The Devil's Cage Chapter 1072

Chapter 1072 Unpredictable

“Ferris, take care of it will you?”

Kieran said without lifting his head.

He knew these visitors were nothing but pawns used to test the waters that were incited by someone else and blinded by their own greed; they were not the ones he was waiting for.

Kieran would not show mercy to these kinds of people though. He didn’t want the mastermind to figure out what was real and what wasn’t, similar to how the mastermind kept hiding behind the scene.

“After discovering “me” coming back from the dead and being a completely different man than you remember, you must be very perplexed. So in order to clear your mind, you will make a move. Whether the collector, Bunder, is your work or not, you will surely pay attention to him.”

“Let’s hope that you won’t get frightened by my “subtle” means.”

Kieran curled his lips to a smirk as if he thought of something funny while reading.

“Add more men at the doors, corridors, and the stairs. Tell everyone to fire on sight if they spot any intruders, no warnings needed!” Bunder ordered his own security chief.

“Noted. Don’t worry boss, I’ve never let you down and I won’t this time either! As long as I am here, not even a fly will go through me!”

The security chief who was full of energy and power nodded and gave his assurance to his boss.

Although a lot of things didn’t make sense, after experiencing an attempted theft, they didn’t care anymore.

The value of the collection was enough for the security chief to know what to do.

All he had to do was avoid the fatal parts while shooting and as for others?

The security chief was not fond of theft.

” I believe you! Get it done, after this danger, I will give you what you deserve.”

Bunder who was already in his old age with his white hair and scrawny face promised.

The security chief felt excited right away when his boss gave him his promise.

Everyone knew Bunder wasn’t truly a big boss and he was only slightly well-known among the collectors but he was truly generous.

Especially his generosity, it was what made others so willing to work for him. Plus his good reputation of never breaking the law and disrupting order, some extraordinary individuals who had certain limits didn’t mind working for him either; the security chief was one of them.

The security chief held the title of Colossal Arms, he started working for Bunder 2 years ago.

His salary was raised 4 times throughout the 2 years and all sorts of rewards even exceeded his usual salary by a lot; Colossal Arms was delighted to work for Bunder.

“Colossal Arms, do we need to contact Drexton?”

“Don’t worry, I am not doubting your professionals but… don’t you think this “theft” is a little weird? I am not some old man who knows nothing! The thief silently broke through four defense lines you personally set up and on top of that, the thief predicted your arrival and vanished! I don’t think he is some random John Doe.”

“More so… will the thief be alone next time? Even if we have the manpower and they’re fully armed, they are not quite enough against extra…”

Before Bunder even finished Colossal Arms already understood his intention.

“I’ll try to contact the Fist of Justice.”

Colossal Arms replied after thinking for a few minutes.

Bunder hired him at a high price, so Colossal Arms didn’t wish for others to step in on his job.

However, because of his position as the security chief, Colossal Arms had to think about his employer’s safety.

He didn’t engage the thief in the last encounter but based on the tracks the thief left behind, the thief was someone not to mess around with.

Not only vigilant but extremely smart!

The four defense lines that he set up was the best proof. Even he himself who was familiar with the changes in his defense couldn’t break through silently.

Those who could achieve this feat were only a handful in Alkender City.

Death Knell, Mr. Ghost, and Kat Lady!

The others couldn’t achieve the silent breakthrough because of the restrictions of their abilities or they were not capable at all.

Among the said three, Mr. Ghost has the highest suspect, followed by Death Knell and lastly Kat Lady.

In fact, as a member of the alliance who served justice, if it wasn’t for the responsibility of his job, Colossal Arms didn’t even want to list Kat Lady. She might have a notorious record but she had turned over a new leaf since then.

Therefore, the biggest suspects were Death Knell and Mr. Ghost.

Mr. Ghost, however, was killed by Glutton Emperor when the break-in occurred, so only Death Knell was left on the list!

When the thought of facing Death Knell came into his mind, Colossal Arms couldn’t remain calm anymore. He greeted Bunder before he quickly left the office.

Bunder sat back into his chair and saw his security chief off.

Until his ears could no longer hear the footsteps of his security chief, Bunder laughed softly.

“A dog can never change its instinct of eating its own sh*t.”

“A cat… will only remember what it ate and never remember who beat it! How could a cat change its own bad habits? Kat Lady must be eager to seek help from her ally, the Glutton Emperor! The Glutton Emperor that shows extreme interest in Mordin’s sculptures! I am really looking forward to you fighting the Fist of Justice!”

Bunder spoke to himself and leaned back on the chair.

His mind was already fantasizing the things that were about to happen ceaselessly.

Rumor has it that Fist of Justice and Glutton Emperor had a decent relationship but regardless of how decent it was, Fist of Justice would never show favoritism!

That was why people admired the Fist of Justice but at the same time, it was also his weakness. Bunder has grasped this particular weakness and used in his favors, the feeling was too comfortable for him to watch two tigers to fight for a mountain.

Bunder couldn’t hold his delight back as he hummed an unknown melody when he thought about the fantastic part.

His fingers were rhythmically knocking on the handle of the chair.

Until he heard Colossal Arms’ footsteps again, Bunder returned to normal.

“Boss, I’ve contacted Fist of Justice, he will be here soon. And…”

Colossal Arms looked weird as he was trying to report to his employer.

“And?” Anticipated, Bunder questioned eagerly.

“There a woman named Emma Eddie, saying that she is here to purchase Mordin’s sculpture on behalf of Glutton Emperor.” Colossal Arms’ face looked even weirder as he replied.

“Purchase? Not…”

Bunder spent quite the effort and willpower to swallow back the word “snatch” into his guts and without a question the process was extremely hard, even though he swallowed the word back, he was not feeling well.

“How is it possible? Why he didn’t come here and snatch the sculpture but instead offer to purchase it?”

Questions were popping up Bunder’s mind ceaselessly. He then felt hot in his chest.

Cough Cough Cough!

The elderly collector started to cough fiercely.