The Devil's Cage Chapter 1092

Chapter 1092 Masterpiece

Kieran’s cold words and his unchanged expression struck fear in Death Knell’s heart.

But when he saw Grudge Dragon dishing out his attack behind Kieran, Death Knell made the same decision as well.

Kieran was indeed strange but Death Knell knew how powerful Grudge Dragon was.

Especially after that place, Death Knell understood Grudge Dragon’s power even more. After all, he was the descendant of…

The sixth generation descendant!


Death Knell drove his dagger towards Kieran even faster, creating a unique buzz.

It didn’t tear the air but it vibrated!

The small dagger vibrated ceaselessly and the vibration shook the air, trying to shatter its target: Kieran’s neck.

Death Knell didn’t stop even when he saw Kieran raise his left hand, it was because Grudge Dragon’s attack already landed.


A loud bang later, Grudge Dragon’s body expanded a few times more, enlarging himself to the size of a truck. Had his truck-like body crashed onto Kieran’s back, the force created by the momentum would have caused a great impact upon contact, it was basic physics that would never change but yet it did here!

The tremendous force and the kinetic energy fueled Grudge Dragon’s bloodline power and at the moment of impact, the force assaulted Kieran like the rising tide.

It was the plague! The plague that would reap the lives of millions!

Although Death Knell knew Grudge Dragon’s powers from that place, he was still shaken when he saw it with his own eyes for the first time.

Unlike the filler illusions from before, Death Knell truly felt a sense of despair in his heart.

“I think even my abilities couldn’t have diverted such power!”

The thought that appeared in Death Knell’s mind delaying his attack.

Then, his selfish nature quickly took control of his body, transforming Death Knell’s vicious attack into nothing as he quickly stepped away.

Death Knell didn’t want to be caught in that destructive power of despair.

Death Knell was fast when he attacked but he was faster when he retreated; Kieran was faster than him though.


A line of fire rose up in Kieran’s left hand and it was turned into a flaming whip, entangling Death Knell before he truly escaped.

“You’re being reckless here!”

Death Knell who was caught by the flaming whip didn’t panic, instead, he shouted in disdain.

From Death Knell’s point of view, being hit by Grudge Dragon’s attack and still tangling with him was a suicidal act. One should be reasonable by drawing distance from Grudge Dragon upon impact and cutting losses as quickly as possible.

Which meant, Kieran should cut off his body parts that had contact with Grudge Dragon.

It might be insufferable and cause excruciating pain, it might even cripple him for life but anything was better than death.

But soon enough, Death Knell’s face changed for the worse.

He felt something different from the flaming whip, it felt like…

“You are also from that place?! Too bad…”

As for what Death Knell was trying to say, he couldn’t finish before he was interrupted by Grudge Dragon’s agonizing cry.

Similar to glue, Grudge Dragon got stuck to Kieran’s back after the impact. He cried in agony ceaselessly and struggled to get away from Kieran but the powerful suction force from Kieran forbid Grudge Dragon from doing so.

The bloodline Grudge Dragon had was indeed powerful and given the level of power, his bloodline had reached a certain level of purity.

Everything from Grudge Dragon was the plague and the power of the plague was the best supplement for the [Knights of Plague Body Tempering Art]!

The Plague Force that was slowly flowing in Kieran’s body was suddenly excited after the impact as if the energy transformed from running with both legs to accelerating with a supercar.

When the special effect [Absorb Plague] was activated, the accelerating Plague Force further transformed into a giant vortex, absorbing the supplements outside.

Ultimately, when Kieran’s Plague Force reached a certain maximum operating speed, the bloodline power in Grudge Dragon was ripped out of him!

Bit by bit!

In the end, the energy was sucked away like a broken damn.

Grudge Dragon cried out in agony even louder, he tried to stop it but he couldn’t at all.

His giant body started to shrink rapidly, his agonizing cry turned into a dying wail. It was getting quieter and eventually… silence!

