enough for him to gather a lot of men. In fact, his name alone would be enough to attract a group of evil extraordinary individuals. After all, a lot of them like using overwhelming numbers and bullying the weak while fearing the strong.” Ferris was showing a slight sense of disdain in his words.

“Is that so?” Kieran said as his words grew quieter.

Meanwhile, in a certain cinema theatre in Alkender City, the auditorium was showing a black and white movie from a long time ago.

Though in the big hall, there was only one person in the audience watching the movie.

The only audience member wasn’t just there to waste time, instead, he was watching the movie very meticulously as though he was experiencing a cinematic spectacle that was famous throughout the world.

However, the movie was just mediocre, to the point that even in its release year, its box office reception was so poor that it was taken down after two weeks.

As for the present day, no one would know about this particular black and white movie.

Even the title, the cast, and the director, all were unfamiliar names.

Minutes flew by, the credits started to roll on the black and white screen and the only audience member sighed in satisfaction.

“A classic is timeless!”

He stood up as he said, trying to walk out of the hall but when he was around 10 meters away from the exit, the only audience member halted his steps.

“Do you have a death wish?” A sharp voice sounded.

“No, no, no. I am just here to remind you most of the good extraordinary individuals have gathered on Olinde Street Block. If you want to make a move, you better be fast, or else…”

“Drexton will be back soon.”

The obviously altered voice came from outside the exit door.

“I will show him a wasteland by that time!” The audience member laughed coldly.

“Turning a city into a wasteland, I don’t have that kind of disgusting interest! A prospering city has much more value to it! More so, I really don’t want to face the Fist of Justice, when he is pissed.”

The voice from outside the exit disagreed with the audience’s member’s point of view.

“Means you want to face a pissed off Mr. Ghost?”

The audience’s member’s voice started to fill with killer intents.

The exit door exploded into pieces when the only audience’s member’s voice subsided.


Wood pieces flew everywhere but there was no one outside.

“Mystifying the facts with bluffs eh!”

The audience member, no, Mr. Ghost coldly grunted in disdain before walking out to the corridor.

He instantly merged himself with the darkness.