The Devil's Cage Chapter 1077

Chapter 1077 Key Point

17th Randletine Street, the secret room housing the gold was opened.

Two members of Death Knell were moving the gold away.

The gold was dazzling and tempting under the sunlight, it blinded them from seeing Kieran walking out from the shadows.

“So this is the ability to shuttle through shadows? A very convenient power!”

Kieran used [Mordin’s Seventh Sculpture] to instantly reach his destination. When he recalled the scene during the shuttling, he couldn’t hold his praise back.

It wasn’t the first time he teleported though, once [Lionheart] was activated to its full potential, he could as well with [King’s Step].

However, compared to the mysterious [Lionheart, King’s Step], [Mordin’s Seventh Sculpture] was easier to understand.

The theory was like finding the shortest straight line between two distinct points and connected them with the sculpture’s energy. Then, as if Kieran opened a door that connected both the origin and destination point, the shuttling passageway was presented in front of him; it was magical.

Despite Kieran witnessing all sorts of magical things, he didn’t deny that it surprised him.

Likewise, he was more curious about Mordin’s sculpture that possessed such abilities, but regardless of how curious he was, he knew what he should do.

He quietly snuck up to the two Death Knell members, a hand chop landed on the back of their necks.

Pak! Pak!

Two clear sounds later, the two men were knocked out on the ground.

Meanwhile, the Frost Wolf pup ran out wagging its tail from the shadow in the corner, circling Kieran’s feet.

Kieran carried the pup and caressed its head and back; Kieran automatically smiled.

How could he leave his temporary lodging spot without setting a fail safe?


Kieran looked down at the two unconscious men and recalled the scene that happened in Bunder’s house. He scowled.

“They started a war on two fronts, provoking me and Drexton at the same time. This doesn’t seem like Death Knell’s M.O. Plus that guy who impersonated me, he obviously wanted to incite some misunderstanding between me and Drexton, causing us to turn on each other. These methods…”

Kieran muttered to himself softly, his mind suddenly thought about the Bloody Ridges, the organization that was eliminated a while ago.

Both organizations seemingly distinguished themselves but it struck Kieran as having a familiar style: they used others as puppets in the forefront while the real mastermind hid behind without revealing their true self.

“So is this person in the same group with the mastermind that I killed?” Kieran wondered.

He also didn’t miss out on the key point that happened throughout this period of time. Although it was covered by a series of connected events like layers of mystifying mist, one of Kieran’s fortes was searching for clues in a puzzling situation.

“This should be interesting.”

Kieran smiled lightly before heading back to the study room in order to wait.

He was waiting for Drexton to deliver the imposter in his custody.

Of course, Kieran really did hope the process would be more twisted and more confusing. The best possible outcome was the mastermind himself making a move, thus leaving flaws and clues behind. Unfortunately, to Kieran’s disappointment, the mastermind didn’t.

Drexton arrived at the house without any hindrance.

“Death Knell again!”

Drexton was enraged, growling loudly when he saw the two Death Knell members.

He has zero fondness towards all kinds of supervillains, let alone those criminals that committed despicable acts under his eyes.

The dead Bunder, the emptied out collection room, it made the Fist of Justice eager to lock up all the Death Knell members in jail but he couldn’t locate any of them.

One of the important reasons why Mr. Ghost, Death Knell, and Grudge Dragon were so hard to deal with because of their uncertain whereabouts; they moved around like real ghosts.

Huu, huuu!

Drexton was breathing heavily, calming himself down with deep breaths; it was effective though.

Of course, the cup of tea in his hand played a big part in the calming process.


Calmed, Drexton thanked Ferris.

“You’re welcome,” Ferris replied.

His cold and slightly calm tone was almost identical to Kieran, his icy aura though was colder.

Drexton took an extra glance at Ferris but he didn’t further question him.

Everyone had their secrets, the rules were around to protect these secrets, secrets like the abilities of an extraordinary individual.

Therefore, although curious, Drexton knew what he must do.

Still, the feeling he got from Ferris reminded him of the supervillain Freezer.

Drexton, however, never related both of them together, both of their characters and styles were too distinguished from each other.

He didn’t believe an arrogant criminal like the Freezer would lower his head and serve someone willingly, acting as their butler, cook, and servant.

Naturally, the feeling applied to Bloodman as well.

How could a bluffing bastard that bullied the weak and feared the strong be loyal?

“I really admire you, 2567. You really got yourself some good comrades within such a short time,” Drexton praised.

The Fist of Justice didn’t take Ferris and Odork as Kieran’s servants though, despite them really acting and looking the part, in fact, they should be more like comrades or friends.

It must be that Kieran saved both of them during critical times but both of them couldn’t repay his debt of gratitude, so they decided to follow him for life, acting as his servants. As a friend to both of them, Kieran must have stopped them several times and eventually compromised on the decision.


The romance of men! The friendship! It was the purest thing ever!

Didn’t Drexton act like that back in the days?

That was the beauty of youth!

Drexton couldn’t help but get excited when his head painted the picture of Kieran meeting the two of them. His blood started to boil and his eyes at Kieran become kinder and hotter as well.

“It’s great to be able to call you a friend, 2567!” Drexton said all of a sudden.


Kieran was lifting his teacup while looking at Drexton with a puzzled look. He didn’t know why Drexton said such things all of a sudden but it didn’t stop him from starting the conversation.

“Drexton, did you realize any strange things lately?” Kieran asked.

“Strange things? You mean Death Knell provoking me and you at once?” Drexton was slightly stunned before quickly reacting to the situation.

“That is one of the points. The other is Bunder! Why did Death Knell’s men want to kill a common collector? Are they after his collection? Since they could silently steal what they wanted, why did they still chose to openly challenge you to a fight? It doesn’t really fit the M.O. of Death Knell in my mind,” Kieran said slowly.

It wasn’t the entire speculation and theory that Kieran came up with but it was enough for Drexton to make a move.

Just like Kieran expected, after hearing what he has to say, Drexton immediately parted ways with him.

After making sure Drexton was really gone, Kieran stood up slowly and looked at the captive that impersonated him.

“Mr. Mastermind, you didn’t show yourself which means you have absolute confidence in this imposter right? Hmmm, no, I don’t think so. Since you are so good at inciting others to serve you, how could you trust others?”

“Then… does it mean you have absolute confidence in your abilities? Coincidentally, I have quite the confidence in my Spirit as well!”

Kieran said while he woke the captive up, looking straight into his eyes.

The [Mesly Ring] shined.