The Devil's Cage Chapter 1088

Chapter 1088 Food Changes Fate

Alkender Public Charity Hospital was the biggest hospital in the city. It also accepted all kinds of patients into its doors.

Of course, given the title, the hospital’s equipment, and hardware were far from the average level. The doctors and nurses’ pay were the lowest of all the hospitals.

Frankly speaking, the doctors and nurses that worked in this hospital didn’t work for the pay.

The hospital’s name had said it all.

“Charity? It’s nothing but the hypocritical capitalist’s way to boast of their fortune! These things shouldn’t exist! Destroy it!”

Bomber Maniac who was dressed in some shabby clothes and acting like a homeless man laughed softly.

He was approaching the hospital step by step, just like the other homeless people seeking refuge in the hospital.

His eyes already spotted the bastards that were captivated by the title of those hypocrites.


A giant hand landed on Bomber Maniac’s shoulder without a sign.

When he reacted to the palm on his shoulder, his body was clamped away.

“You people really dare come here eh? Ballsy!”

Reeking of alcohol, the voice sounded with indescribable rage, the bloated body of the palm owner was like the city walls as he put Bomber Maniac into the shadows close by.

“W-Wine Barrel!?”

Bomber Maniac shouted out of panic. He wasn’t a coward by any means but the man before him was too frightening.

Everyone knew Alkender City was the home to two famous superheroes, Fist of Justice, Drexton and Wine Barrel, Herzer.

The commoners respected both of them and praised their brave acts.

The criminals and super criminals feared and hated them, especially Wine Barrel!

If the criminals could choose, they would rather Fist of Justice arrest them 10 times before Wine Barrel apprehended them once.

Because compared to the law-abiding Fist of Justice, Wine Barrel didn’t care about all of that; Herzer would take out any criminal that he laid eyes on.

Once he thought about the ending of the others, Bomber Maniac shivered uncontrollably.

He felt the killing intent from Wine Barrel already.

However, just as he thought he was done for, a stiff voice was heard from further away, “Mark, are you bullying others again? How many times have I told you not to bully others! I’ll expel you if you continue like this! And as a caretaker, you should be taking out the garbage right now!”

As the voice sounded, a middle-aged woman with the doctor’s robe walked over.

Her face was as stiff as her voice, making her extremely unfriendly looking, plus the pressuring manner, one would very much dislike her at first sight but Wine Barrel, Herzer… No, caretaker, Mark acted like a mouse before a cat in front her; he was frightened on the spot.

It was hard to imagine that a rugged man taller than 2 meters with a bloated waist and a face with a rough beard would be a yes-man in front of a thin woman who was less than 1.6 meters talls.

However, it was a common scene within the hospital and a lot of people responded to the scene with a smile.

“Ellen, you know… a lot of them don’t have good habits, I am just telling them the dos and don’ts before entering the hospital… Right, kid?”

As he spoke, the giant palm squeezed tighter and the frightened Bomber Maniac passed out before he even reacted to what happened.

“Ellen! This kid fainted! Seems to be suffering from malnutrition! Where should I take him?”

The caretaker Mark grabbed the unconscious Bomber Maniac and asked.

“Body is scrawny but doesn’t seem to be malnourished, the temperature is normal… Hurry, to ward 3-102! I need the scanner to do a full body check up!”

The doctor named Ellen ran up to Bomber Maniac and performed a quick check up but the results made the doctor anxious.

The duty of a medic softened the doctor’s stiff face, the feeling of irritation flew away under the sunset’s glory and it added a layer of holistic color to her expression.

Although it wasn’t the first time, Mark was still infatuated by that look, until the doctor had to rush him.

“Mark! Hurry up!”

“Okay! Okay!”

“Carry the patient with both hands, don’t grab him like some package!”

“Oh, okay!”

As the voice subsided, Willis who was on Olinde Street, the headquarters of the Hero Alliance heard and saw every scene. He couldn’t help but facepalme.

He really didn’t want to admit that the tall guy who acted like a chicken in front of Doctor Ellen was the superhero Wine Barrel that shared the same fame as his boss, but it was an undeniable fact.

