The Devil's Cage Chapter 1075

Chapter 1075 True And False

Drexton never showed mercy towards the supervillains.

After he strode up to the figure, he dished out his explosive punch.

His punch was like Mt. Tai crashing onto the figure. Before the punch even touched the target, the wind would suffocate the target fist.

Colossal Arms took a turn to the other side, cooperating with the explosive punch by blocking the attacker’s retreat. His hands which looked normal a moment ago bloated up like a balloon within a breath’s time.

When it stopped expanding, his hands were as big as two door planks with a metallic luster glimmering all over. Following the expansion of his arms, Colossal Arms’ strength wasn’t the only attribute that surged, his defense followed suit as well.


The giant punch from Colossal Arms crashed down from behind.

The motion brought up a loud whistle. Although it wasn’t as explosive and powerful like Drexton’s which could suffocate the target, Colossal Arms’ was enough to numb the target’s scalp as well.

However, it seemed like the attacker had only Drexton in his eyes, he didn’t care about Colossal Arms’ attack.

As a matter of fact… the attacker really didn’t care.

The attacker didn’t dodge or move at all, he just stood there, looking straight into Drexton’s punch and ignoring Colossal Arms’ punch from behind.


Colossal Arms’ dual punch was like two giant war hammers crashing on the attacker’s body.

Upon impact, a sonorous metallic clunk sounded like a giant bell was being rung.

The attacker, however, didn’t suffer a scratch at all!

On top of that, the dual giant punch rebounded after the clunking, blasting Colossal Arms backward uncontrollably. He staggered back and crashed into the wall behind him; his arms collided with the beam and ceiling, destroying both.


Without the beam as support, the wall of the parlor crumbled without any resistance after being wrecked.

Dust flew up from the crash site but before it truly formed into a dust cloud, the dust was dispersed by the wind from Drexton’s punch.

With tremendous force, Drexton’s punch landed on the attacker.


Another metallic clunking explosion. It was 10 times louder than before, and the force of the impact was also 10 times more powerful.

A formless energy stream spread out from the point of contact of the knuckle and the body.

The wood and stones that constructed the entire house were blown away as if a typhoon had struck the place. Besides that, everything was ground to shreds by the wind as well.

The attacker staggered backward but was unscathed.

“Hehehehe… Fist of Justice? Not so impressive I see… UGH!”

The strange laugh came from the attacker’s mouth but before his words completely subsided, a mouth full of blood gushed out from his throat.

At the same time, the mask that the attacker was wearing to conceal his identity shattered as well.

Behind the mask was a face that shattered Drexton’s thoughts, stunning him on the spot.

“2567?! Why?”

After being stunned, Drexton looked at ‘Kieran’ with a puzzled and unbelievable gaze.

“Why? For myself of course!”‘Kieran’ laughed softly.

His temperament, tone and small actions, even the aura was exactly the same as the image Drexton had in his mind of Kieran; the more he felt similar, the more confused he was.

Since the last time the two of them interacted, Drexton thought he understood Kieran quite well.

Kieran should be the same with his other friend, Herzer the Wine Barrel, the kind of human being who only minded their own businesses yet held tight to their own convictions and never committed acts that might harm the city.

Drexton trusted himself in this, there was no way he was wrong about Kieran.

Then, there was only one explanation left!

“You were bewitched by Mordin’s sculpture?”

“Don’t worry my friend, I’ll beat the crap out of you, bringing you back to sanity! After this, you will have to pay for the sin you committed today! Fret not, I will be there with you as your friend! How stupid was I to give up on the idea of stopping you from pursuing such a dangerous path after some simple persuasion… this is my mistake as well!”

“Now, I shall correct it!” Drexton took in a deep breath and clenched his fist.


The air exploded the moment Drexton clenched his fist. The Fist of Justice was extremely serious with this upcoming punch! He had to be!

A person that could escape unscathed under his punch despite the first punch having some aspect of testing the target was enough for him to be absolutely serious. Even more so, the person in front of him was the one that he deemed a friend.


Drexton’s explosive punch was launched at its target.

This single punch had resonance with the earth

This single punch contained Drexton’s conviction towards what he believed.

Yet, this single punch… missed!

‘Kieran’ who didn’t dodge or move since the moment he was exposed backed off.

He was retreating at a speed that Drexton couldn’t catch up to. He was like the wind, blowing further away but a fraction of a second later, ‘Kieran’ was thrown back in front of Drexton like a ragdoll being slammed by a truck.

Drexton saw ‘Kieran’ with a shoe print on his face struggling to climb up, he also saw another Kieran coming towards him from further away; Drexton was once again stunned.

“What happened?”

“The clone is fighting with the host?” Drexton suspected.

It wasn’t a secret that the Glutton Emperor had cloning abilities after the battle with Mr. Ghost because, without the restraints for all his clones, Mr. Ghost wouldn’t have gone down that fast.

“It shouldn’t be, right? But both of them shared the same temperament… What the hell is going on?” Willis who was monitoring the fight scene shared the same confusion as well.

However, it didn’t stop him from giving Drexton some constructive advice.

“Boss, I suggest you stay on the sidelines,” Willis said.

“Roger that.” Drexton nodded. His body, however, didn’t budge at all and his eyes were locked on the two Kierans.

Drexton was ready to strike if something went wrong.

“You finally showed up?”

“My host! Too bad, after being influenced by Mordin’s sculpture, you can’t even control your own conscience!”

“What can you do be appearing here? Stop me? Or perhaps you’ll drag me down to the abyss together? After all, we are one! Two bodies, one…”

‘Kieran’ managed to crawl up. He didn’t mind the kick on his face, instead, he gave a frenzied laugh and the words he uttered felt like explanations to Drexton and Willis who was observing the conflict.

Kieran dished out another kick at the bulls*ht speaker.


Similar to the first kick, the second was aimed at the face as well.

‘Kieran’ tried to dodge this time but he couldn’t, Kieran’s kick was like a shadow trailing his face.

Despite the face not being real, Kieran didn’t want others using his face to commit something he was not happy about.

Or rather, it was frustrating enough when a person with the same face appeared before him yet the frustration in his heart didn’t cause him to lose his judgment.

It was a trap!

Everything before him was a trap specifically targeted at him! A seemingly smart trap that was yet full of flaws.

Of course, the reason the imposter set the traps were not just to frame him, the trap had a purpose of testing as well.

“Got noticed eh?”

Kieran muttered to himself softly when he looked up to the sky, spotting the Fire Raven flying over.

However, this was still not the imposter’s true goal.