[Absorbed special bloodline power, Knights of Plague Body Tempering Art level +1]

[Knights of Plague Body Tempering Art reached Transcendence]

[Acquired Transcendence Option: Plague Arrow]

[Name: Knights of Plague Body Tempering Art (Transcendence)]

[Related Attribute: Constitution]

[Skill Type: Ancillary]

[Effect: After going through a dangerous start, you have learned the body tempering art that people dreaded, Constitution +7 (Basic +1, Entry +1, Master +1, Pro +1, Grand Master +1, Musou +1, Transcendence +1)]

[Special Effect: 1. Absorb Plague; 2. Release Plague; 3. Tenacious Body]

[Transcendence Option: Plague Arrow]

[Consume: Stamina]

[Prerequisite: Constitution S]

[Remark: This is the origin of the plague, it has limited benefits to you but it bears a destructive power.]

[Note: You have acquired this skill through learning, not through a Skill Book. Therefore, you cannot upgrade it with Points and Skill Points. If you want to level it up, you will need to continue learning or acquire a Skill Book!]

[Absorb Plague: Absorb plague energy at a considerable speed and has a 10-meter radius range]

[Release Plague: Release plague energy in an extreme speed]

[Tenacious Body: Gains +5 buff on any Constitution authentication]

[Plague Arrow: Gather the Plague Force in your body and form a plague arrow with Extreme attack. Requires 3 hours to create 1 arrow, able to create at most 3 arrows at a time. The arrow has a firing range of 50 meters, able to fire 1 arrow at locked-on target or all 3 at once. No bow required when firing Plague Arrow].

[Eliminated key character: Grudge Dragon, Krelin, treated as early completion of main mission…]

[Main mission completed, player will leave the dungeon in 10 seconds…]

[Please take whatever items you wish to keep with you.]

[Note: Any items that exceed the maximum weight will be discarded!]

The moment Grudge Dragon Died, a series of notifications popped up on Kieran’s vision but he didn’t shift his gaze away from Death Knell.

Therefore, Kieran clearly caught the drastic changes on Death Knell’s face, it was horror!

Death Knell was trembling in fear before Kieran.

“Third generation?”

“No! NO!”

“At least second generation! But how is this possible? Why would a second-generation descendant of “him” would appear?!”

After he felt the presence similar to the plague flash over Kieran’s body, it didn’t just strike horror in Death Knell, it caused more questions as well.

Countless questions flooded Death Knell’s mind but he didn’t linger on the unsolved questions because he knew he would be able to figure it out if he stayed alive.

If he died, everything will be finished.

Death Knell activated his own powers when the thought bloomed.

He didn’t have to conceal his ace anymore in the face of death.

The flaming whip that bound Death Knell was shifted to the ground when he himself transformed into a ghastly shadow and flew towards the shadow at the corner at extreme speed.

The speed in which he flew off was unimaginable but what more unimaginable was Death Knell himself!

He was in ghost form!

Under all that layers of concealment, Death Knell was a ghost!

Although he didn’t emanate the negative aura of a ghost, it struck Kieran with the same presence as one.

Naturally, Death Knell would also share the same weakness as a ghost.

When [Seal of Dawn] appeared, its white light shined through the darkness of the underground room, Death Knell’s ghastly body was burned in the process and fell to the ground with black smoke coming out.

“Impossible! How can such contrasting energies coexist?!”

“They succeeded? Impossible! How could those crazy bastards succeed?”

Death Knell was ranting loudly as he fell on the floor after being badly burned.

“Seems like you know more than I expected.”

Kieran strolled over to Death Knell.

10 seconds was too short, he didn’t plan to waste time with the ghost.

“Yeah! I know more than you!”

“Spare me, I will tell you ever…”


Before he finished, Death Knell’s body exploded from inside out.

Death Knell was reverted to his human form before he exploded into pieces.

A rampant will and energy appeared from the leftover pieces.

Instantly, a tremendous pressure fell on Kieran’s body as if a mountain toppled over him.

The sudden pressure didn’t press Kieran down but his legs plunged deep into the floor.

Then under Kieran’s gaze, the broken body of Death Knell started to regroup again and formed a new Death Knell a moment later.

He looked at Kieran, his mouth was muttering ceaselessly.

“Masterpiece! The perfect artisan masterpiece!”

“Now… You are mine!”

As he spoke, Death Knell reached his hands towards Kieran’s cheeks, trying to touch him like a lifeless object.