The Devil's Cage Chapter 1090

Chapter 1090 A Sincere Greeting


The ground trembled fiercely.

A few spots in Smorewill Street started to collapse and sink into the ground.

The collapses that occurred throughout the street caused a slight pause in the fierce battle. The good extraordinary individuals who were at a disadvantage because of the numbers then showed smiles on their faces one after another and the supervillains felt anxious and doubtful.

The supervillains knew what the collapsing meant.




The extraordinary individuals were strong without a doubt but they would be weak without food and water. Even more so since they had to consume even more food to maintain their powers.

Now, the source that their survival relied on was destroyed!

Unless they were confident enough to destroy the opponents before them, they would have no hope in winning this conflict.

However, whenever the supervillains remembered that Fist of Justice, Wine Barrel, and Glutton Emperor hadn’t shown up, they didn’t hold high hopes.

They knew what the difference between their own strength and the strength of the three were.

Bullying the weak had always been a cherished excellent tradition of the supervillains.

As for challenging the strong?

Stop joking! Such a valiant act didn’t exist in their hearts.

If these supervillains were some decent soldiers that understood discipline or some commoners that understood fighting for the good fo the majority, they might be able to unite their wills and advance in a bold manner and create miracles with their own hands.

Unfortunately, they were not. The super criminals had no discipline and no thoughts towards anyone but themselves. They were actually forced to gather in the street and fight this battle; some even came here to vent their stress.

The supervillains were selfish, bloodthirsty, and they’d rather trust themselves than friends.

Everything was destined, wasn’t it?

“It’s time for our counterattack!”

Knight yelled loudly.

In fact, even without the reminder, the good extraordinary individuals had started to turn the tides around.

The supervillains which had the advantage of numbers but were filled with doubts and anxiety had started to fail and fall back.


Deeper inside Smorewill Street, after the electricity was cut off and the backup generator kicked in, the thin young man was shocked when he saw the supervillains failing back on his screens. He couldn’t hold back his anger and punched the control panel in front of him.

The tremendous force immediately bent the metallic control panel, sparks flew around as the wires sprung out.


The thin young man cursed heavily but soon enough, the cursing became a sinister muttering to himself.




Each time he uttered the name to himself, his pitch would get higher and in the end, it turned into a heavy soundwave, echoing across the room and shattering the still intact screens.

He knew how the clowns out there achieved this.

Other than Drexton, no one else could fool his senses and he also knew Drexton have strained himself in order to achieve this.

It was an opportunity!


The thin young man took in a deep breath, swiftly regulating his condition.

“You think you’ve won? You have no idea what mistake you just made! Is it that new Glutton Emperor gave you the confidence to do this? I’ll show you how ridiculous your thoughts are!”

The thin young man walked outside as he muttered to himself.

He knew even if he spread the news to the supervillains outside, it was useless. That useless garbage would only doubt is words, thinking that it was just a trick that he threw out.

The supervillains would only believe him when the facts were right before them.


Once he thought he had to prove something to those pieces of trash that he disdained, the thin young man couldn’t hold back his cold grunts.

However, the cold grunts brought out a figure from the shadows in the corner of the room.

A figure with a masked face and concealed physique appeared before the thin young man.

“Long time no see, Krelin!”

The person greeted the thin young man with a sinister voice but the young man didn’t buy it and raised a punch towards the person.


The wind from the punch whistled hard and it rattled the mask and the hood of the person. However, the person was concerned about something else hidden in the wind from the punch.

Without a second thought, the person took a step back and retreated.

“I don’t mean anything, Krelin. I am just here to give you a reminder.”

“Be careful of Glutton Emperor. He is different.”

The punch stopped, so did the wind that followed.

The thin young man seemed to be interested regarding the difference in Kieran.

The person was slightly relieved when the attack stopped and tried to continue with his words but the moment his mouth opened, the paused punch continued its attack.


The person widened their eyes suddenly.

He knew the thin young man was frantic and crazy but he didn’t know it was beyond the stage of proper communication.

The person had to put his hands up in a cross defensive posture to withstand the punch.


The person was sent flying by the punch after an explosion similar to that of dynamite.

The tremendous force caused cracking in the person’s bones and tore away a lot of his flesh. More importantly, corrosive energy started to invade his organs.

After falling to the ground the person pressed his hand on the ground as grimaced from the pain of his organs being assaulted.

The moment his hand touched the ground, the ground cracked and crumbled, debris was sent flying everywhere. Each of the smaller debris had a different level of corrosion on it as well.

The person who should have suffered a fatal blow stood up just like that and glared at the thin young man with utmost viciousness.

“Grudge Dragon!” The person shouted the title.

“What’s wrong, Death Knell?” The thin young man crossed his arms and laughed coldly.

The confrontation between the two notorious supervillains caused the imposing manner on both sides to increase rapidly.

Their formless auras then turned into cyclones, ravaging the area.

However, just as the imposing aura reached its peak, Death Knell suddenly stepped into the darkness.

Grudge Dragon was stunned for a while before his disdainful laughs came.

“You really become as cowardly as a rat after you went to that place! Or do you think he poses a treat to me?”

Grudge Dragon lifted his hand and dished out another punch.


The whistle from the punching wind sounded again but unlike the previous destructive one, this time the punching wind turned into a formless hand and grabbed Colossal Arms who was quietly approaching.

Colossal Arms’ arms expanded quickly but his bloated arms didn’t do him any good.

The strength that Colossal Arms took pride in back in the day was nothing before the punching wind. He wasn’t just caught in the wind, the toxin hiding in the punching wind rapidly entered his body as well.

The toxin was the most poisonous kind!

When Colossal Arms was pulled in front of Grudge Dragon, he was already on his last breath.

Grudge Dragon grinned viciously when Colossal Arms was in front of him. The white teeth shined in an unusual way under the dark underground space.

“Grudge Dragon, I’ve brought you the most sincere greeting from everyone! You m**f*cker!

Colossal Arms said weakly.

Then, a weird noise went off in his backpack.