The Devil's Cage Chapter 1083

Chapter 1083 One Step Ahead

Chapter 1083: One Step Ahead

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“What the hell did you do? Why my setup is not working?”

Pudder was panting heavily, his eyes were red as he questioned Kieran with a furious tone.

“I am not alone you know.”

Kieran was circling Pudder slowly, shaking his head as he spoke.

“Impossible! Impossible! Every single one of your men, including that woman Emma Eddie, is under my watch! It’s impossible for you to get close to the place where I store Hell Breath! NO! You shouldn’t have found where I store Hell Breath!”

Pudder was growling furiously. Obviously, he couldn’t accept the fact and even his words became messy.

“I really can’t but why do I have to do all the guessing? Wherever one walks, traces and scents will be left behind. The scent, however, was vague for most people, even the extraordinary individuals but for a certain animal, it was as obvious as a drawing.” Kieran chuckled.

“YOUR DOG?!” IT FOUND WHERE I STORE HELL BREATH?! It snuck in and destroyed my setup?” Pudder was stunned for a while before quickly reacting to what happened.

He started to grind his teeth out of the embarrassment and rage because he couldn’t believe he would fail because of a dog; he saw that dog before.

It seemed like a dumb husky, other than tearing the house apart, it would destroy furniture and decorations. There was nothing noticeable around the husky, on top of that, Pudder even saw Kieran scold the husky when it tore a pillow.

“Those are all acts for me?” Pudder asked in a low grudgeful voice.

“Nope. It is like that sometimes. Nature I guess.”

Kieran shook his head again after some deep thought.

The hybrid Frost Wolf pup’s maternal bloodline was really strong sometimes, even stronger than its paternal bloodline as it almost overpowered its instinct, thus making it look like a dog rather than a Frost Wolf with a prestigious feeling; Kieran didn’t care though.

Both of them then entered a strange, awkward silence.

2 to 3 seconds later, Pudder laughed again.

“Very well! I admit I lost this round but I will win the next!”

As he spoke, he pulled out a dagger and stabbed it into his abdomen.

The seemingly suicidal act out of defeat shook Drexton and Colossal Arms but what was more shocking was the wicked and cunning aura that started to appear on Pudder’s body. It assaulted Drexton’s and Colossal Arms’ face, causing a gloomy coldness in their bones.

It felt like a venomous snake crawling around their spine, not just cold but slippery.

Uncomfortable! Unusually uncomfortable!

“What is this?”

Drexton and Colossal Arms twisted their bodies in discomfort, their gaze at Pudder was anxious and doubtful.

If Pudder was considered to have an excellent physique because of dodging Kieran’s kick before, the current aura that came from him was already at a dangerous level.

Everyone had different means to counter the danger.

Some chose to run, some chose to solve the danger at hand.

After a deep breath, Drexton clenched his fist hard.

“Hold on, Fist of Justice. If you don’t want anything happening to your little assistant, best you put away your fist. And you, Mr. Big Arms, your men are also under my control as well!”

“As for you? Well in order to calm you down, I didn’t really do anything to your men, just like how you numbed me by using your men to search for Mordin’s sculpture around the city. However, you will face the ultimate defeat, I bet it is too late for you to feel regret, right?”

“Fortunately, I always prepare a backup plan for myself every time. Whenever the first one fails, the backup will always redeem everything. So long my enemy! Your lucky is really something but it ends here! DIE!”

Pudder allowed his abdomen to bleed freely as his body was enshrouded by the wicked aura. His gaze at Kieran was hateful and full of resentment, his voice was dark and cold as if it was from the deepest part of hell.

This time around, not just Drexton and Colossal Arms but the entire Smorewill Street felt it; it was denser than before.

The criminals panted heavily.

Ruthless thoughts of slaughter flooded their mind. Their eyes turned red as they picked up their weapons and walked out the street. They were heading towards Kieran, Drexton, and Colossal Arms.

“Kill them! Use their blood to wash away my insult! Use their souls to start a second Printon! This place will become a second heaven for us!”

Pudder roared loudly.

The common criminals and supervillains that loomed the street walked out, shouting loudly at the trio and launched a charge at them.

Drexton and Colossal Arms were in a battle ready stance but Kieran laughed instead.

“So this is your backup plan? Frankly speaking… it’s quite disappointing.”

Kieran shook his head. The contempt in his expression agitated Pudder.

“Kill him! The first one who kills him will be rewarded with the highest reward, I will… UGH!”

Before Pudder’s encouraging words finished, it stopped and he couldn’t continue anymore.

A layer of white, tender and tenacious light shone across Smorewill Street, enveloping everything in its brightness.

[Seal of Dawn]!

A huge [Seal of Dawn] that covered the entire Smorewill Street appeared before everyone.

All was showered by the white tenacious light.





Such presences were washed away one after another and were replaced by never before felt, or more accurately, forgotten feelings; it started to fill every inch of the street.





And… Lovers!

No matter how dark the person was, slight memories started to come afloat in their minds at the moment, they started to get a hold of the warmth they felt.

The charging criminals unconsciously slowed down to an eventual stop.

They looked at each other and were at a loss.

Another person who was at loss for what was occurring was Pudder. He was looking at Kieran with a gaze of disbelief.

“How? How did you set this up beforehand? How did you know I had my own setup? How!? HOW!?”

After his backup plan failed, Pudder seemed to have lost it and questioned Kieran loudly.

This time, however, Kieran didn’t answer because of his habits. He had said enough for the sake of probing for information.


It was time to deal with Pudder once and for all.


A 20-meter light sword shone brightly in Kieran’s hands.

A single slash of the sword and all evil will collapse.

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