The Devil's Cage Chapter 1073

Chapter 1073 Killing In The Parlor

Emma Eddie was sitting on the sofa, waiting patiently.

Her eyes were sizing up the extremely simple parlor while her heart was astonished.

Aside from other decorations, the vase on her right when she walked in should be a relic from the late papal era based on its style.

The story of “God giving his blessing to the believers” was carved on it.

After slight observation, Emma Eddie could tell the vase was authentic.

Other than the vase, there was another oil painting from “war era” hanging in the parlor. It had obviously been through restoration but its value was not diminished.

“The vase cost around 150K, the painting is at least 100K… If I can find some interested buyers, they might even pay an extra 20K to 30K!”

“Seems like this Bunder is richer than expected but running into that despicable bastard, you are also an unlucky one,” Emma Eddie sighed.

All she did was release a sigh, she’d never show any sympathy though. Emma Eddie had dealt with these so-called “collectors” more than once and she was very clear on how these people truly were.

They were no different than the thieves and robbers on the street, at most their title would sound more gracious and noble.

Some of them even snatched collections with force or trickery; one would shudder when thinking about their despicable means.

Maybe there were some true collectors out there but Emma Eddie hadn’t met one before and she didn’t hold out any hope for this Bunder.

Her instincts told her the place was filled with malicious intent and danger the moment she stepped into the house, even more so when Bunder came into the parlor.

The slightly well-known collector in Alkender City was in his old age. His hair was as white as snow and his scrawny face had the marks of time. Although he could walk just fine without servants helping him, it wasn’t fast by any means. He spent around 3 to 4 seconds just to walk from the entrance to Emma Eddie, much slower than a common man.

“Good day, Mr. Bunder. I am here on behalf of Sir 2567, I heard that you have a Mordin sculpture in your collection, am I right? I hope to purchase it at a high price.”

Before Bunder spoke, Emma Eddie took the initiative to stand up, greet him and stated the purpose of the visit. While Emma Eddie’s back was filled with sweat, drenching her T-shirt,

Bunder who looked old and clumsy in Emma Eddie’s eyes actually felt like a beast circling its territory and would jump at its prey that invaded its premises with a big bloody mouth.

‘Terrifying old man!’

Emma Eddie never doubted her own instincts, her instincts had saved her more times than she could count and this time was no exception; she got even more careful.

“Sir 2567? Well, how did he know I have a Mordin sculpture here? I don’t mean to boast but I don’t think my men here would leak my collections.” Bunder asked a seemingly casual question.

“Someone sold that information to Sir 2567, but I never met said person before.”

Emma Eddie also replied without hesitation against Bunder’s question. Even if it was a lie, given the circumstance and potential danger, it sounded real; Bunder didn’t notice any flaws in the explanation.

“Is that so? I’m sorry, I do have a Mordin sculpture here but I don’t intend to sell it. A real collector will never sell his own precious collections.”

After a word to himself, Bunder shook his head, rejecting Emma Eddie’s proposition.

“That is unfortunate then. I’ll deliver your answer to Sir 2567 directly. You don’t have to worry though, Sir 2567 isn’t the kind of person who acts recklessly, I am sure he will understand your reasons.”

Emma Eddie then stood up and wanted to leave.

Her heart told her the malicious intent was getting stronger and the danger was increasing; she didn’t want to spend another second in the house.

“I do hope so.”

Seeing Emma Eddie walking away, Bunder lowered his eyelids, covering the viciousness and grudge that almost burst out uncontrollably. After the initial shock, Bunder quickly reacted to what the Glutton Emperor wanted to achieve.

“He is trying to use other’s greed towards Mordin’s sculpture to mess up the situation, thus fish in troubled waters? You are too naive Glutton Emperor! You don’t know who you are messing with! Starting with this woman, I will make you regret teasing me!”

The killer intent in Bunder’s heart grew stronger by the second.

Emma Eddie who was walking away couldn’t help but shiver. Her exceptional senses felt the unpleasant feeling from the collector behind her but she knew she was still safe for the time being. The collector wouldn’t strike her down within his own house, at least not before Emma Eddie left the premises; Emma Eddie wasn’t worried yet.

However, the feeling that something catastrophic was about to happen was like the shadow of death, enshrouding her surroundings and having no intentions of dispersing.

“What now? What will happen?”

Questions kept gushing into her mind which troubled her and caused her to walk even faster. Her hand unconsciously reached out to her new nose stud, touching it.

It might seem like a casual habit but it gave her a sense of safety.


A slight breeze grazed her ears. The slight breeze felt like it was blowing from a lake during a summer night; not just comfortable, it was pleasant and delightful as well.

However, Emma Eddie felt like she fell into an icy abyss as she was frozen on the spot.

The breeze in her senses felt like the north wind that stung her bones. It wasn’t just freezing cold, it was dark as well, like the breath of the grim reaper from mythical times.

The breeze surrounded her, causing the formless barrier around her to ripple. Her platinum nose stud then started to crack and it spread out like a spider web.


Her nose stud broke into pieces but Emma Eddie survived.

When her formless barrier appeared and blocked the breeze, she seized the window and dashed towards the corner, going after the longer sofa outside parlor; it was the best thing she could find as a temporary shield.

A layer of fresh blood appeared from Emma Eddie’s feet and it made her ran even faster. A moment before her formless shield barrier shattered, Emma Eddie ducked behind to sofa.

“How do we leave?”

Emma Eddie lowered her voice and asked Bloodman Odork who appeared beside her quietly.

She didn’t ask why Bloodman was here, nor did she ask what happened because all the little details were not as important as her own life.

Bloodman Odork signaled her to be quiet with his finger and used his powers to corrode the wall behind the sofa.

Meanwhile back inside the parlor, Bunder who covering his own arm had shrunk to a corner. A figure was engaged in battle with Colossal Arms who was enraged because his employer was hurt.

Both of them were engaged in a fierce fight, no one had time for Emma Eddie and Bloodman Odork, nor did anyone hear the weird sound that accompanied the police sirens outside.


Bunder caught the weird sound!

Terrified, he tried to open his mouth to call for help but it was too late.

A dagger came out from the shadows and went through his mouth, stabbing through not only his neck but his slicing his voice box as well.