The Devil's Cage Chapter 108

Chapter 108: One Shot

Thanks to his [Viper-M1] scope, Kieran could clearly see what was going on within the SUVs.

There was a uniformed man in a bulletproof vest and a mask, armed with machine guns. If it wasnt for the lack of military ranks, Kieran would have thought he used to be in the army.

Kieran doubted any of them were there for tea. The people inside the SUVs were dressed similarly to the sniper that Kieran had just killed. Their only difference was their choice of weapons.

Kieran had no reason to show mercy to his enemies. They would be best dead.


He pulled the trigger again after he climbed up to the garages rooftop.

Using his high-ground advantage, he aimed for the tires of the SUV.

If he had igniting armor-penetrating bullets, he would have aimed for the gas tank, but unfortunately he did not.

What would be more effective than disposing of this threat with a one-shot kill at the gas tank of his enemies SUV?

Truth be told, Kieran could not even get his hands on basic armor-penetrating bullets, let alone on igniting armor-penetrating ones. The game [Shop] did not include any of these things in its basic selling list.

Although there was a chance that normal bullets could penetrate the gas tank and cause an explosion, that chance was so low that Kieran did not even care to risk it.

Especially since he had a better option.

The bullet fired from his [Viper-M1] hit the tire of the SUV he had purposely aimed at, the one in the middle of the squad.

As the speeding SUVs tire was punctured, its left front tire caught fire, sparks flying as the wheel bent out of shape, eventually getting crushed by the force and exploding into pieces.

After a couple more spins, the whole wheel got out of control, and the SUV itself started spinning uncontrollably.

The speeding SUV kept on driving as if it was drunk, moving in a zigzag like a snake crawling on the sand.

The driver tried to control the vehicle, but his effort was in vain. It actually backfired on him instead.


The SUV in the middle tipped to the side and crashed into the front SUV. Its hood was bent and knocked off as the engine started smoking.

The SUV behind them tried to stop as hard as it could, but the distance was too close and the vehicle was going too fast. The effort of the driver was futile.


The last SUV also crashed into the middle one, its front end experiencing an even worse fate than the other vehicle.

The front SUV had stopped instantly when the middle one had crashed into it, wanting to find out what was going on, but instead, it had provided the middle SUV with a point of resistance.

Within a second, the middle SUV had been cramped between the front and back one.

The hard crash caused the middle SUV to start leaking oil. It seemed that the gas tank had been destroyed in the process.

The oil was flowing backwards towards the last SUVs deformed hood, right to where its circuit was sparking.

Sparks were flying everywhere, some of them landing on the leaking oil.

The flammable oil instantly turned into a ball of fire, spreading back towards the crushed gas tank.


Boom! Boom!

A thunderous explosion followed when the gas tank was ignited.

Only two to three seconds had passed from the moment Kieran had pulled the trigger to the explosions of the three SUVs.

The people in the cars did not have any time to react before they were engulfed in flames.

[Explosion: Inflicts 200 Damage to Target HP, Target has equipement, Resisted 50 Damage, 150 True Damage Inflicted, Target dies...]

[Explosion: Inflicts 200 Damage to Target HP, Target has equipement, Resisted 50 Damage, 150 True Damage Inflicted, Target dies...]


Kierans vision was spammed with battlelog notifications, a total of twelve to be exact.

What would be more effective than disposing of this threat with a one-shot kill at the gas tank of his enemies SUV?

The answer was three explosions!

"Kieran! Kieran! Are you okay? Answer me!"

The huge explosion had attracted Larrys attention, who had started to shout Kierans name from the pit.

"Im fine!" Kieran answered.

The cowardly informant did not show his face after Kierans answer, though. Instead, he threw out the attackers shirt and pants like Kieran had done earlier to check that the coast was clear.

After making sure that it was safe for him, he stuck his head out.

He was left in awe by the scene before him. Thick smoke filled the air as a huge fire burned around the remains of the vehicles.

"How How did you do that?" Larry stuttered.

"I just fired a shot," Kieran brushed him off.

Some things were hard to explain to a native, especially when it came to skills.

It was true that Kieran had just fired a shot, but that shot had been reinforced by the Grand Master Level of [Firearm Weapon (Light Firearm)]s knowledge and body synchronization, which had allowed Kieran to make the optimum choice given the situation.

The [Armor Penetration] and [Long Range] attributes of the [Viper-M1] had only made it easier for Kieran to find his target.

As a matter of fact, both had been crucial in order to make that happen.

Without the Grand Master [Firearm Weapon (Light Firearm)], even if hed a better sniper rifle than the [Viper-M1], he would not have been able to pull it off. Similarly, he would not have been able to make it without the [Viper-M1] either.

Larry looked at Kieran with an incredulous expression, but he was smart enough not to ask any questions about his skills.

Larry looked back at the burning vehicles and asked, "Were those here to kill me, too?"

"What if they were?" Kieran countered Larrys question.

"Im not dreaming, right? Since when did I become such a big deal? Why would I have so many assassins on my tail? What trouble have I gotten myself into? Creedo is not strong enough to gather such a number of men! If he was, he would have been the King of the Underworld!"

Larry pulled at his hair as he thought about the situation. It seemed like he needed the pain to remind himself that he was not dreaming.

"Creedo?" Kieran had noticed the name that had escaped Larrys mouth.

"That bastard is also doing business in the gray area, but hes different from me. I only sell information, he will commit all sorts of crimes, from illegal firearm deals to human trafficking! The witness I picked up had also gotten on his bad side. The Morocco Brothers have been hired by him to kill me before!" Larry replied.

"He sounds very powerful," Kieran said about the mysterious man.

"He only sounds like that, my friend! Truth be told, he was suppressed by most people in the business, including me. Theres rules and order in every corner of the city, especially in gang factions. If anyone breaks the rules, we all rise together and attack them. Im actually the most honest and well-behaved man among them!"

Larry was full of mockery and disdain when he mentioned Creedo, but when he talked about himself, he looked proud of his achievements.

As soon as Kieran had learned what he wanted, he did not pay any more attention to the informant.

He quickly headed towards the spot where the sniper had been killed, hoping to find more clues.

As he climbed up to the rooftop, he laid his eyes on the sniper rifle of his deceased enemy.

[Name: Jagdtiger-X1]

[Type: Firearm]

[Rarity: Great]

[Attack: Strong]

[Magazines: 3 Rounds]

[Attributes: Armor Penetration Lvl 2]

[Effects: None]

[Prerequisites: Firearm Weapon (Light Firearm)(Entry)]

[Able to bring out of the dungeon: Yes]

[Remarks: This is a very powerful sniper rifle. Even Medium Armor is no match for it!]


[Armor Penetration Lvl 2: Able to penetrate Medium Armor (Strong Defense)]


Kieran strapped it on his body without hesitation. It was an attribute weapon after all.

Then he looked around and searched the dead body for any clues. He found nothing in the surrounding area, but he discovered a keycard on the snipers corpse.

It had no symbols or pictures on either side. It actually looked like a white paper.

Kieran took the white keycard back to the pit. When Larry saw it in Kierans hand, his face went instantly pale.

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