The Devil's Cage Chapter 1080

Chapter 1080 Package

Line after line of system notifications came up, accurately displaying the rewards that Kieran reaped.

[Consumed special energy, Charles’ Fire enhanced!]

[Detected that Charles’ Fire has reached Transcendence level, authenticating…]

[Bloodline priority passed…]

[Constitution passed…]

[Charles’ Fire leveled up to Devil Burning (Grand Master)]

[Name: Devil Burning (Grand Master)]

[Related Attribute: None]

[Skill Type: Offense]

[Effect: Create a rank I attack Devil Flame from your left hand. Able to burn continuously and cannot be extinguished by water, sand, or other elements. Has the ability to burn souls and consume life energy.]

[Effect: Devil Flame (Your bloodline contains fire, it is your natural gift and also the proof of your identity. You can trigger Devil Flame at will with attack ranks that vary from None, Feeble, Weak, Average, Strong, Powerful, Extreme, and rank I. When charged for 4 seconds, +1 fire elemental damage, has Great chance to trigger Flame Burst effect)]

[Transcendence Option (Charles’ Fire): Rapid Accumulation (Shorten charge time to 2 seconds)]

[Devil Mastery: You can create 2 fireballs at once or alter the original shape of the fireball based on your will. (You can only create 1 fireball when charging and can not alter the original shape)]

[Consume: Stamina]

[Prerequisite: Constitution Z+]

[Remark: This was originally a special spell that didn’t require incantation and casting movement. It was created by the alchemy master fusing ancient hidden techniques and his knowledge! However, it showed extra unison with your bloodline and it called out to the shattered soul in your bloodline. The shattered soul also triggered the spell’s original potential in the same way and caused both to become inseparable, complimenting each other perfectly.]

[Note: You relied on learning and mastery of your bloodline to acquire this skill. Unable to rely on Points and/or Skill Points to level up.]


A fireball then appeared on Kieran’s left hand and it was changing its shape according to his will.

It was long then straight, it was a bird, then a beast, then from one to two.

The scorching heat wave was rumbling in the study room but was controlled perfectly by Kieran’s will. It didn’t go out of control for even a moment, even the books beside him weren’t affected by the fire; Ferris and Odork who were watching the scene stepped back though.




The negative emotions from the fire were too overbearing for both of them. Despite leaving the study room, they couldn’t free themselves from the effects, as if as long as they saw it, they were affected already.

Just as both of them were about to collapse, Kieran extinguished the fire; he looked at his left hand in utmost satisfaction.

Although he didn’t test out the most powerful charging part, the existing effect was enough to send him over the moon.

With the buff from [Fiery Sulfur], a casual fireball had the attack of rank II and would be increased to rank III after charging.

If he were to include the calculation of the trigger effect Flame Burst, [Devil Burning] could be considered as one of his best attacks right now.

On top of that, the other thing that delighted Kieran was that the consumption of Stamina wasn’t too overwhelming despite Devil Flame being increased, it was still within an acceptable range for Kieran to bear.

Most importantly, Kieran still had Mordin’s sculptures in his possession.

“Other than the consumed first, second, third and sixth, there is still the fourth, fifth and seventh, plus the ultimate prize, Hell Breath! According to the sculpture’s rarity sequence, the rest of the sculpture could very well increase Devil Force again.” Kieran calculated in his head.

“Ferris, spread the news that anyone with news of Mordin’s sculptures will get one-tenth of the gold here. The faster they provide the news, the more gold they will get,” Kieran said.

“Yes, boss.” Ferris bowed and walked outside.

“Odork, contact Drexton and increase the reward from the original one,” Kieran continued.

“Yes, boss.” Odork also moved right away.

While listening to the steps of his men moving away, Kieran sat back in the chair.

He was determined to get Mordin’s sculptures before this anyway and now, his determination was only strengthened.

Likewise, he was also eager to flush out the mastermind that possessed Hell Breath.

In fact, Kieran believed the mastermind also eagerly wanted him dead.

Kieran had foiled the mastermind’s plans more than once and if wills could kill, Kieran might be dead ten times over.


Just as Kieran was about to move, a person appeared within his senses and paused his movements.

Dong, Dong, Dong!

“Good day, package delivery. Please receive it.”

After a series of knocks on the door, a young and familiar voice sounded.

Kieran opened the door and saw Emma Eddie outside and shifted his gaze to the package in her hands.

From the looks of it, the package was nothing special but how could a package be normal if it appeared in 17th Randletine Street at this particular timing?

“This is?”

Kieran pointed at the package.

“A stranger gave it to me. No bad intentions and it struck me as a good luck package! You must believe my instincts!”

Emma Eddie explained the package. Then she seemed to have noticed her talking didn’t really fit her style, so she pushed the package into Kieran’s hands and entered the room.

“It’s fine if you don’t believe me. You can throw it away if you like. I didn’t open it but I assure you the package is clean,” Emma Eddie elaborated as she quickly walked away.

Though before she entered the room, Emma Eddie took a glance at Kieran.

However, she noticed Kieran didn’t even care about her presence, instead, his attention was captivated at the package at hand; Emma Eddie slammed the room door when he walked in.


The slam echoed throughout the house but didn’t interrupt Kieran at all.

With Emma Eddie’s emphasis, Kieran carefully opened the package.

After tearing away the tape and opening the box, the contents inside were revealed to be a mobile phone.

A brand new phone with sim card inserted and fully charged.



The phone rung with vibration.

Kieran squinted his eyes and answered the phone; he also walked outside the study room.

Since the phone call came in such a timely manner, Emma Eddie must be under the person’s radar.

“Greetings 2567. We “meet” again. I know its a little odd for us to “meet” like this but it’s because of your vigilance. I think we can be more honest with each other.” A sinister voice came from the other side of the phone.

“Honest? Since when did a rat that plays hide and seek decide to come out to the light?”

Kieran sized up the street block and didn’t get anything; he replied to the voice with a mocking comment.

“I too want to live under the sun but too bad, I am Death Knell. Of course, as someone about to join Death Knell, you should cherish the sunlight as well.” The sinister voice laughed.

The laugh sounded like a the neighs of the Night Owl.

Kieran was stunned.

“Join Death Knell?”

“This guy is one of Death Knell?”