The Devil's Cage Chapter 1091

Chapter 1091 My True Power

Grudge Dragon’s face slightly changed but he wasn’t at all panicked.


A cold grunt later, the punching wind that was grabbing Colossal Arms divided into two.

One half of the wind turned into a poisonous shield in front of Grudge Dragon which shielding him from the damage and the other half grabbed the backpack on Colossal Arms and threw it far away like an arrow let loose.

In order to throw the bag of explosives away in the shortest time possible, Grudge Dragon purposely cut the straps away from Colossal Arms. Though, he didn’t spare Colossal Arms.


Blazing light burst up to the sky.

Amidst the huge explosion, the whole underground area shook and dust clouds filled the narrow space.

The poison wind around Grudge Dragon was dispersing the dust around him, allowing him to extend his hand towards the already unconscious Colossal Arms.

Dak, Dak, Dak.

Just as his palm was about to grab Colossal Arms, a series of footsteps were heard.

A figure walked through the mystifying dust clouds and slowly approached Grudge Dragon.


“Hahahahah! How dare you appear before me? Seems like the smooth progress lately made you quite ballsy!”

When he saw Kieran coming closer, Grudge Dragon was stunned for a moment before he laughed wholeheartedly.

His laughter had joy but most of it was contempt.

His habit of looking down on everyone and everything distorted his personality, thus giving birth to his contempt for all.

As the minority that stood on the top of Alkender City, Grudge Dragon indeed had the right to do so.

After all, from how he viewed it, Kieran was no one before this, despite showing off some strange abilities, what could he really achieve?

All Kieran did was coincidentally restrain Mr. Ghost with his strange abilities.

Other than that, what else did he achieve?

Slither Bone, Predator, and Ironjaw Croc?

What a joke!

Ironjaw Croc who others boasted so much about was nothing but an ant that he could pinch to death any moment.


Grudge Dragon stopped laughing and dished out his punch with a cold glare.


The poisonous punching wind instantly enshrouded Kieran, and… that was it.

The punching wind that could bind Colossal Arms was useless against Kieran as he continued to slowly walk forward.

The toxin that could corrode organs were ignored by Kieran.

Line after line of Constitution authentications appeared and Kieran passed all of them without exception.

Kieran’s Constitution has reached New I rank, if the toxin wasn’t in the higher order, it wouldn’t inflict any damage to him.

As if a strong breeze was blowing on his face, Kieran slowly walked forward to the unconscious Colossal Arms.

When Kieran was less than 3 meters away from Colossal Arms, he took another step out that whipped up a strong wind.

There was no whistle, no raging roar, and the strong wind was almost silent.

Kieran’s face was calm as usual but the strong wind was like knives tearing down the poisonous wind shielding Grudge Dragon.


A loud bang later, the poisonous wind dispersed into nothing. Kieran stepped up and stood in front of Colossal Arms.

Kieran tilted his head down at Colossal Arms. His eyes had a faint sense of admiration and respect instead of mockery.

No matter what reason Colossal Arms had to be here, he still came despite knowing he would be dead and it was enough to earn respect from anyone.

‘You may cherish life and not want to be a hero but when coming across one, please give the hero the respect he deserves.’

The heroes did something commoners never would have done; they were known as the great ones.

A white light shined from Kieran’s hand.

[Expel Toxin]!


The transformed divine energy was driven by Dawn Force and was washing away the toxin in Colossal Arms’ body, healing his injuries.

But, Grudge Dragon’s attack didn’t stop.


The heavy air-whistle sounded once more from the punch.

This time, it wasn’t the poisonous punching wind anymore but a real authentic punch towards Kieran.

Under the numbing air whistle, the punch which was smaller than a common adult felt like a giant hammer being swung down. The punch didn’t just try to break Kieran’s bones, it wanted to crush him to bits.


The punch landed on Kieran’s chest, right in the middle of [Devourer Shadow Mail]!

Grudge Dragon was delighted at first before he froze.

The previous scene told him that his poisonous punching wind was useless against Kieran but he was quite confident in his own strength as well.

He had the confidence to kill Kieran with one punch.

As for the armor on Kieran’s body?

Even the steel exterior of a tank couldn’t withstand a single blow from his punch, let alone the soft mail.

However, the Devourer’s energy from the dark mail shook Grudge Dragon.

He clearly felt that his powers were being absorbed!

Grudge Dragon retracted his fist to a retreat and looked at Kieran with a doubtful and anxious gaze.

“You from that place as well? So what if you are? I’m from that place as well!”

Grudge Dragon answered his own question.

His expression was vicious and twisted in a bad way, his body even started to bloat up like a balloon.

Within a single breath’s time, the thin young man transformed into a monster with a human face. All four of its limbs were crawling on the ground and had a body with scales and a tail like a crocodile.

“Know why people called me the Grudge Dragon?”

“Because of my current looks? Or the lousy toxins?”

“No! No! All wrong! My power, my true power, is the plague! The plague that can ravage hundreds of thousands of lives, destroy the prosperity of a city, and turn it into a dead place in a single night!”

A special energy gushed out from the seams of the crocodile scales.

The energy was outrageously so strong that it started to distort the space around Grudge Dragon.

Layers of visions started to appear out of the void!

Lives were lost!

Dead bodies across a desolated land!




A series of agonizing cries, and excruciating wails.

Prayers could be heard after the horrifying sounds but there was no hope!

Death ravaged the land ceaselessly, relentlessly!

A dragon-like monster started a rampage on the land, the Gods turned a blind eye and turned around.

The mortals were in despair, the gate to eternal hell was opened and it would never close.

The father died.

The mother died.

The wife died.

The daughter died.

The son died.

Terrifying shocks happened one after another, causing the knight in the past to struggle in despair.

He was looking at the desolated farm, looking at the graves of his kin.

He picked up the sword that he has laid down, he wore the armor that he had put away.

He started a journey of isolation.

The weird visions then stopped. It didn’t mean anything, didn’t cause any changes, and didn’t continue on about what happened.

It was nothing but fillers! The fillers were trying to stall Kieran.

However, when the visions stopped, Grudge Dragon did not.

While the attack was still going, Death Knell who was still hiding in the shadows appeared as well.

It was a hard to come by chance!

Death Knell’s eyes were shining with an unknown glare as he reached out to the dagger and drove it towards Kieran’s neck; the two notorious villains attacked from the front and rear!


Grudge Dragon roared once again.

Kieran, however, turned a deaf ear to the monster and even turned a blind eye.

He turned around and faced Death Knell saying, “Finally you showed up.”