“Each time I see him, I can’t help but doubt my life… Wait, no, it’s my judgement and aesthetic perception, everything! Fortunately, this time around, he isn’t included in the plan.”

Willis took a few deep breaths to adjust his condition.

Then he continued his duty.

As the “eyes” and “ears” of Hero Alliance, he was naturally tasked with overseeing the situation, making sure everyone was alive. After he did so, he reported back to Drexton.

“Boss, all done.”

“Roger that.”

“I’ll try to work with others in the downtown area. I’ll leave Smorewill Street to you and the Glutton Emperor.”

After ending the “conversation”, Willis took the burger beside him.

His abilities consumed his stamina, especially using it overt a long period of time, the stamina consumption was quite shocking.

While the best choice to replenish stamina was to rest or eat and given the circumstance, eating became his only option.

A big bite of the beef burger that he liked so much and a big sip of the sparkling orange juice.

Willis’”eyes” kept changing scenes as he had to watch each and every area.

When he switched to the police station, he saw the real Chief Officer Pudder grabbing a big backpack and a box into the car, trying to drive to Smorewill Street. Willis was stunned right away.

“Chief, hold up! You need to rest! The battle there is not something a commoner can participate in!”

Using his own abilities, Willis’ voice clearly entered Pudder’s ears.

“Rest? I’ve rested enough!”

“That is not a battle that I can participate in? Since I am heading there, I don’t expect to come back alive! Those reckless bastards that ignore the law, someone needs to teach them a lesson about abiding it!”

“And you, voluntary police, don’t simply talk to my mind!”

After Pudder was freed from Thousand-faced Man’s imprisonment, the chief officer drove his car and sprinted towards his destination. His voice was very angry, similar to his actions right now; he didn’t even listen to advice.

Willis then contacted his boss after Pudder ignored his advice a few times.

Pudder might not be likable but Willis couldn’t let him die like this.

“Boss, the C.O. is heading towards Smorewill Street.”

“How can I make him listen to my advice?”

“Fine, I’ll contact the Knight.”

Willis then contacted the Knight who was responsible for the frontal assault on Smorewill Street. He continued contacting the other superheroes who were defending various location throughout the city; he was as busy as a worker bee.

Therefore, he didn’t notice a shadow that was slowly floating around the office’s corner.

“Hehehehe, Willis the Eye. Kill you and Drexton’s plan will fall apart! Hehehe, you people are too careless! How can you not guard the key piece in your plans? You people really thought Machinist’s defensive mechanism was that safe?”

Shadow Freak, another supervillain was slowly approaching Willis. He reached Willis’ side and raised his palm, transforming it into a shadow longsword; the shadow sword was swung down hard and there was no sound made or widn generated from its movements.

Willis’ body would be slashed in half since he was not skilled in close combat.

However, just as the shadow sword was swung down, the patty from Willis’ burget fell off the bun.

To Willis, the patty was the essence of the burger, how could he simply let it slip away?

Willis bent his body down without a second thought and grabbed the patty before it touched the floor.

“10 points!”

As his finger felt the warmth of the patty, Willis smiled and commented on his own action.



The desk was slashed in half.

The burgers on the table were scattered on the floor and some were destroyed by the shadow sword.

Willis bit the patty and did a quick side roll after the initial shock. He turned around with a slightly frightened look.

“Lucky bastard! But can you dodge the next? DIE useless trash! Call your boss to save you, but I assure you before they even reach here, I’ll slice and dice…”

Shadow Freak missed his first strike, so he revealed himself directly, commenting on Willis’ luck in disdain but before his mocking even finished, Shadow Freak was frozen on the spot because an aura locked him down.

The feeling was like prey being locked onto by a beast in the forest.

No! Not a beast! A vicious monster!

A monster that woke up from the primordial land and was extremely hungry now!

“YOU! How dare you! How dare you destroy my food! My food!!”

“Kill you! I’ll kill you!”

Stuttering, Gluttony suddenly appeared behind Shadow Freak, grabbing his head single-handedly and squeezed his head like a ball.


The head was crushed and its brain was splattered everywhere.