The Devil's Cage Chapter 1064

Chapter 1064 Actor

As the blood splattered, Willis was astonished as he looked dully at Vine Whip painted red by Kieran’s blood.

Willis couldn’t connect this “Vine Whip” who showed ferocity underneath the blood and the “Vine Whip” who was passionate in front of others together.

One needed to know, the reason why Vine Whip was well-known by the people, other than his own powers, was because he was an exceptional approachable character compared to the other independent superhero characteristics.

However, the scene before his eyes made Willis shift his gaze between Kieran’s body and Vine Whip, his face was filled with inconceivable looks.

This wasn’t a disguise!

His own senses and Kat Lady’s exceptional sniffing proved as such.

If the Vine Whip before them was the real person, which mean…


“I am a spy! From the very first moment I appeared in front of everyone, I have been waiting for this day! The charms of theatre come from the surprise of the ordinary. I can’t deny “his” saying but I myself acknowledged the other saying, the strongest fortress can be destroyed from within!”

Willis stuttered, trying to reason with Vine Whip but he was interrupted.

Vine Whip wiped the blood off his face and spoke slowly; he suddenly dodged aside.


A sharp claw strike grazed Vine Whip’s body and left a distinct mark on the ground.

Kat Lady jumped out from the shadow and dished out another keen strike.

It was faster and fiercer than the first yet still missed its target.

“Decent attack, silently ambushing prey with the sharpness of a blade. Too bad… I’ve seen it too many times! I’ve simulated this in my heart countless times, how to dodge your claw and… counterattack!” Vine Whip praised with a click of his tongue.

The brilliant green plant that came out from Kieran’s body grew rapidly and filled the entire meeting room following the click of his tongue. Hundreds of vines sprouted out and were striking Kat Lady with heavy air-whistle.

Instantaneously, every dodgeable spot was completely blocked, regardless of how nimble or how fast Kat Lady was, all she could do was withstand the whipping.

Willis wanted to help but a single vine struck him, sending the non-combatant extraordinary individual flying away; that vine then tightly entangled Willis, tying him down.

“I suggest you stay put. You are more valuable when you are alive. The finale that “he” has set up requires you to be the protagonist.”

“As for the other part, it will obviously be our Fist of Justice!”

“Choices! Choices between life and death are the most anticipated thing and a tragic ending is the most unforgettable!”

“This isn’t really from my own thoughts but Mr. Ghost wants me to deliver it to you and seeing that scrumptious play, I said yes,” Vine Whip said hypocritically.

Willis struggled even harder, causing the tough and thorny vines to restrict his body tighter, cutting his flesh and spilling his blood.

However, as if Willis couldn’t feel pain, he twisted his body even harder because he knew what Vine Whip said was the truth. He would eventually be a burden to Drexton.

Willis knew it since the beginning, so he had the worst case scenario planned in his head.

As he was struggling, Willis gave his best effort to reach towards his waist with his hand.

“You think you are flawless eh?” Willis tried to capture Vine Whip’s attention with his words.

“Aren’t I? Stop playing tricks, it’s useless! The moment I made my move, the outcome had been sealed. Even if Silencer and Machinist get back here now, it will not change anything!”

Vine Whip pointed at Kieran’s body and Kat Lady who was stuck in a tough situation before looking at Willis with a ridiculing gaze, bantering him.

“Nope, no need for the other two to get back here! The moment you made your move, you were destined to fail! You really think Drexton needs 5 hours to get back here? Or do you really think I was distracted and never noticed Mr. Ghost?”

“This is all a setup, a bluff to lure the rat like you out of the bunch!” Willis screamed with laughter.

Amidst his laugh, Willis saw a slight delay on Vine Whip’s face, it flashed away in a fraction of a second but Willis caught it properly.

“Just like how you got familiar with Kat Lady and thought about how to lock her down, you must think the same about Drexton as well. However, Drexton’s strength will make you helpless against him! His strength is absolute suppression, no matter what kind of despicable means you use, you will not end up good! Other than death, it is still death for you! No one can be careless in front of death, even for a spy like you!”

Willis’ mind was spinning rapidly, thinking “Come closer!”, trying to lure Vine Whip into range. His face showed more confidence and his laughter got louder.

“Stop exaggerating with your bullsh*t!” Vine Whip laughed coldly yet he was walking closer to Willis.

‘Come on! Come on closer!’ Willis thought in his heart.

However, just a step before effective range, Vine Whip stopped; a big grin appeared on his face.

“Hahahahahaha! What a lousy joke! An amateur like you dares to play actor, acting in front of a pro? You are too naive, too childish, boy!”

A sharp irritating voice suddenly came out of Vine Whip’s mouth.

Willis was frightened when he heard the sharp irritating laughs.

“Mr. Ghost?!” Willis cried out in shock.

Vine Whip was Mr. Ghost? Impossible!

Willis who never thought about this possible outcome was stunned, his eyes were glazed over.

Even Kat Lady who was focusing her efforts on dodging the vine whip strikes couldn’t help but pause her movements a little.

As the situation unfolded, Vine Whip…no! Mr. Ghost’s laugh sounded more delightful.


Both of their surprised and dull expressions were an extreme pleasure to Mr. Ghost.

Mr. Ghost was filled with self-satisfaction as if he returned to the peak of his stage that he once lost.

He raised his arms, imagining himself under the shining spotlights, bathing in the flashes of cameras.

He lifted his head, listening to the praise that didn’t exist.

No! The praising did exist! The spotlights and flashes too!

Mr. Ghost was intoxicated with his own pleasure. He was so carried away to the point that only the pain that struck his core could wake him up.


Mr. Ghost looked down following the excruciating pain, he saw a palm go through his chest, he felt his heart being squeezed and saw that sneer, a face filled with ridicule.

“Surprised?” Kieran signaled with his lips.

“YOU THINK YOU’VE WON?” Mr. Ghost then roared like thunder.

At the same time, on top of the roof of a skyscraper on Olinder Street Block, another Mr. Ghost was also yelling at Kieran.


“Didn’t I?”

Kieran who was also on the roof launched a kick at Mr. Ghost head, crushing it like watermelon after the question filled with mockery.


Blood and brains were splattered everywhere.